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Sara & Catherine: The Unfinished Story
By MBInc


Chapter 4: The Taking Of Sidle 123


Their dinner had been great. Catherine had found a nice restaurant where they both enjoyed a tasty candle-lit dinner. Sitting opposite each other, both women lost themselves in the eyes that were in front of them.

Catherine reached over and placed her hand over Sara's. "I really like this. We should do this more often."

"I'm planning to" Sara said, "I'd love to take you out again. When we get back to Vegas, I mean."

Catherine looked surprised as she heard what Sara said.

Sara felt uneasy as she saw the look on Catherine's face and interpreted it the wrong way "Unless you don't…" She looked down at their hands.

"Sara stop! Of course I want us to…continue to see each other. I just didn't expect that answer from you."

The strawberry blonde saw Sara's uncertainty gradually disappeared, and was replaced by love, pure love.

After Catherine took care of the bill they decided to walk back to the hotel. It was now 10 pm, the temperature was noticeably colder and Catherine shivered.

Sara, who now seemed to be hyper aware of everything the blonde did, pulled her closer.

Grateful for the warmth Sara gave her, Catherine gave the brunette a fiery kiss.

"I love you"

As those three words fully registered in Sara's mind she was completely I awe.

'Maybe that was too soon' Catherine started to panic. Sara still hadn't said anything.

But before Catherine completely freaked out Sara encircled her waist, pulled her up and kissed her hard and deep. Pulling away she locked eyes with Catherine, making sure she had the blonde's full attention.

"I love you too"

Tears of relieve and happiness filled Catherine's eyes, and as one found its way across her cheek Sara kissed away the remnants.

Before either of them really noticed they were back at the hotel. The elevator ride up to their room had been filled with tension, and as they reached the door Sara started to fumble with the key. After the third try the door finally opened.

As Sara closed the door behind her she was pushed up against it. Her lips were immediately claimed by those delicate lips she had tasted before. Something she couldn't get enough of.

Licking across the other woman's bottom lip she sought entrance to deepen the kiss, which Catherine more than willingly allowed. Their touching tongues elicited a moan from Sara which made Catherine even more aroused than she already was.

Kissing each other and still entangled in each others arms they walked into the bedroom. As they reached the edge of the bed Sara carefully picked up Catherine and placed her onto the bed.

She straddled the strawberry blonde's legs and kissed her passionately trying to put everything she felt for Catherine into it.

As she tried to unbutton the blouse her hands start to shake. Catherine, who was watching every move the brunette made, noticed and quickly covered Sara's hands with hers.

"Its OK, we don't have to do thi…" But before Catherine could finish her sentence she was silenced by the brunette's lips on hers once again.

Sara backed her face away mere inches, her lips almost touching the blonde's. Looking intently in the blue orbs in front of her she said "I want to…I've wanted it for so long…I just can't believe it is coming true. I'm waiting to wake up any moment soon…it's as if this all is a dream"

"This is no dream Sara, it's all real…I'm here…you're here" Catherine said.

That was all Sara needed to hear…

The love they made that night was soft and loving, yet hard and demanding.

When the first rays of sunshine peeked through the curtains both Sara and Catherine had still satisfied smiles plastered on their faces.

The End

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