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A Kiss to Remember
By Ann


From the darkened booth, I spotted her the moment she stepped into the room. She strutted to the bar, ignoring the attempts of several interested femmes trying desperately to get her attention, confidence exuding from her every pore. Dressed in black, wearing skin tight jeans and a tucked in silky shirt, she looked over the top of her sunglasses, scanning the dance floor while sipping on her long-necked beer. Oh, to be that bottle.

I continued to watch from afar as her gaze moved from dancer to dancer, obviously on the hunt for her next prey. My thoughts immediately moved to the leers she'd directed at me this week. Just yesterday, I'd looked up from fingerprinting a door frame to find Sofia staring at me with pure lust in her eyes. There was no mistaking her intent as she'd smirked at me and smiled smugly. Pushing off from the wall, she'd moved to exit the room, promising simply, "Soon, Sara. Soon."

By the time I'd picked my jaw up off the floor, she'd gone, leaving me both angry and aroused. She'd been teasing me for weeks before she'd made her parting remark, and I was surprised to find myself wanting to go after her and beg her to make good on her word.

Instead, I'd focused on the job and pushed my desire to the back of my mind where I could easily conjure it up later when I was alone in my bed and, let me tell you, virtual sex with Sofia was better than any sex I'd ever had.

Now, watching the object of my recent fantasies as she scoped out her various prospects, I suddenly felt jealous. I wanted her to look past all those cute, petite femmes and choose me. I wanted to be the person she zoomed in on. I wanted to be the one she took in the back room and fucked senseless.

Without hesitation, I stepped from my hiding place and into the light.

Blue eyes immediately turned in my direction, and Sofia placed her bottle back on the bar and slid her sunglasses up to rest on her head. Reaching into her pocket, she removed some bills and threw them over her shoulder, never taking her eyes off of me. She walked across the room and stood directly in front of me, and I immediately began to question my actions when she gazed at me with such intensity.

Holding out her hand, Sofia said, "Come with me, Sara."

Like a moth to a flame, I was immediately drawn to her and, reaching out, I took her hand without hesitation. She smiled and turned to lead me from the room, only she headed towards the exit instead of the private rooms in the back of the building.

Without a word, she led me outside and to her car where she opened the door and gestured for me to get in. Again, I never questioned her intentions as I acquiesced to her silent demand.

She took my hand as she pulled away from the curb, and we drove for several miles in complete silence; our only connection was our entwined fingers. Finally, she pulled into an apartment complex and drove to the end unit.

Sofia climbed from the car and motioned for me to follow, once again taking my hand and leading me up a small flight of stairs. Soon, I was standing in the middle of her bedroom, watching my fantasy slowly undress me. She hadn't spoken a word since she'd beckoned me to follow her; however, she'd maintained some form of physical contact with me ever since.

Now, she was staring into my eyes as she removed my shirt and bra. Not once had she kissed me or touched me inappropriately. It was as if she was using my reactions to her touch to determine her next move. When I attempted to lean in to kiss her, she placed her hand on my chest, stopping my progress. Smiling, she palmed my breast and squeezed gently, rubbing my nipple with the edge of her palm.

By the time she'd unbuttoned my jeans, I was moaning like a whore hoping for a good tip, but Sofia continued to ignore my pleas as she kept her touches light. When she motioned me to step out of my underwear, I practically wrestled them to the floor with my foot, praying that she'd finally have some mercy and get on with it.

She placed her hand on my hips and walked me backwards towards the bed; still not allowing me to touch her or, heaven forbid, kiss her. Every attempt I'd made to capture her lips had been thwarted by a hand or a smile.

Very ungracefully, I flopped onto the mattress, and my siren followed much more smoothly and seductively. Somewhere along the way to the bed, she'd managed to lose her shirt and bra and, when she lay on top of me, our breasts were perfectly aligned and my nipples immediately hardened. I once again craned my neck to taste her sweet lips and, once again, I was denied.

This time my frustration was pacified by the very lips I wasn't allowed access to as Sofia mapped her way down my body licking and sucking every available expanse of my skin. When she sucked my nipple into her mouth, I groaned loudly and pushed my pelvis upward, trying desperately to find some relief for my lower extremities that were begging for equal attention. Sofia just chuckled and moved her hand down to appease my grinding hips.

A few moments later, I began to question my desire for contact as the beautiful detective proceeded to work my clit and labia into a frenzy. Every time she'd slide a finger into me, she'd quickly pull out and rub circles around my opening, her fingers easily gliding around the area. I'd never been so wet in my entire life.

I literally thought I was going to die before she'd give me relief, but I quickly found out that her teasing had only just begun as she slowly kissed her way down my body and settled between my legs, replacing her hand and fingers with her tongue. How in the world she managed to mimic her earlier hand movements with her tongue was beyond me. All I knew was when I finally came, it was truly going to be climatic.

Sofia's silky tongue had me grasping at the sheets and begging for release. One minute, I truly believed she was going to slowly lick me to death, and the next, I couldn't keep up with the speed in which she was sliding into me. Her tongue almost became piston-like as she thrusted and plunged into me, over and over again.

Just as I felt myself sliding over the edge, she completely stopped all movement, and I closed my eyes and screamed aloud, crying for her to please just finish me off. Her response was to crawl back up my body and lie with her weight fully on top of me.

"Sara, open your eyes," my seductress asked softly, but I refused to comply, no longer believing that she was going to give me my release.

Not to be denied, Sofia slid her hand back down to my clit and pinched, causing me to almost buck her off of me. However, she got her wish; I immediately opened my eyes and looked into her lust filled ones.

Smiling, she slid two fingers into me roughly and said, "Keep them open, baby. I want to see you when you come."

Willing to do anything she asked, I opened my eyes wide, refusing to even blink if it would get me my reward quicker and, pleased, Sofia maintained eye contact as she began to thrust in and out of my drenched opening, adding a third finger to the mix and using the palm of her hand to rub against my clit.

Closer and closer I came to my release, and it became increasingly difficult to keep my eyes from closing but, fearful that Sofia would stop, I concentrated on her blue, blue eyes, my hips frantically moving to keep up with her hand. Finally, I saw the light, and I do mean, I saw a light as I came long and hard, staring into my lover's eyes.

Moving her free hand to my face, Sofia stroked my cheek and leaned down to kiss me softly and reverently, her fingers still cocooned inside of me. Ever so slowly, she slid her tongue into my mouth, my taste still evident on her tongue.

Eventually releasing my lips, she looked down at me and smiled, saying, "I wanted our first kiss to be one that you'd remember forever."

I returned her smile and pulled her back down, kissing her for a second time, but she was right, I'd remember this first kiss for as long as I lived.

The End

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