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By WillowPowered


I was a little early picking Sara up so I decided to wander around the lab and catch up on the gossip. Finding Greg in the break room playing Nintendo with Nick I can tell he's getting his butt kicked by the desperate look on his face.

As the game came to an end Greg seemed almost relieved that the punishment was over. Pulling up a chair I chatted with them for a few minutes, discovering that the night had been a quiet one for them too. I'd spent the evening catching up on paperwork and was relieved that I was now officially caught up.

Glancing at my watch I found that shift was over. I was just about to head off in search of Sara when Catherine walked into the break room with Warwick. We greeted each other before asking how each other's day had been. We all chatted for a couple of minutes before I decided it was time to find my girl.

Catherine must have read my mind because without even asking if she knew where Sara was she told me that Sara had been on her way to the locker room. Saying my goodbyes I was just about out the door when I heard Greg ask if we'd christened the new place yet.

Sara and I had taken the huge step of moving in together. Instead of going for an apartment we found a house that we both instantly fell in love with. It's in a quiet neighbourhood only a couple of blocks from Catherine's. When Catherine had found out about it she teased use for days, saying that she had an extra two babysitters on hand.

Turning back to see four very amused CSI's all of whom were obviously waiting for the answer I decided to tease them a little.

"Not yet. That's why we're both taking the next two weeks off. It's a big house with lots of surfaces."

Greg nearly choked on his coffee, while Nick and Warwick simply stared at me with their mouths hanging open. Catherine seemed to be laughing more at the guys' reactions than at what I'd said. She winked at me before wishing us a great vacation.

The End

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