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A Christmas Vacation
By Ann


The two lovers entered the lobby of the hotel and walked directly to the information desk. When Sofia made their reservations last month for their Christmas vacation, she had booked an entire day at the hotel spa for her and Sara to be pampered. Problem was that neither woman could figure out where the damn thing was located since all the signs were in Spanish. It certainly seemed like a good idea at the time to stay in a hotel where Spanish was not only the primary language spoken; it was the only language.

Sofia pulled out her trusty English/Spanish translator and looked up a few things before addressing the hotel employee. "Excusarme, pero no puedo encontrar el balneario."

Leaning into her lover, Sara whispered, "What did you say?

Sofia quickly translated, "I'm hoping that I told her I couldn't find the spa."

The woman quickly answered, "Uno se debe situar en tu sitio."

"What did she say?" Sara questioned her lover who was rapidly punching in letters, trying to translate the response.

Frowning, Sofia replied, "I think she said 'One is due to locate in your site.'"

"What the hell does that mean?" Sara responded, looking back and forth between her lover and the employee.

"I don't have a clue," Sofia answered in frustration as she tried to figure out a way to rephrase her original question.

Sara watched as Sofia grew more agitated with the confusing conversation, and it also appeared that the hotel employee was starting to lose her patience as well. Glancing around, Sara spotted a brochure with prominent pictures of a spa, and hoping it was the spa they were looking for, she picked one up and showed it to the hotel worker.

The woman smiled broadly when she realized the problem, and not wanting to take any chances that her directions would be misunderstood, she walked around the desk and personally escorted her two charges to the spa room. Mission accomplished, the employee turned to head back to the information desk.

Smiling, Sofia called out to the retreating woman, "Gracias."

Sara took her lover's hand and said, "Now, that I understand."

Stepping up to the main counter, Sofia handed the attendant the two tickets she had been given when they checked in. The woman nodded and yelled, "Maria, tu cita siguiente está aquí."

Sara opened her mouth to ask her lover to translate, but Sofia shook her head and offered, "Don't ask; I have no idea."

A very large Mexican woman appeared from around the corner and motioned for Sara and Sofia to follow her. The two women shrugged and headed down the corridor behind her, both hoping that this particular woman would not be the one to administer their massages.

At the end of the hallway, the employee opened a door and ushered Sara and Sofia inside. Pointing to two tables, she ordered, "Cara de la endecha abajo en las tablas. Antonia estará aquí pronto." Turning, the woman stepped from the room and closed the door.

"Now what?" Sofia asked her lover.

"I guess we lie down on these tables," Sara offered in reply, moving toward the nearest one.

Spotting a couple of robes hanging on two hooks behind the door, Sofia said, "I suppose we should undress and put on these robes. I would think we should be naked for the massage."

Sara agreed, and the two women quickly stripped out of their clothes and put on the robes, tying the sash loosely. Climbing onto the table, Sara glanced over to find her lover doing the same. The door to the room opened before Sara could ask if they should lie face up or face down.

"Hola las señoras, seré tu masseuse para el día," Antonia informed the lovers.

Sofia was able to understand the masseuse part of the conversation so she smiled and replied, "Gracias."

Muttering under her breath, Sara added, "I could have said that."

Soon, both women were treated to a full body massage which began with a rejuvenating lava rock back massage. The treatment went on to include one sensory delight after another - a blissful sequence of intoxicatingly scented Yon-Ka cleansers, exfoliants, moisturizers and masques, each applied with Antonia's gentle massaging strokes. Between each application, she would wipe down their face, neck and chest with warm cloths scented with essential oils.

When the masseuse left the room, Sara and Sofia melted into the table, each so relaxed that neither could rise from the table without falling to the floor.

"How can I feel so wonderful, and yet so weak at the same time?" Sara managed to ask her lover.

"I don't know, but it sure beats the usual stress we normally feel," Sofia answered, slowly turning her head toward her lover.

Grinning, Sara said, "I almost fell off the table laughing when you grabbed Antonia's hand."

"Hey, how was I supposed to know those rocks were used for a massage? I thought she was attacking you," Sofia replied in her defense.

"Yeah, well, it's a good thing the Spanish word for massage sounds the same in English; otherwise, you'd probably still have that poor woman in a head lock," a chuckling Sara responded, and Sofia couldn't help but join her partner's mirth.

The two women continued their quiet conversation, but neither moved from their respective table until Maria returned to take them to the next part of their treatment. Sara almost tripped over her feet when they were taken into a room with a mattress on the floor. She glanced at her lover and wondered if Sofia was thinking the same thing she was. Surely, the mattress was there for aesthetic purposes only.

Maria left her charges in the capable hands of Teresa who smiled and motioned for the two lovers to lie down on the mattress. Sofia raised her eyebrow in question but followed the request anyway. Sara smiled and proceeded to lie down next to her lover while Teresa turned to prepare the next treatment.

Sofia closed her eyes and grinned when she remembered reading about this part of the treatment, the hot rock lymphatic facial. It primarily focused on relaxing the client and leaving her skin glowing. She was more than happy to sink down into the soft feather mattress and zone out completely while she was pampered.

As the final nourishing masque soaked into their skin, Teresa treated the two lovers to a foot and lower leg massage. The entire treatment felt delightfully ritualistic, as if they were some sort of royalty being subjected to the ultimate in coddling. Sara decided this was the most enjoyable hour she'd spent in a very long time with the exception of her lovemaking with Sofia, of course.

Following a little cleanup, Maria returned once again to escort her charges to the final part of their treatment, manicures and pedicures. Once again, Sofia was relying on her memories of the brochure instead of trying to decipher Maria's explanation. When Maria mentioned 'manos y pies,' Sofia recognized the word for hands, but she was pretty sure a smiling Sara was going to be sorely disappointed when there weren't any pies offered in the last phase of their treatment.

The manicures came first, and a grumpy Sara glanced around and muttered, "Where the hell are the pies?"

The attendant stopped the process and replied, "Después del manicure, Señorita." Looking back at Sara's hand, she continued with the manicure. Sofia just shrugged and turned her attention back to her attendant, neither realizing the poor woman was trying to explain the pedicure would take place after the manicure.

When the attendants moved down to begin the pedicure, a third woman came into the room carrying a tray. She walked up to the lounging lovers and offered, "Cuidarías para un poco de vino y chocolate?" Sofia smiled at the understood word wine, and Sara grinned when she picked up on the chocolate. The woman placed the tray on the table separating the two and turned to leave the room.

Sara opened a piece of the dark chocolate and said, "Now, this is more like it. They can forget the pies." The attendant looked up at her charge and then at the two feet Sara had just mentioned. Shrugging, she continued with the pedicure.

The two lovers took great pleasure consuming the wine and chocolate provided, and the two attendants smiled at the moans the women emitted. Thirty minutes later, the pedicures were completed, and Sara and Sofia were on the way back to their room.

Stepping into the empty elevator, Sara teased, "You know they say chocolate is an aphrodisiac. Think we should test the theory?" Sofia turned and slowly walked toward her lover as a smiling Sara backed up with each step. Finally, Sofia had her lover trapped against the elevator wall, and leaning forward; she captured Sara's lips and smoothly slid her tongue into her partner's mouth. The combined taste of chocolate and wine added to the sweetness of the kiss.

The elevator's ding interrupted the passionate kiss, and Sara guided her lover out of the doors and down the hallway to their room. Sofia took great pleasure in reaching into her lover's back pocket for their room key, and Sara didn't offer any resistance to the search.

Successfully retrieving the key, Sofia placed it in the key slot and opened the door. The lovers had barely made it inside when a knock sounded on the door. Frowning, Sara turned back and opened the door, only to discover a tray on the floor. Looking out into the hallway, she just caught a glimpse of the retreating room service employee.

Shrugging, Sara picked up the tray and stepped into the room, using her foot to close the door behind her. Placing the tray on a side table, she turned to find Sofia under the covers, and upon further inspection, she noted her lover's clothes thrown haphazardly around the room.

Turning her attention back to the tray, Sara lifted the lid to find more chocolate. "Oh my, it looks like we're in for quite the night," Sara concluded as she picked up the plate of chocolate and moved to the bed.

Placing the sweet treats on the nearby nightstand, Sara leaned down and gently kissed her lover. Slowly pulling away, she offered, "Merry Christmas, Baby."

Sofia reached up to pull her lover onto the bed and whispered, "Feliz Navidad, mi Amor."

The rest of the evening was filled with soft moans, only this time; it wasn't just the chocolate that caused each lover's response. In fact, the moans continued long after the last piece of chocolate was consumed.

The End

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