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The Lilly's Leaf
By Geonn


"I wish I were the lily's leaf
To fade upon that bosom warm,
Content to wither, pale and brief,
The trophy of thy paler form."

- Elizabeth Barrett Browning


Lilly Rush padded barefoot into her bedroom, dropping the towel on the foot of her bed and turning to look at her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was wet, hanging on her shoulders. She wondered what the guys would think if she wore it down to work some day. She reached up, running her fingers through the wet strands and toying with the ends. Vera would probably have a heart attack for sure.

She pulled back the blankets, deciding that she would put her hair up in the morning like she always did. The only light in her bedroom came from the bedside lamp. She started to reach for it, then drew her hand back at the last second.

Snow was falling outside her window and she rested her head on the pillow, watching as it gathered on the sill. She reached for the phone and quickly dialed a number, hitting send before her brain could tell her to hang up and go to sleep. She closed her eyes, pressing her head against the pillow and praying to hear an answering machine. After all, it was almost eleven. She probably went to bed early to--

"Dana Hunter."

'Shit. This is the part where I say something,' she thought, chewing on her bottom lip. "Hi, Dana... t-this is, uh..."

"Lil," Dana said, her voice sounding strangely warm. "Hi. I recognized your voice."


"Well, we did play telephone tag for about six months before I finally got my interview with you."

Lilly smiled at that. "To be fair, I thought you were going to do some sleazy 'dickless dick' story about the only female detective in Homicide."

"Are you kidding? The 'Patron Saint of Lost Causes' won me the Grant Award."

"Grant Award?" Lilly asked.

There was a pause. Dana laughed nervously, then said, "I shouldn't have said that."

"Well, now you have to tell me." Lilly was sitting up in bed now, her knees tenting the blanket of her bed. She rested her elbow on her knee and chewed on the fingernail of her pinky finger.

Dana sighed. "It's this stupid thing my boss does. I got a cupcake with frosting on my desk the day after the story was published."

"Well, I'm glad to have gotten you a cupcake."

"I was on a diet!" Dana laughed.

Lilly smiled and looked back at the window. "Hey, is it snowing where you are?"

"Mm-hmm," Dana replied. "I was just watching it in my jammies."

Lilly pictured her reporter friend wearing a pair of pink panties, a white dress shirt buttoned in the middle, her long legs... Lilly cleared her throat and said, "Um... well, what are you working on now?"

"Lil. You didn't call me at eleven just to make small talk, did you?"

She shifted uncomfortably on the mattress, raking her fingers through her still-wet hair and glancing at the ceiling. "Sorry," she said quietly. "I just never know... how to..."

"Just say it," Dana said softly.

"I'm... I want to talk... I want to..." She closed her eyes. "Damn it, Dana. You know I'm not good at this. Just... t-tell me..."

"What, Lilly?" Dana asked, her voice almost a whisper.

"Tell me what you're wearing," Lilly replied. She closed her eyes and straightened her legs, swallowing hard.

She heard Dana sigh, as if in relief, and then she began to speak. "I'm lying on top of my covers, wearing a pale purple nightgown that reaches my knees. I'm barefoot, I'm wearing panties and no bra and I have my glasses on. You?"

"My sweatpants, that you saw... when you interviewed me. And an old t-shirt with the number 7 over my left breast." She licked her lips and slid down in the bed. She was now flat on her back, curling her toes under the blanket and cradling the phone between her ear and shoulder.

"It would be easier if you just came over here," Dana said. "Or I could go there."

Lilly closed her eyes and forced herself to keep from crying out, 'Yes, yes, I want you here, I want you near, I want you now.' She swallowed and said, "I'm... laying down now. Spreading my legs..."

Dana didn't acknowledge the refusal, instead saying, "I'm pulling up the hem of my nightgown. My fingers are on the insides of my thighs. I want you to untie the string on your sweatpants for me, Lil."

Lilly swallowed and began tugging on the loose knot. It quickly came free and she stuck her fingers under her waistband, tugging again and opening the material a bit. A little freedom of movement... She swallowed hard, closed her eyes and rested her hand on her lower abdomen. "I'm... I forgot to say, I'm not wearing any underwear."

"Did you just get out of the shower?"

"Mm, uh... uh-huh..."

"What body wash did you use?"

"Ap-apple and strawberry."

"Mm, sounds nice."

Lilly swallowed hard again. She just barely stopped herself from saying 'I want you here.' That wouldn't be good... not at all... what would people say? She instead said, "My hair is still... wet. My... shampoo... is peaches and cream."

"Just like your skin," Dana said. "Hair, yellow, like peaches... skin, so soft, so pale... like cream. Are you touching yourself, Lilly?"

Lilly spread her legs and said, "I just parted my legs."

"I want you to slide your hand down your belly... and touch yourself."

As Lilly did what she was told, Dana continued to speak in her ear. "I want you to touch your clit... and feel how wet you are. I'm touching myself, too... just so you know. Thinking of you. Of how much I wanted you the first time we met. Do you remember the first thing I said to you?"

"My... eyes..."

"I couldn't help myself. Your eyes captivated me, Lilly. I want you to stroke your clit for me now... are your eyes closed?"


"I can hear you panting, Lilly. I can hear how hard you're breathing. The one time you gave in... I can still see it as clear as day, Lilly. I can feel it, too. How your breath felt against my ear when I was on top of you."


"You have a finger inside of you now, don't you?"

"Uh-huh... yeah..."

"Good girl," an almost whisper. "I thought you were going to leave such awful scratches on my back. And when you screamed, I thought I was killing you."

"You were."

"Two fingers now, Lilly?"


"I'm stroking my clit right now. I'm so wet for you, Lilly. Just listening to you."


Lilly's toes curled under the blanket, Lilly's back arched, Lilly's nipples pressed against the thin material of her shirt.

"Lilly, I want you to stop. Just for a second. I want you to stop, and I want you to strip."

Lilly swallowed hard and said, "Hold on." She let the phone fall against her pillow and sat up, hastily pulling her clothes off. She sat naked, legs spread, wetness on her fingers as she kicked the blankets aside. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and picked up the phone, looking herself in the eye.

"I'm back."

"Are you naked?"


"So am I."

Lilly shuddered. "I-I can see myself in the mirror right now. I look--"

"Sh," Dana interrupted. "Your hair is probably all over the place, since you just pulled your t-shirt off. I don't want you to smooth it; I bet you look wonderful. Tousled. Sexy. And you're pale. So pale, like porcelain. I was so afraid that first night, afraid that you were breakable."

Lilly stretched her left leg out in front of her, bending the right leg and opening herself to view. "Right now, I have my legs open..."

"Are you looking at your pussy?"

Lilly blinked at the blunt question. She'd never had a lover who laid it on the line that way. It thrilled her. "Yes. It's bright, pink... wet. I'm... running my finger... over the lips."

"Remember when my lips were on them?" Dana asked, her breathing getting rough.

"Yes," Lilly said, closing her eyes and rolling her neck. "I put my hands in your hair... I wanted to keep you there forever."

"We spent the entire night making love to each other." She groaned and said, "Oh, God."


"Touch your clit, Lilly. I-I want you to come."

Lilly opened her eyes, watching her reflection as she touched herself lightly with two fingertips. "Are you close, Dana?"

"Looking at a picture... of you. From the newspaper."

Two fingers inside of herself now. "Fingers," she whispered.


"Heel of m-my hand... on my clit... oh, God... I'm going to come, Dana."

"Come for me, Lilly," Dana gasped, sounding on the verge herself.

Lilly lay back, spreading her legs and adding a third finger. When she came, her hips lifted off the bed and she cried out into the phone. She bit her bottom lip, working the heel of her hand in slow circles to keep her fingers moving inside of her, to keep the heel of her hand continually brushing against her clit.

She heard Dana's sharp gasps over the phone line and breathily said, "Come for me, Dana. I want you to come. I want to hear you come, Dana."

"Lilly," Dana half-gasped, half-moaned.

Lilly shuddered at the sound of her own name and said, "Yes, Dana, yes..."

A loud cry, a low groan, a soft murmur of breath and then, "Oh, God. Oh, my God, Lilly..."

Lilly pulled the blankets up over herself, protection in case either of her cats tried to jump on her while she was naked. She curled up on her side, watching the window. Snow was still falling; a lot more had gathered on the sill. "Hey, did you keep your glasses on the whole time?"

Dana chuckled and said, "Actually, I somehow managed to."

"Good. You look good in your glasses."

"Lil... can I come over now?"


"We don't have to do anything. Just sleep. I just want to be there when you wake up."

Lilly chewed her fingernail, watching the snowflakes for a while. Finally, she said, "I would really, really like that, Dana."

They hung up and Lilly dressed in a long t-shirt that covered her nudity. No use in giving her neighbors a free show, after all. She walked into the living room, leaving the lights off and awaiting her visitor.

She was scared that letting Dana spend the night would lead to feelings. Feelings much stronger than she was willing to admit to. But she was almost certain... when Dana came over... they would do more than sleep.

Lilly scratched her cat behind the ears, watching the snow fall through her window, waiting for her lover to arrive.

The End

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