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AUTHOR'S NOTE: this is my first attempt at a f/f pairing, so hopefully this will be a warm up for longer pieces.
FANDOMS/PAIRING: CSI/Cold Case   Catherine/Lily
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Giving Thanks
By Angela umbrello

It started as a joke.

A quick peck on the cheek in appreciation. But Lily’s cheek was so soft Catherine just couldn’t resist. She kissed her squarely on the lips. Imagine her surprise when the kiss was returned full force.

Hours later two sets of clothes resembling a trail of breadcrumbs led to Catherine’s bedroom.

"If that’s how you thank all your detectives maybe I should get a transfer."

Catherine strokes the other woman’s cheek gently before replying.

"Lily baby, we’ve hardly got started."

She kisses the younger woman again and the night continues.

The End

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