Angela umbrello

Giving Thanks PG Lilly/Catherine CSI crossover - drabble - Catherine thanks Lily. Complete


All My Best Moves PG-13 Lilly/Josie It's not Cagney and Lacey. Complete


Circumstances Beyond Control 18 Lilly/Olivia Cold Case/SVU crossover - A cold case from Philly affects Olivia in a couple of different ways. Complete

And The Cradle Will Rock 18 Lilly/Olivia Sequel to Circumstances Beyond Control - A disturbing case connects the units and reunites Olivia and Lilly. Complete

Running With The Devil 18 Lilly/Olivia   Lilly/Rita Cold Case/SVU/Silk Stalkings crossover - Sequel to And The Cradle Will Rock - Olivia and Lilly confront past issues and relationships as they contemplate a possible future together while continuously dealing with Olivia's father's "legacy." Complete

Unchained 18 Lilly/Olivia   Olivia/Alex Cold Case/SVU crossover - Sequel to Running With The Devil - Alex is back. What will happen with Lilly? Complete


A Diva's Demise 1 2 PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover - Sister conventions at the Happiest Place on Earth - Who said it's a small world after all? Complete


The Lilly's Leaf 15 Lilly/f A late night phone call. Complete


Rumor Panic 15 Lilly/Josie There are so many rumors about the new detective. Complete


Persistence 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 13-14 15 Alex/Olivia   Lilly Cold Case/Law & Order: SVU crossover - Three years after Alex's "death" Olivia still searches. Her quest leads her to Philadelphia consequently teaming her up with Det. Lilly Rush and the rest of the Cold Case squad. On a case fraught with twists, turns, and tensions Olivia is steadfast in her conviction to bring Alex home again. On-Going


Late PG Lilly/Stella CSI: New York crossover - Two detectives meet at a police convention. Complete


Love me or Leave me

Interested? PG Lilly/Sara CSI crossover - Somtimes when you feel lonely you're in search for someone to listen. Complete

Meet the Geeks PG Lilly/Sara CSI crossover - sequel to 'Interested?' - Lilly follows Sara's invitation to join her (and her colleagues) at the conference. Complete

Waiting for You PG Lilly/Sara CSI crossover - sequel to 'Meet the Geeks' - After three months Lilly is back in Las Vegas. Complete

A Phone Call Away PG Lilly/Sara CSI crossover - sequel to 'Waiting for You' - Never drink and call. Complete

Destinations PG Lilly/Sara CSI crossover - sequel to 'A Phone Call Away'. Complete

Collateral Damage PG Lilly/Sara CSI crossover - Sequel to "Destinations' and a new part of the 'Love me or Leave me' series. Complete

A tree and a book PG Lilly/Sara CSI crossover - sequel to 'Collateral Damage' It's Christmas time, but Grissom decides to play the Grinch Complete

Rainy days PG Lilly/Sara CSI crossover - Even in the desert there are sometimes storms. Complete

Blame it on the Coat PG Lilly/Sara CSI crossover - Lilly realizes just how much her coat means to Sara. Complete

What If? PG Lilly/F Sometimes the end of a case can be a beginning. Complete


Nothing in common 15 Lilly/Calleigh CSI: Miami crossover - They thought they had nothing in common... Complete

Pushing Back the Dark 15 Lilly/Calleigh CSI: Miami crossover - A chance meeting leads to healing and a change to forget. Complete


Spell It Out PG Lilly/Kat Kat glowered in Scotty's direction, and he flashed an innocent smile, before focusing his attention on the elevator buttons, only to intently look in her direction yet again. "What?!" she growled. Complete

Monsters PG-13 Lilly/Kat In the wake of a tragedy that nobody could have forseen, Kat struggles to come to terms with her place in her daughter's life. Complete

The Raven

The Divine Miss Parker 15 Det. Lilly Rush/Miss Parker Cold Case/Pretender crossover - Detective Lily Rush finds herself investigating the apparent murder of Miss Parker's mother. Complete

Rush Hour 15 Det. Lilly Rush/Miss Parker Sequel to The Divine Miss Parker - Det. Rush wakes up alone, was it all a dream, a hallucination, or what? Complete

Get Parker! 15 Det. Lilly Rush/Miss Parker Sequel to Rush Hour - Night and two women, impulses and revelations. Complete

Lilly of the Valley 15 Det. Lilly Rush/Miss Parker Sequel to Get Parker! - So, now what? Complete

What Fresh Heaven Is This? 15 Det. Lilly Rush/Miss Parker Sequel to Lilly of the Valley - New York City or bust! Complete

Tiger Lilly 15 Det. Lilly Rush/Miss Parker Sequel to What Fresh Heaven is This? - Detective Rush and Miss Parker, together in the Big Apple. Complete

Midnight 15 Det. Lilly Rush/Miss Parker Sequel to Tiger Lilly - Decisions, actions, and shooting from the hip. Complete

Chasing dragons with plastic swords... 15 Det. Lilly Rush/Miss Parker Sequel to Midnight - Decisions, beginnings and endings... Conclusion to the series. Complete

Cops and Mothers 15 Det. Lilly Rush/Lorelai Gilmore Cold Case/Gilmore Girls crossover - Detective Rush finds herself in Stars Hollow, following leads in an investigation. Circumstances combine and Lorelai Gilmore finds herself with an unexpected house guest... Complete

Wild Women Do PG-13 Det. Lilly Rush/Agent Dana Scully X-Files crossover - Two cops from opposite worlds... Two women with different histories... One night that would last forever... Complete

In Passing PG-13 Lilly Rush/Dana Scully X-Files crossover - Dream or reality? Maybe both, perhaps neither... Complete