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Finding Solace
By Ann


Catherine increased her stride, pushing through the doors and breathing in the night air. She was in dire need of a distraction. She wanted to scream out loud or howl at the moon; anything to rid her of the frustration she felt. They were getting nowhere finding Sara, and the longer it took, the more likely it was that she wouldn't be found alive. Catherine took off around the building in a slow jog, hoping the physical exertion would rid her of her anger and fear.

At police headquarters, Brass shook his head at Sofia's question. Another clue snuffed out before it could even take hold; it seemed that for every ray of hope, there was a bolt of lightening knocking it from the sky. Sofia held her tongue and exited the rear of the building, looking up at the clear sky and wondering if Sara could see the full moon above. Tears filled her eyes, knowing that each passing moment was time Sara simply didn't have.

Breaking into a jog, Sofia picked up her pace and headed towards CSI headquarters, hoping the investigators had found another clue. Losing another colleague would be too much to bear; she certainly didn't need Sara's face to pop up in her nightmares next to Officer Bell and Officer Kamen. Sofia shook her head and increased her pace yet again, desperately needing some kind of distraction to take her mind off her thoughts.

Sofia was close to a dead sprint when she turned the corner, leading to the back entrance of the lab. Unfortunately for Catherine, deep in thought, she was jogging the same path. The impact knocked the investigator hard to the ground, and Sofia just managed to hurdle over the other woman, avoiding further injury to Catherine.

"Shit! Catherine, are you okay?" Sofia slid to the ground beside the redhead. At a quick glance, nothing appeared to be broken or dislocated; however, Catherine seemed to be having trouble breathing. Having had her own breath knocked from her a time or two, Sofia stood over Catherine and placed her hands just inside the waistband of the other woman's pants, gently lifting her middle, slowly lying her back down, and repeating the process. Catherine immediately began to panic.

"Hey, relax. It'll come back, just try to take slow easy breaths." Catherine grabbed onto Sofia's wrists and locked onto her eyes. Gradually, she managed to follow the detective's instructions, and after a few scary moments, she was breathing normally.

"Whoa, you pack quite a punch, Sofia." Catherine released a steady breath and looked up at Sofia who was still hovering over her.

"I'm so sorry, Catherine. I wasn't watching where I was going."

Catherine chuckled. "Neither was I, only I wasn't going as fast as you were. Where were you headed in such a hurry?"

Sofia plopped down next to Catherine, putting the two side by side. Their isolated location on the grassy area between the sidewalk and the building shielded them from any observers.

"I was hoping Grissom had found some new evidence. It's just so frustrating, you know?" Sofia turned her head towards Catherine.

"Yeah, I do know. We have all these tools and all this knowledge, and it's not doing us a damn bit of good." Catherine's voice rose in timbre, her returning anger clearly etched in her tone.

Sofia scooted closer and closer to Catherine until their shoulders and hips were pressing against each other. The detective offered a sad smile, followed by a rather helpless-looking shrug.

"We're at the mercy of Sara's abductor. She's a smart one, I'll give you that; crazy, but definitely intelligent. I just wish Grissom would let me at her."

"You and me both; I've seen you in action." Catherine smiled at the pleasant memory; Sofia in interrogator mode was downright hot. The cocky detective had Catherine's mind wandering on more than one occasion.

Sighing aloud, Catherine added, "Hmm, now that I think about it; the two of us together would be even better. That fucking bitch wouldn't stand a chance; we'd have Sara's location in no time."

Silence ensued, and the only sound heard was the slow, rhythmic breathing of the two women. Catherine looked back up at the sky and frowned.

"I don't understand Grissom at all. If he's so in love with Sara, you'd think he'd be willing to break all the rules to get her back. Instead, he's coddling the psycho."

Sofia pushed up on one elbow. "What? Grissom's in love with Sara?"

Catherine nodded. "Yep, he admitted it in front of the whole team. He and Sara have been carrying on for quite some time."

"You're kidding?" Sofia was shocked. She'd thought Sara was gay.

"You thought she was gay, didn't you?" Catherine echoed the other woman's thoughts, and then turned a bit nostalgic. "Don't feel bad. When she first came to Vegas, I thought the same thing, too. We fought like cat and dog, and I mistakenly took it for sexual tension. I made a pass at her, and she froze like a deer in the headlights."

Sofia went slack jawed, concentrating on the last bit of information Catherine had imparted to her. "You're gay?"

"Why Detective Curtis, how in the world did you ever get your shield?" Catherine winked at Sofia. "Actually, I'm bi. I'm a little more discerning when it comes to women. Sara was the first woman I'd been attracted to in years."

"So, until the next one comes along, I guess it's only men for you, huh?"

Catherine smiled brightly. Sofia had opened the door wide, offering her just the distraction she needed to forget her worries.

"What if I told you the next one has come along in the form of one very hot and charming detective? I'd never kick her out of my bed that's for sure."

Sofia turned on her side and grinned. "Oh really? Is it someone I know?"

Catherine mirrored the other woman's position, inching closer until they were almost breathing the same air. "Yes; in fact, you know her rather well." Catherine reached up and stroked Sofia's cheek. "I wouldn't mind getting to know her intimately, if she'd be interested that is."

Sofia stared into mischievous blue eyes. She'd been attracted to both Sara and Catherine; however, it was Catherine who intrigued her the most. She was just so comfortable in her skin, always mixing teasing sexual comments into her conversations. The fact that she imagined Catherine was quite the wild cat in bed only added to the attraction.

Decision made, Sofia closed the distance and latched onto the sweet lips, rolling on top of Catherine and moving them further into the shadows. Catherine teased Sofia with her tongue, and that was all the invitation the detective needed. She moved her hand to palm a full breast and pushed her smooth, silky tongue into Catherine's waiting mouth.

Just as Sofia had imagined, Catherine was more than compliant to her demands. With a single rock of her hips, Catherine spread her legs to allow Sofia access, and this time when Sofia slid her hand under the waistband of Catherine's pants it wasn't to help the other woman breathe easier; instead, the simple move only served to cause Catherine to breathe more heavily. Catherine didn't hesitate to unbutton her pants, lowering her zipper to give Sofia more room to operate.

Sofia took only a moment to consider their location. The chances that someone would pass behind the building in the very early morning hours were slim to none. They were away from any windows and lying in the shadows. Sofia liked their odds.

Sliding her hand between Catherine's legs, Sofia sucked on the other woman's tongue and mentally smiled at the amount of wetness which greeted her fingers. She rubbed back and forth through Catherine's arousal, her fingers becoming instantly coated. Placing her index finger outside the ready opening, Sofia pushed inside, and Catherine immediately responded with a moan and movement of her hips. A second finger easily slid in to join the first. Catherine bucked, and Sofia added a third.

Sofia was amazed at the way Catherine easily accommodated her fingers. Adding a fourth, she began to piston in and out of the drenched opening, certain that Catherine would be able to take her entire hand. Allowing the thought to coalesce in her head, she had to physically restrain herself from taking that course; that was for another time when they were in a more private setting. Instead, Sofia continued to pump into the other woman, her strong forearm barely straining at the motion.

Catherine was writhing under Sofia's ministrations. She'd been fucked more times than she could remember, but this fuck was different. Sofia took control from the onset, never wasting a moment to ask what Catherine desired, no foreplay, no nothing; Sofia just went straight for what she wanted and, from all indications, it was to fuck Catherine into oblivion.

Her first orgasm crested, and Catherine screamed into Sofia's mouth, the detective swallowing the sounds and slowly easing the kiss. Releasing Catherine's lips, Sofia looked down at the aroused woman as she pulled her fingers free from their confines. Smiling sexily, she very slowly rubbed Catherine's swollen clit. Catherine expelled a shivering breath and came a second time.

When Catherine had recovered, Sofia removed her hand from Catherine's pants and pecked the nearby lips. Expelling a breath of her own, Sofia lay back on the grass and looked up at the moon shining above.

"Whew, that felt good." Sofia glanced back at Catherine and grinned.

Catherine chuckled. "Honey, if that's your definition of good, I can't wait to see your concept of great."

"When I can get you somewhere more private, I'll show you." Sofia gave the other woman a cocky grin, certain in the knowledge that again would happen. Catherine, seeing the assured gaze and the pure sex rolling off the other woman, couldn't help herself, she went on the attack. She wasn't about to deny herself the opportunity to retaliate.

Completely caught off guard, Sofia let out an 'oomph' as Catherine jumped on top of her, seizing her lips and plunging her tongue down Sofia's throat. Sofia found herself in a rare defensive position, and it took everything she had to resist the temptation of rolling Catherine onto her back and taking her once again.

Catherine knew she was taking a chance prolonging their encounter, but she simply had to have Sofia; she had to have the satisfaction of making the other woman come. Sliding a hand to the front of Sofia's shirt, Catherine pushed her knee up hard, and Sofia reflexively pushed back against the leg nestled in-between her own, trying to find the perfect spot.

The top button of Sofia's shirt went flying into the grass as Catherine's hand moved into the opening and under the lacy bra. Fingers worked the hard nipple and squeezed at the precise moment Catherine's knee found Sofia's clit; a muffled cry let her know Sofia was almost there.

Figuring it wouldn't take much to push the detective over the edge, Catherine added another little nudge of her knee and the extra pressure seemed to do its job. Sofia grabbed hold of Catherine, keeping the other woman right where she needed her as she frantically rocked her hips until she achieved the orgasm she'd denied herself earlier.

Catherine pulled away slowly and looked down at a panting Sofia.

"Damn, woman; you certainly give as good as you get. Next time though, we use my bed and find a night when we're both off. Then, we take our fill all night long."

"I'll hold you to that, Detective Curtis." Catherine smiled and winked, having every intention of making sure Sofia was true to her word.

Sofia laughed and put her arm around Catherine, drawing her to her side. Neither woman said another word as they stared up in the clear night sky. In each other's arms, solace taken, they once again allowed thoughts of an 'alive' Sara to claim the foreground.

The End

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