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After Six
By Debbie

It is possible to determine the impact angle of blood on a flat surface by measuring the degree of circular distortion of the stain.

Not for the first time, as the sleep starved brain of Sara Sidle tried to concentrate on her flickering laptop, did she think, 'How the hell did I let Gil talk me into giving this talk, it's Cath who's the expert on blood spatter.'

Looking up she saw that very woman, the very beautiful woman that she now spent her life with, sitting with their daughter, Lindsey. The two Willows women were watching one of the many DVD's Lindsey had received for Christmas. They were snuggled together on the couch, their fair heads close together, chuckling at the antics of Donkey. A surge of love and affection burned in Sara's chest at the sight. For once in her adult life, she felt as if she was part of a family and she was happy

Chuckling to herself, Sara realised that Catherine and she had not once been alone throughout the whole festive period. They might not actually be married but they might as well be; to all intents and purposes they were acting like all the stereotypical middle-aged couples she had imagined when she was Lindsey's age.

Starting back on Christmas Eve the two women had somehow contrived to be apart more nights than necessary or were too tired when they were home together. First Sara had pulled the Christmas shifts, nobody really appreciating how close this family had become, especially Gil Grissom who still seemed oblivious to the blossoming relationship between his two colleagues.

It was a relationship that had grown out of the enforced separation caused by Catherine's promotion to Swing shift supervisor. Catherine, realizing that she missed the female presence of Sara more than she had thought possible, had invited the younger women over for Sunday lunch, and the family had developed from there.

After Christmas it had been Cath's turn to work while Sara and Lindsey waited at home, and then at the New Year Catherine had decided to throw a party for their friends so that they could announce their relationship a little more openly. Yet still Grissom appeared oblivious to the intensity of the relationship, cajoling Sara into this presentation to be given at the weekend. So, although sharing four nights off in a row the two women still hadn't had any quality time. Sara spending the last three nights working until the early hours of the morning while Catherine got some much-needed sleep on her days off.

This time a deep sigh was wrung from Sara's throat. Catherine lifted her head to lock eyes with the working brunette. The adoring smile she offered up to her lover caused a deep flare in Sara's soul that reminded her what she was missing. Catherine must have seen the quick flare of desire because her eyes visibly darkened in empathy.

The older women jumped up, immediately reminding Lindsey that it was time for her bed. As the young girl obediently went to get herself ready with the promise of hot chocolate and marshmallows when she returned, Catherine approached Sara with a gentle smile on her face. Leaning over the smiling women, she wrapped her arms around Sara's chest and kissed her cheek. Hoarsely the blonde whispered, "Let's go to bed together tonight, huh?"

The simple request sent heat to Sara's core and caused a hitch to escape her suddenly tightened chest. Catherine laughed freely and added, "It's been too long, Babe, too long."

Sara turned her head and kissed the welcoming mouth deeply before murmuring her succinct answer: "Yeah."

Hearing the returning feet of Lindsey the two women broke apart, satisfied for now content that the family was for once all together.

While Catherine and Lindsey shared the end of Shrek 2, Sara finished her presentation. It was surprising just how quickly it had all come together once she set her mind to it. As she worked a thought hit her: it was the Twelfth Day of Christmas and it appeared the two lovers would finally get to share their own Christmas together. Sara had a small present waiting for Catherine and this was the first chance she had had to share it with her.

Closing down her laptop, Sara indicated that she would see Lindsey to bed, earning her a small whoop of joy from the young girl. Catherine grinned at the love her daughter obviously had for Sara, kissed her girls' cheeks, and then shooed them away.

When Sara returned she was met by the welcoming sight of Catherine and a tumbler full of warming scotch on the rocks. Snuggling down into the older women's embrace, this time Sara sighed in contentment. The two lovers talked of mundane family things while gently touching and caressing each other's bodies.

After a while, Sara turned in Catherine's embrace and stoked up their internal fires with a deep, soul-searching kiss, gradually stroking her tongue deeper and deeper into her lover's mouth As Catherine met fire with flame the kiss developed into a duel of tongues, lips, nips and bites. Ablaze, Sara pulled back, only to take Catherine deeper still, with another kiss that stole the groan that had arisen in Catherine's throat.

Pulling back once more, the brunette whispered, "Give me ten minutes Catherine and then come and join me."

Catherine smiled evilly. She'd realized that Sara had something planned and had decided on a plan of her own. While making Lindsey's drink earlier she had slipped upstairs to get her Christmas present to Sara. The small Santa costume she had hired for Christmas Day night had lain unused in its box as the two women had worked all through the holiday; tonight was the night to finally put it into action.

Dressing quietly, the slim blonde woman then crept upstairs to meet her lover. Glancing through the open bedroom door, she saw that Sara had lit a few candles, put on some gentle music and was now in the bathroom. Catherine climbed on the bed, intending to drape herself seductively before Sara appeared only to pull up short when she spotted a carefully wrapped present on her pillow.

Gasping, she failed to hear Sara return, until a soft voice called out, "Cath."

Catherine turned and was pleased to see the reaction she had sought clearly visible on Sara's face. It seemed her red merrywidow with white fur edgings, red garter-belt and black stockings, and shiny black stilettos were just the present Sara had wanted.

Stalking slowly towards the bed, Sara shared a look of such love with Catherine, that the kiss that followed was inconsequential. "Merry Christmas, my darling," murmured Catherine as her bruised lips were finally released.

"No, Merry Christmas to you," came the shy response, as Sara gently handed her small present over.

Catherine unwrapped the parcel slowly, wanting to draw out this perfect moment as long as possible. As the paper dropped away, she gasped in utter astonishment. She really couldn't believe that her shy retiring girlfriend had bought her such a present, sure they had shared this particular fantasy on one of their first weekends as a couple, but to actually receive the means to fulfill that fantasy as a Christmas present had never entered her head. Catherine turned wide-open eyes to stare into her lover's eyes and stuttered, "Sara?"

Sara smiled. "They are ok, aren't they my love. I thought… maybe… we could both give them a try… I mean… me, if you'd rather… or you…" her shyness surfaced as she stammered on.

Laughing, Catherine took pity on the younger woman. "Oh Sar, they're lovely, tonight you can give them a try," she gave a saucy wink and then added in a teasing low voice, "and then, in the morning, turnabout, maybe?"

Seeing the lust flare in dark ebony eyes, Catherine got up, walked over to the bedroom door and threw the safety lock. Then with gleaming eyes she advanced on Sara. Plundering the waiting brunette's mouth with alternating light kisses and hard nips, she slipped Sara's bra off and proceeded to worship both of her perfect breasts. Instinctively knowing when she had the nipples in a state of extreme sensitivity, she gently applied Sara's gift, waiting to steal Sara's groan of exquisite pain with a kiss of pure need.

Sitting back on her heels Catherine Willows drunk in the sight of her gorgeous woman, two beautiful butterfly clamps applied to each nipple, wide-eyed and flushed with a pain fuelled desire, and felt her own juices flow freely. With a feral grin, she bent forward to share her present again, and knew it was going to be a long night.

The End

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