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Spelunking We Will Go
By Ann


"I can't believe I'm walking around in bat shit." Sara slipped on the slick surface as she walked behind Catherine, bringing up the rear.

Catherine stopped abruptly, whispering, "Shh, Sofia will hear you."

Sara was just able to stop before she broadsided the other woman. "I'm starting not to care anymore. This was a horrible idea."

"Are you telling me you're no longer interested in nailing Sofia?"

"Nailing? Don't be so crude, Cath, but to answer your question, yes, I'm still interested."

Catherine grinned saucily. "You haven't lived until you've done it in a cave."

"I just want to get her attention, not have sex in a cave." Sara didn't sound very convincing. "Hey, wait a minute. None of the sexual exploits you've told me about involve a cave, and we certainly never did it in a cave. So, who have you done it with?"

"Hey! Are you guys coming or what?" Sofia yelled back at the two stragglers.

"We'll be right there, Sofia! Go on ahead, we'll catch up." Catherine waved, and Sofia smiled as she turned to explore more of the dark cavern.

"So?" Sara stood with hands on hips, waiting for Catherine's answer.

"Sofia. I did it in this very cave with Sofia." Sara's jaw went slack. "Why do you suppose I suggested we come on this idiotic cave expedition? Did you think I really meant all those oohs and aahs when she pointed out those stalag-a-ma-jiggies? She gets very excited in these caves, almost primal. It was the best sex I've ever had."

"You had sex with Sofia?" Sara couldn't believe her former lover. Here Catherine was trying to help Sara snare the other woman, and she'd already explored the territory.

"Oh, get over it, Sara; it was months after we broke up. Besides, I'm with Wendy now."

"How come you didn't tell me?"

"Because I knew you'd go ballistic. Now, here's the deal. I'm going back to the car and take a nap. You go on ahead and find Sofia. There's this grotto ahead, something like a cave in a cave or that's how Sofia explains it, but anyway, it's clean and comfy, and the best part is that it makes Sofia very horny."

Sara glanced in the direction Sofia had gone, seemingly uncertain as to what to do. Something was definitely holding her back.

Catherine grinned knowingly. "Hey Sara, there's no bat shit in that grotto, only smooth rocks."

Sara's head snapped up, and Catherine nodded in confirmation. Sara looked down at the shitty path and then peered further into the cavern. She could just make out Sofia's shadow up ahead. Gamely, she began to slowly maneuver down the path, using her hand on the wall to keep from falling.

Catherine turned to make her way back to the Denali, a smile forming on her lips. She'd failed to tell Sara about the resounding echo the grotto produced. With the windows down and the back doors open, she'd be able to hear everything.

The End

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