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Going Down
By Nemesis

Part 1

I'm really not looking forward to coming into work today. The first day back on the job after a forced leave of absence, scared of facing all the disapproving looks and stares. Knowing Grissom, he won't say anything to the rest of the team, but I know they know about my DUI incident. I can just tell by the way the hair on the back of my neck rises the minute I step into the main reception of the lab. People I barely know, trying very hard not to stare at me and act as if nothing's wrong. That's what I hate the most. Pretending.

I continue walking the narrow aisles of the lab quietly and it suddenly makes me want to run because I feel as if I'm choking. Heading towards my destination I am having a hard time avoiding some of the lab techs and the dim lights are not helping me get over the tunnel vision. Unable to resist the urge I run to the break room. As if I haven't already made a total fool out of myself. Light's flooding the room and my head. I instantly react to the comfort of this room. My vision and breathing return to normal but my throat feels sore and dry. The perfect excuse to grab some coffee.

I feel exhausted and shift hasn't even started yet. I really do not want to think about the rest of the shift. Hopefully it'll be a slow night. Which means I have the time to catch up with my paperwork. Probably not going to happen considering there's a big parade on the strip. Attracting all kinds of nutcases who think they'll get away with a crime just because it's crowded. God, sometimes I can't believe how stupid people can be. I know I'm not the people's person or the queen of patience, but it makes me want to slap the crap out of them, real hard.

I'm really not in the mood to work with Grissom. He'll just act like a long lost father. Same goes for Warrick. Exchanging AA and GA stories are not very high on my list of topics I'd like to discuss. Let's not even mention Nicky, he's just a spoiled brat with his smug smile. Catherine. Grissom's acting like a father is a bad case scenario but, Catherine and her natural need to be everybody's mother, giving parental guidance is something I'd really like to avoid for like forever. Hopefully I'll have a solo case to deal with.

My silent musings are interrupted when the rest of the team enters the break room simultaneously. Which is odd because we normally arrive here at different times. Perhaps it's just me being paranoid, but I have a feeling something is going on but I can't put my finger on it, yet.

"OK people assignments are up." Grissom states and now I know for a fact that something's wrong. Pretending like nothing's wrong. Nice way to avoid problems Gris. Even one of those eight-legged freaks of yours has more social skills. "Just got off the phone with the fire department, there's a major blaze at the Stardust. The fire is still raging but we've been called to investigate it." Grissom says and Catherine looks up from her coffee cup "Why are we being called in? Can't the fire department handle this? It is their jurisdiction." Catherine states and Grissom nods at Catherine's comment. "Yes, very true but, just before the fire started there were some reports of gunshots and therefore, we are involved in this case. Plus the fact that the mayor and his gang are criticized by the media for their failing to follow fire protocols." Grissom states and its Nick's turn to pipe up. "So we have to investigate the scene without pissing off the mayor?" Nick asks and I subconsciously roll my eyes. Oh that's a brilliant observation mister smug smile. Bet you learned that from your frat friends.

"So who will work the case?" I ask getting anxious to leave the room. "I will. Catherine, Warrick and Nicky will also be investigating the fire. More people working this case, means the faster we'll get results. The faster the results mean less budding from the mayor." Grissom states and I get annoyed. Why aren't I involved in the case? "So in the interest of getting results," I hate his logic thinking "Why am I not working the case?" I ask and he tries to look surprised with my question as if trying to play innocent. Oh yea, pretending is rapidly becoming the theme of this evening.

"I have another case for you at the Hoover Dam." Grissom states. "Huh?" I ask. "You know Hoover Dam? Don't tell me you've never been there since you came to Vegas?" Grissom asks and I look at him funny before replying to his question. "Of course I've been there, remember last year, department reception. You know the one you forgot about," Even Greg is more forthcoming with information than Grissom is. Is it really that difficult to talk normal English instead of riddles? "So what's so special about the damn dam?" I ask raising an eyebrow.

Now I know he's getting annoyed because he's taking his glasses off and rubbing his eyes. "Besides the view? A plane. Floatplane to be correct." Grissom states and I look around at the rest of the team and they must be picking up my angry vibes. They're all trying real hard to study the content of their case files like it can be solved by shear will power. "I know you don't like people and talking. But you do realize that when you formulate a sentence you'll give more information. When you give more information you'll have more time not talking. Less talking means more crime solving. Catch my drift here? So let's try this again. What's special about Hoover Dam and the plane, correction, floatplane?" I ask sarcastically.

Oh boy, forget about annoyed. He's pissed right now. I can tell by the way he throws the case file on the table right in front of me. "There's an abandoned floatplane near Hoover Dam and I need you to investigate it. Make sure nothing has happened. Hope you're done talking because we have crimes to solve." Grissom states and I look up at him with daggers in my eyes. I can't believe that I wanted to date him. Not only does he manage to piss me off and make me want to hurt him, he also just patronized me in front of the rest of the team. I really should consider replacing one of those spiders with a very venomous one.

"All right people let's move. Time is evidence's worse enemy," How does he come up with all those crappy one liners? "Sara can I talk to you for a minute," Damn here comes the lecture. "Is there something bothering you? 'Cause if there is deal with it, but don't bother the rest of the team with it." He says and I look over at him in shock. I cannot believe that asshole just said that. I collect my emotions and stare at him. He wants me to deal with it, fine, I'll deal with it. "Why are you keeping me off this case? Is it because of the DUI? I thought we had a deal by not telling anybody, but clearly everybody on the team knows," I should get my anger under control. Fighting with the big boss isn't one of the smartest things to do. It's just that it feels so right. Venting all the anger I have inside. "Tell me dammit! Why are you keeping me from the case?" I ask and I have a pretty good idea why. Grissom doesn't want the case to be dismissed in court because of a messed up drunk investigator. "Sara, in uh…in light of what happened to you a few days ago; I think you should keep a low profile for the next couple of weeks." He states and I know he's not telling everything. Beating around the bush is a good option to get all the information you want. "And…" I ask hopefully and he sighs, I know he doesn't like talking about this, but I deserve to know the truth. "And because I don't want you to compromise the situation." He states and it comes all too clear.

"Why didn't you just tell me? Could've spared you the uncomfortable moments in front of the team." I ask and part of me knows he's right. I should keep a low profile, but why is it so hard to face me and tell me. Ok now he looks like he just saw an alien. Big surprise he doesn't get my answer. "Well…I…I just thought…" He stammers and I place a hand up, effectively stopping him from continuing to bullshit me. "Please Grissom, save yourself from another embarrassing situation. Don't answer the question." I state and walk out of the break room. I'm quite proud of myself. We both manage to leave the break room alive and/or without me getting fired. That's progress right? I silently walk to my office while flipping through the case file.

Part 2

Sitting at my desk, still fuming at Grissom's decision, I was so consumed in the anger that I didn't hear her knock on the door. "You ready?" She asks. This in turn sends my still very hot coffee all over my jeans. "Christ Catherine, I know you don't like me but is it really necessary for you to cause a heart attack?" I know I shouldn't take out the residual rage on her, but man does she have a bad timing. Even Greg knows it's not wise to disturb me after a major blow-out. But then the pain from the spilled coffee is getting through onto my bare skin "Ah, damn coffee is burning my leg!" I yelp, ok…so the pain is really bad and I'm about to panic not knowing how to relieve the pain.

"Take off your jeans!" Catherine yells back. In any other case I would have found those words very erotic. Can't believe she said that. I know she did, because I know those words by heart, considering I hear them quite often in my dreams. I should be really worried when I realize the pain is gone replaced by the numbness. It takes a while for me to cope with the situation and that Catherine is also starting to panic. So the most logic thing to do is stammer. "Uh…well…ah…Excuse me?" I state. "Take your jeans off, they're hurting you!" She says. Boy oh boy, is she for real. Her, miss in control, cares if I'm in pain. That's a first.

Shit, damn those contemplative moments. Why can't I just keep focused? Cause if I had I would have noticed Catherine advancing on me. Instead I start noticing her when she is tugging at the zipper of my jeans. Oh yeah, I just died and am in heaven now. Catherine taking off my jeans. My tight toned thighs exposed. Enabling her to see my dark blue silk underwear. Going down on her knees to take my shoes off and finally separating my jeans from my thighs. Now she is just sitting on her knees, staring alternately at my underwear and eyes. What are you waiting for Willows, don't stop now.

Damn she is stopping and is just looking very funny at me before I realize the situation we are in she starts laughing. "What's so funny?" I ask and it's like I really have to ask. Once the laughing has subsided she is just smugly grinning at me. "What?" I ask again with more persistence. "Just because we are all alone in your office, with you having no jeans on and me on my knees in front of you doesn't automatically mean that I'll go down on you. So please do something about those lusting eyes." She states and my brain goes into overtime. Think of something witty Sidle, come on you can do it. Don't let her on. Don't let her see how much she means to you. "I do not have lusting eyes for you and I hate to break the news for you, but you've already gone down on me." I state and it's my turn to smugly grin. Very good Sidle, that will make her shut up. "Huh, you wish babe. You don't know what you're missing." She states and my "think of something witty" theory goes right out the window. The smirk on her face is getting larger by the minute.

"You are awfully confident in your…uh…skills." I state and I think to myself "I won't mind taking her for a test ride; exploring those 'skills'." I look into her eyes and see that she's got that look again. "Of course I am. Why wouldn't I? Never heard any complains before," Catherine states. All I wanted to say is that I know she is skilled, but that is in my dreams. "I see you're having trouble believing that" Catherine finishes. "You'd think?" I ask and right then and there she's choosing that moment to get up and push me into my chair. Silently she turns around and grabs some tissues from my desk.

Good thing I was sitting, because the view of Catherine going down on me again is knocking all the air out of my lungs as I sigh very deeply. Just when I rediscover my ability to breath she's touching my right thigh and cleaning my left one. So there goes the ability to move, even though I'm flexing my muscled legs. "What's the matter babe?" Catherine asks in an innocent voice. "Nothing, it's just that my legs are a bit sensitive right now, you know the hot coffee and all." I state. Hope she's buying that. I know she is done with her task, because I don't feel the tissues anymore, but I am still feeling her hands moving up and down my thighs. Now putting one hand on each thigh, she pushes herself up until our eyes are at the same level. "Don't worry babe, I'll make a believer out of you one day." She whispers in my ear, making goose bumps rise and my body to shiver and with that being said, she pushes herself all the way up and walks towards the exit of my office, only slightly turning around saying "Give me the keys for your locker. I'll grab you a spare pair of jeans." She says and I somehow manage to throw my keys and then she's gone.

Which will give me some time to reflect on the things that just transpired between us. But it doesn't take me very long to come to the conclusion I better to not reflect on it. Can't help musing about the way Catherine's doing her job though. When we work she's very effective, but drying my thighs while at the same time starting a raging flood isn't something I'd call being effective. Boy if only Catherine was willing to demonstrate her skills right now. "Damn I need a fresh pair of underwear as well" I mumble to myself and I notice I am not alone. "Are they also wet?" Catherine asks and figures she'd pick this very moment to return to my office and startling me once more. "Just a…uh…little." I state and turn as red as a tomato. Subtle Sidle now she'll know you're horny. She's taking a moment to let it all sink in before answering. "Good thing you weren't drinking any coffee. I seem to make you jumpy. Who knows, perhaps you'd have spilled it all over your tank top and considering you are out of spare ones that isn't very wise to do. You know…for Greggo." She states and now I definitely need a change of underwear. Just when I'm about to make some comment about it, she changes the subject. "You ready to go?" Her voice interrupts my musings.

Part 3

That's it. I'm done working overtime, it really seems to be affecting my thought process, but why the hell does Catherine care if I'm ready to go. "Ready to go where?" I ask confused. "To the crime scene at Lake Mead." She asks with a questioning look. "Potential crime scene," I say annoyed, remembering my heated discussion with Grissom earlier. "And why would you care when I'll be going?" I ask. Is it me or has the temperature just decreased dramatically. Oh, she's got that no nonsense look I dig. "I care because we're going together." Catherine states. Great, just what I need. Spending time with Catherine alone. "So I guess it's safe to say that Grissom doesn't want you around either?" I ask. "Fate of the prodigal." She says smiling, but knowing Catherine she's also mad at Grissom's decision, but at least she's not showing it. "Why don't you put on your new pair of jeans and I'll meet you at the car park. Okay?" She asks and I look down at my naked legs. Oh yea, I forgot about that. Wait. How can you forget you are still bare legged? "Yeah, I'll be coming in just a few. I have to get some things for my kit from the storage room." I state and with that Catherine leaves my office.

Ten minutes later I arrive at the garage and am looking for Catherine. I finally spot her at her car involved in a personal conversation. When she sees me walking to the car she breaks off the conversation "Men!" She exclaims with a heavy sigh. I can't help but to torment her a little bit. "First complains about your skills?" I ask and she obviously doesn't mind because she's got that smirk on her face. "Chris is not complaining about my skills, babe," Mentioning the much younger boyfriend will blow the little fantasy I was having very effectively. "However, he is complaining about me breaking up with him." Catherine states. I'm very thankful I still have some control of my body, but in my mind I'm partying. Catherine is single again. "Guess you're free to demonstrate those skills on me than?" I ask and then instantly I want to make a run for it straight to Hoover Dam and jump off. Fuck, fuck, fuck. You did not just say that did you Sidle? You're a Harvard Graduate, a smart person, and a science geek. How difficult can it be to simply shut up? Now who's the fucking genius?

When she's arching her eyebrow I hastily have to come up with an explanation for that remark. "It's a joke Cath, no need to panic. I though we were in a playful mood." I state, shrugging my shoulders. "Right." She states and I know it doesn't go for the explanation, but I could care less. It's not like we are best friends anyway. "Let's just get in the car and start moving, we've got a long drive ahead of us." She states, that's what I'm thinking. Searching for a way to avoid conversation I fake a yawn and tell her I'm tired. In turn she's telling me to go to sleep while she is driving the car. Sleeping. I remember doing that a long time ago. Hope I'll have a nice dream, preferably with Catherine in it. Oh damn, can't seem to shake her, not even from my mind.

"Sara," I can feel something tugging at my arm "Wake up babe." Catherine states. "Ugh, we can't possibly be there already?" I manage to say between the yawning. Sitting up straight I can see we are definitely not in the dessert, in fact I know this place where we are. It's the place where I live. "Why are we at my place?" I ask, looking at Catherine while mindlessly unbuckling my seatbelt and waiting for an explanation. "You need to have some extra clothing. This case could take a while and I would rather be prepared." She states. That sounds logical. But why is it annoying whenever she says something smart. Right I know it makes me feel like a big looser that needs some parental guidance. Guess who's always volunteering for that job? "Besides I don't want you to go all smelly on me." She adds with an extra smirk on her face.

While retrieving my keys to the apartment I turn to look at her once more. "You want to come in while I change and pack my bag?" I ask. I then try and remember the last time I cleaned my house. Let's hope Lindsay is also a big slob so Catherine won't notice the difference. "Sure, I'd love to see how you live." Catherine says. Ugh, I hate it when people are invading my personal space. I know all the colleagues at work think I'm anti-social, but with all the overtime at work I really need to have some personal time. "Nice building though, very classy. Must have cost you a fortune." She drawls and I nod. "Yeah it still does, but I can afford it. Not like I have the time to do anything else with the hard earned money." I state. I'm still not sure why I bought such an expensive apartment considering the little time I spend here. We reach the elevator and I call in, but while we are waiting for the elevator I become painfully aware of Catherine's eyes on me. At my ass to be exact. Come on Sidle, you're just imagining things.

Finally the elevator arrives and we enter. The sign clearly says room for 10 people, so how come I feel claustrophobic. Must be because Catherine is standing like 3 inches behind me. Oh boy I can feel her breath on my neck. Just when my underwear is starting to dry, I'm wet again. Being ripped from my musing when I hear the bell, signalling we have arrived at my floor. The tenth floor to be exact so I had to endure the torture that is Catherine's breath for quite some time. "This way." I say pointing towards the left. My knees are shaking. Why am I this nervous? It's just Catherine, nothing special right. While we enter my apartment I tell her to feel at home, to grab a soda if she wants while I'm changing my clothes. She nods and I'm off to the bedroom. Knowing Catherine she won't waist any time by drinking a soda. She'd much rather look around and try to solve the enigma that I am. That's why I decide not to bother to give her a grand tour.

"You almost done?" Catherine asks, startling the hell out of me. Suddenly I feel that icky déjà vu feeling. Having a familiar feeling but not able to put a finger on it. That's what I'm feeling right now. Well not entirely true. Ok so I know exactly what the déjà vu feeling is. It's just like when we were in my office while I was partially dressed. The only difference is that I was missing a top instead of jeans. Thank God I managed to put the tight leather pants on before she walked in on me. So at least it's not another case of 'being caught with ones pants down'. "Yeah almost, just have to grab a tank top." I say and I can feel her staring again.

I yelp when she puts a hand on the small of my back. I know why she's doing that. I know the question that she's about to ask, so I answer the unspoken question. "It's a scar," I state and again I want to slap myself. Duh she can see that you dummy. "Got it after an accident when I was a kid." I explain. "Did it hurt?" She asks while mindlessly rubbing my skin with her very soft fingers and I begin to wonder what those hands feel like at other parts of my body. "Yeah, it was pretty painful, but it's ok now." I state and instantly she takes her hand away and I can feel a chill originating from the spot where her hand was. Sending shivers all over my body right down to the spine to settle at a more southern region of my body. Why did I even bother changing my underwear?

Part 4

Having survived another episode of 'seeing Sara in a very compromising situation' we are in the car and finally on our way to our potential crime scene. This case is so ridiculous. An abandoned floatplane can you believe it? That blaze case must really be a high profile one if even Grissom is following the advice from his bosses. It has become awfully quiet in the car and I'm desperately brainstorming for a topic to talk about. Oh I got it I just let her talk about Lindsay. Even though I'm not the mother type I still understand the pathological need of a mother to endlessly talk and brag about her child. "So how's Lindsay doing?" I ask and the second I mention her daughter's name her face lifts up and she has that beautiful expression on her face. She is so cute and sexy when she does that. I wish I could make her smile more often, instead of us hurting each other on a regular basis.

This is a side I'd love to see more often. Her private life the one I know nothing about. I can't help but blaming myself for that. I don't want to make people part of my life so I don't partake in theirs. Come to think about it I know so little about Catherine. I must change that. I'm not sure if I can, but I'll try. It's the least I could do. She's smiling all the way through our little conversation about Lindsay. Talking about her soccer games, summer camp, and her first boyfriend, which made Catherine very uncomfortable, because she is still in denial about her little angel growing up. Who can blame her? If I heard Catherine right, all the boys are lining up to ask her to be their girlfriend. All those potential heartbreakers. If they hurt her I'll personally drag them behind my SUV. Nobody will hurt her. Never again will I let this happen.

Catherine's rattling must have clipped an hour off our driving time. But we still have a couple of hours ahead of us. Suddenly I'm aware we don't have a place to sleep. "Where are we going to sleep?" I ask a bit panicked. She shrugs her shoulders and says in a very nonchalant way "I don't know we'll see what's available when we arrive." Obviously she isn't bothered with finding a place to stay. Not me. With me everything must be organized and when it's not I like to, want to, and need to organize it. That's what I love about my job. Taking random pieces of a chaotic puzzle and try to organize it into logical and understandable events. We both fell silent, which is comforting in a very unsettling way. I keep staring ahead of me. I realize I'm counting the number signs on the road. I must be very bored. Normally I would go to sleep but I already slept during the short drive to my apartment. So I'm very awake, big bummer. "We're almost out of fuel so let's stop at the next gas station and I'm starving so if you want we could get something to eat, that ok with you?" She asks and I nod. "Yeah, sure. Pretty hungry myself." I state.

Fifteen minutes later we are at some diner in a very small town. The kind of town you can't escape once you're part of it. The final station on a journey to misery. A place that seems to collect society's entire outcast and swallows them. A place with no hope of escaping your faith. Trapped forever. This philosophical stuff makes me sad so moving on to happy thoughts, moving on to Catherine. On second thought let's not. Food. Right we need to order food. I wander what she likes. "I can't decide what I want to order. Any suggestions Cath?" I ask and she's obviously not doing any better. Her brows are furrowed and it's a tell tale sign she is carefully weighing her options. "I'm not so sure if I'm hungry any more. The menu doesn't look very promising. I'd be surprised if there actually is something edible on it." She states and the only thing I can do is nodding my head in agreement. "I know, but we have to eat something. Who knows how long it will take to find and process the 'crime scene'." I say but before Catherine is able to reply, we are interrupted by the waitress. "Have you two nice girls made a choice yet?" She asks rudely and immediately I dislike her. Apparently living in a ghost town means having manners are not a requirement to work in the only day and night diner in town.

We were kind of surprised to find a diner at this time of night. Must be because of all the truckers passing through. "I'll just have the blueberry pancakes." Catherine answers the waitress. Still being very indecisive I go along with Catherine. "That sounds good to me, make it a double portion please." I state and I can see Catherine arching an eyebrow. I like this non-verbal playfulness, so I wink at her in return. Apparently she didn't expect such a reply, causing a nice shade of red spreading across her face. She's even more beautiful when she blushes. While the waitress is writing down the orders we have yet another decision to make. "Coffee, not the decaf stuff, but the real thing." Catherine states. I wait until the waitress is out of hearing range. My gut is telling me there is a fight about to break out. I really don't like it when people make decisions for me. "What if I wanted something else to drink?" I say a little bit angry. Perhaps a little too angry. Thankfully she doesn't bite. She just looks at me dead calm while responding that I always drink coffee. Guess I fit the profile of a coffee junky. The only way I can respond is by smiling at her. I can't be mad at her for taking notice of my habits.

While waiting for dinner to arrive we start talking about the case. "We all know you like to pull a car apart and enjoy it a little too much, so what do you know about airplanes?" Catherine asks and again she has observed my obsession with cars. I smile cars and planes are things I can talk about. "Actually I know quite a lot about planes." I say and Catherine raises an eyebrow. "Why am I not surprised miss smartass? Did Grissom give you a book about planes as well?" Catherine asks and instantly I feel the need to defend myself from her attempt to make fun of me. "No he did not! I happen to know one or two things about aviation because my uncle taught me. Back in Tamales Bay it was so boring. So whenever summer arrived I went to my Uncle Sam in Frisco. He was a navy aviator veteran and owned his own business. Plane tours for the tourists who wanted to fly above the famous bay," I can feel the tears well up inside of me thinking about Sam. "Those were happy times back then. I was happy in Frisco unlike being with my folks in Tamales." I said.

Catherine has always been very observing about things. "So what happened then?" Catherine asked and a single tear rolls down my cheek. This triggers Catherine to move to sit next to me. Cupping my cheek and wiping away a tear gives me the strength to carry on with the story. Not to mention the warm feeling I get inside my body. "It was a nice warm day and just like most other days I was scheduled to fly with my uncle. But just before take off my aunt called in that their dog had to be taken to the vet because he broke his leg. And so I went with my aunt instead. By the time we returned my uncle wasn't back yet, that wasn't very unusual. He often had last minute flight for people who just showed up. Except that the fog that is famous in Frisco had rolled down the coast quite unexpectedly. You have to be crazy to pay for a flight when you can't see anything." I say and I'm crying now and Catherine moves her arms around my body encompassing me in a warm and supportive embrace. "And then the two police officers showed up telling us that my uncle's plane had gone off the radar and was still missing. The NTSB investigation team came to the conclusion that he was lost in the fog and attempted a landing on the water when he ran out of fuel." I state.

She is still holding me and is now rubbing my back with both hands. It's a comforting feeling and yet painful being intimate with Catherine, but not in the way I wanted it. "I'm sorry to hear Sara." Catherine states and all the emotions make it impossible for me to speak. Instead I just snuggle into her. My face is resting in the crook of her neck and I can smell her. She's wonderful and I never want to leave this place. We stayed like this for long time and effectively ignoring the waitress announcing dinner was served. Who cares about food when I can just take a bite out of Catherine's neck? I can barely resist the urge to do so but I know I must.

Part 5

"You sure you know how to read a map?" I ask. When we left the diner I noticed the tired look Catherine had. I insisted I would take over driving the car. At first she was reluctant to comply, especially after my emotional roller coaster trip back at the diner. But she was smart enough to acknowledge the fact she was tired indeed. But refusing to go to sleep, which I suspect is because she wants to keep an eye on me. Catherine glares at me "Just because I'm a woman doesn't automatically mean I can't read maps!" Catherine exclaims and in turn makes me want to laugh. "It is common knowledge that women can't read maps. Don't be embarrassed about it; it's in your genes." I joke. "Oh really? Last time I checked you were still a girl." Catherine states and I grin. "Which time was that Cath? The time I had no pants on or back at my apartment when you spied on me while getting dressed?" I asked; all this time I have waited for the right moment to bring this up. "I did not spy on you! Why would I want to spy on you?" Catherine asked and I know she's getting all defensive on me and now, more then ever I know for a fact she was spying on me. "Because I'm a hot looking chick of course." I state and finish off flashing Catherine a huge grin. "Yes you are, but that's not the point." Catherine states and my jaw drops. Oh my God. Did she just say she thinks I'm hot looking? Dessert can be cold at night, but the temperature in the car has just risen and my underwear is burning again. "And your point is?" I ask. I can't help it, I like being smug.

Catherine practically throws the map in my lap "If you are not confident in my map reading skills than you can do it." Catherine states. "Oh come, even Lindsay behaves more adult like than you do right now." I state. "I do not behave like a child!" Catherine states and that pouting face does the trick. "See, that's what I mean?" I ask and she shoots me a look. "Don't be so smug Sidle" Catherine states. Sporting her a sad look, I ask if she wants to take the map back and continue reading it. Trying to read is a better description, but I'll bite my tongue and won't tell her knowing she'll blow. "All right let's try this again." Catherine states. I didn't expect her to agree on this so I was totally unprepared for Catherine's groping hand trying to retrieve the map from my lap, between my legs to be exact.

It was well past midnight when we left the main road and tried to find our way on a dirt road. Finding the way is less difficult, because there were no exit roads, but still a pain in the ass to ride. All the bumps and turns made both of us cranky "Can you at least slow down and make sure we arrive in one piece!" Catherine glares at me. I know she is tired and wants to sleep. Working double shifts is taking its toll on us. After taking a sharp turn to the right we are on top of a hill. From here we're able to see a single police car waiting for us to arrive. It's protocol that at least one unit must stay behind to secure the crime scene. We simultaneously take a deep sigh. Finally we made it. We still had to drive down a steep slope. This made Catherine a little nervous. But I shot her an assuring look to make her feel more at ease.

We were welcomed by a young state trooper. Being a senior investigator Catherine did the introductions. "Catherine Willows, Las Vegas Crime Lab. This is my partner Sara Sidle." Catherine stated and we both extend our hands in turn to greet the officer. "Officer Mike O'Connor, you two nice looking ladies didn't happen to take some wrong turns did you? Judging the late hour of arrival." He asks and immediately I take a disliking to the guy. Thankfully Catherine is the people's person so she continues with the briefing, while I inspect the surroundings. I can hear them talking in the distance, but something caught my attention. The floatplane was docked at a small pier. Anchor lines safely secured the plane and prevented it from drifting away from the shoreline. Before I can continue my inspections, Catherine yells at me to come back.

I absentmindedly strolled back to the police car. "Sara, Officer O'Connor won't be able to stay around during our investigation. His little baby daughter is very ill and he needs to be back at home with his wife." Catherine states and I nod in agreement. "Fine by me. No point in staying here anyway." I say. "Thanks ma'am. I'll come back tomorrow around noon. Hope you two can manage it around here." He says looking at the two of us. "Before you go officer, is there any motel around here where we can crash for a while." I ask him. "No ma'am, there aren't any around here." He states and I'm sure I mirrored the horror that was in Catherine's eyes. We both desperately needed a place to sleep. "However there's an empty log cabin down the shoreline, about thirty minutes due south by car. I'm sure nobody will mind if you stayed there for the duration of this case." He finishes and the colours to our faces returned to normal. At least we have some place to shelter. Knowing it's empty and probably has been for a while, it will not be in splendid condition. But at least it's better than sleeping under the night sky. "I'd better get going. This is my cell number if you need anything please call me and I'll see what I can do for you. Take care ladies." He says and with that he turns on his heel and we both remain fixed on the disappearing figure of Officer O'Connor. Both unwilling to think about the fact we are all on our own, without the state trooper there won't be any buffer between us and knowing our recent track record we always fight when we are both on the same case. "Cath I'll go inspect the plane you can do the perimeter." I state and normally we would argue about me commanding Catherine around, but she knows I know stuff about planes so she doesn't complain. For which I am very grateful.

Since only one side of the plane is reachable from the pier, I go get the wetsuit from the trunk of the SUV. After inspecting the left side of the plane from the pier without finding any abnormalities I jump into the wetsuit and enter the dark and cold water. It didn't take me very long to come to the conclusion there weren't any abnormalities on the right side either, so I quickly dusted the metal skin of the plane for fingerprints and lifted them. The sooner I'm out of the cold water the better. With a little help from Catherine, who returned empty handed from her perimeter search, I manage to climb on the pier again. While I get rid of the wetsuit and file away the prints she is dusting and lifting the left side. "Great, not only are we stuck in the middle of nowhere, but we are also clueless." Catherine says clearly annoyed. "There's nothing wrong with the plane as far as I can see, but I am puzzled about one thing though," I state and we are now face to face and she is very curious "The spoilers and flaps are fully armed and extended." I state and judging by the wrinkles on her forehead she is at a loss as to what I'm talking about. "Hold on babe, Flaps? Spoiler? What are those?" Catherine asks.

I'm grinning a little bit I assume, because now I can impress her with all my aviation knowledge. "The spoilers are located at the top of the main wings. They serve as speed breakers. When you need to land you reduce the airspeed by cutting back the flow of fuel, but since you're also descending the airspeed can still get to high. That's why you partially extend the spoilers, spoiling the laminar flow of air on top of the wing and thus creating extra drag and reducing speed. On touchdown you fully deploy the spoilers, which will reduce the lift of an airplane and make sure the plane is better fixed to the landing surface. Water in our case," I state and check to see if Catherine is still with me and seeing her understanding look I continue. "The flaps that are located at the rear of the main wings, they serve to increase the wing surface. More wing surface means more lift. More lift means you can decrease the airspeed to a level that is required for landings. Basically flying is achieved by two things: airspeed and lift. Airspeed, generated by the engine, is needed to generate lift and fly forward. Lift is needed to get and stay in the air. The actions of speed and lift are accompanied by the counteractions of drag and weight respectively and thus keeping the plane in equilibrium. Changing the equilibrium will result in higher or lower speeds or climb and descent." I say and once again I am really grinning when I see Catherine's smiling and impressed face.

"Well after introducing me to the wonders of aviation tell my why it is odd that the flap and spoilers are fully extended?" She asks and she momentarily looks away from me and is putting away her kit. I wait till I have her undivided attention again. "Any pilot will retract the flaps after landing. This protects the internal structures that are exposed when extended from the elements of weather and damage." I state and I see Catherine's look of confusion. "So what does it mean when the pilot hasn't retracted them?" Catherine asks and I bend my head to the left side. "It could mean a number of things. They could be jammed, very unlikely; because that would usually be one sided. Second, a hydraulic problem, but that means the pilot isn't able to control the airplane and it has safely landed and docked so that is not a real option. Third option is that the plane was hijacked. When a hijacking occurs the pilot has a few ways of informing the air traffic controllers. Such as direct or secret radio contact, changing the identity code of the airplane or keep the spoilers and flaps extended after landing. The identity code is normal and there were no reports of a hijacking on a radio. The latter way of informing authority is the one least known, so we can't rule out a hijacking." I state. "Shouldn't the NTSB, FAA or the feds handle this?" Catherine asks exasperated. "They obviously don't think that this is a hijacking or anything else that is important for that matter." I say while raising both hands in defeat. "So we get to do the dirty job!" Both exclaiming at the same time which in turn causes us to smile. "How about we call it a night," Catherine pauses while stifling a yawn. "We're both tired and can't do much more until daylight arrives?" Catherine finishes. "Excellent suggestion and I'm tired as hell. Let's hope the cabin has a shower and hot water." I say while getting a wink from Catherine in return and in response Catherine pipes up "Let's go babe!"

Part 6

"So what else did Officer O'Connor say about the scene?" I say not looking at Catherine. I need to keep my eyes on the road. It is a difficult road to navigate through and since I'm not sure if we are on the right track I must stay focussed. "Not much, except that the registered owner of this plane has died 2 months ago. Howard Sheer, age 72, cause of death, heart failure. He was brought in to hospital with an emergency transport," She momentarily closes her eyes. "For all we know the plane was abandoned back then." Catherine states. Being a CSI and having processed a lot of car accidents I should know better, but I try to get my backpack from the backseat so I am not fully concentrating on the road ahead. Eventually I realize I can't reach it and not willing to risk a car crash I ask Catherine. "Cath, could you get my backpack?" I ask so she is partially turning around in her seat. When she realizes she can't get it she unbuckles and fully turns in her seat and bends down to the floor giving me a nice view of her ass. Its firm and the jeans she is wearing accentuate it even more. I wonder what they would feel like. Good thing she retrieved the bag, because I'm sure I would have hit a tree if I had continued staring at her ass instead of the road. Why am I staring at her ass anyway? It's just another ass nothing special about it. I swear, when I get back in Vegas I need to go find myself a nice chick to fool around with for a while. That will relieve some of my sexual frustration. I must be really desperate when I'm even looking at the ass of a bitchy straight older co-worker with a child.

"I took the flight logs with me. Take a look at them will you? We should reach the cabin at any moment now." I say and it remains silent for the next couple of minutes. "As far as I can tell the log hasn't been tampered with. But I think it's best you take a look at it in the morning, to make sure I didn't miss a thing." Catherine states and puts the logs back in the bag; she then puts it down between her legs. In the distance I can see the cabin coming in to view. "We're here." I state and I can already feel my body lying in a bed. Not going to be a fancy one but it will do. "Finally, I'm on the verge of collapsing." Catherine states and we head to the back to get our belongings. "Do I need to carry you as well as the equipment?" I ask with a smirk and my mind screams at me. Can you be any more obvious? How desperate I must be if I am actively pursuing a chance to bed her. She probably thinks I'm flirting with her by now. "Are you applying to be my new boyfriend?" Catherine asks. Shit, shit, shit she's on to me. Now she knows how pathetic I am that I'm even willing to screw her. "You're that desperate to find somebody to fill in that job?" I ask. I don't like the direction of the conversation. Already we are having a heated discussion and we are not even in the cabin. Actually we are having a discussion and I'm the one that is burning. Doesn't look very promising for once we are inside. She's approaching me almost pinning me to the car. "Well I think I can do without the sex for a little longer I guess, taking into account my last dry spell. Let's just hope I don't forget my skills." Catherine states and oh God…She's leaning into me. She's going to kiss me. I want to kiss her. Oh damn, what is she doing to my body? Where is that hand going? Apparently not my body since I hear the trunk pop open. Just because I heard it doesn't mean I can react and move aside. Hell even if I wanted to I couldn't move because Catherine is still pinning me to the car. When she opens the trunk even more I am pushed into Catherine. I can look in those sky blue eyes right now. I want to drown in them. I want to be able to see her soul through them. Damn Sidle, are you still drunk from the mess you made last time? Can't believe I'm acting like this. Get yourself out of this mess girl! "You know this would be a lot easier if you moved aside, don't you think Cath?" I ask and for a moment I think she is defying me, but eventually she does step aside and lets me slip out of her confinement. "Sara, could you go see if the door is open? I'll go grab our bags and we might as well keep the evidence kits in the truck. No harm in that." Catherine states and I think she is waiting for me to agree. Why? She never did that so why start now. "Ok." I say. It is the only reply I can come up with. Catherine is dumping the bags on the ground in a less than subtle manner and closes the trunk. The wooden floorboards creek when I walk on the porch. Thankfully some people still have faith in the goodness of the world and don't lock their doors. "It's open!" I yell back in relief. Carefully I open the door and inspect the house, then Catherine's bumping into me juggling our bags. I swear she just does that on purpose to annoy the hell out of me. "Not too shabby." I hear her speak. "You kidding me right Cath?" I questioningly raise an eyebrow at her. "Look at this place! It's a dump." I say in response and she slaps my arm. "Don't be such a pessimist. Take it you never went camping much?" Catherine asks. I shake my head. "Come on Sara. Take a look around it has a nice, cosy and romantic atmosphere." Catherine states and I grunt and take my bags to storm off and find the bed.

Catherine is still exploring this dump when I'm getting my bed ready. The owners of this obviously don't spend much time at this cabin I assume. Why else would one have airtight sealed clean bed sheets in the closet? Just when I'm done fixing the bed Catherine walks in and falls on the bed. My bed. "What are you doing on my bed?" I ask and I've never seen a person bold upright as fast as she did just now. "Your bed? Honey this isn't your bed and I have a little surprise for you, it's the only bed in the cabin." Catherine states and I remember that I must kill Grissom when I get back. If he just had the slightest bit of knowledge about humans he would be able to realise that Catherine and I don't mix well and wouldn't have sent us on our little camping trip together. "You've got to be kidding me right?" I ask and Catherine shakes her head. "Nope, anyway I don't see what's wrong in us sharing the same bed. We're both women." Catherine states and the last thing she said is kind of suspicious. But my brain is about to explode at the next thing she's telling me. "Besides its cold and we could cuddle close and use our body heat to stay warm," Catherine states and I just need to find a way to speak. Not an easy thing when your jaw has fallen open and is now lying on the floor. "Don't worry babe, I won't hit on you or touch you, that is, unless you want me to?" Catherine finishes and then and there I know she is messing with my feelings. She probably knows I'm lusting after her and wants to lure me out of my shell. Who needs body heat? I'm pretty sure I can melt the North Pole with all the heat I'm radiating. I must say I'm also a little bit intimidated by her answer. "Ok… well…I'll just be in the bathroom changing into my pyjama's and stuff." I state and march on over to the bathroom thinking that I really hope I packed those PJ's. Just my damn luck I didn't bring them with me. Just a t-shirt. When I return to the bedroom Catherine is already in the bed on the left side. My side. Good thing I'm tired and don't feel like arguing. I step in, say goodnight and turn so that my back is faced to Catherine. I'm almost asleep when I feel her moving around. She has been very restless the entire time she slept and frankly that's what kept me awake. Her final move is aimed right into my back and draping an arm across my body and resting her hand on my belly. "This is going to be a long camping trip." I mutter under my breath.

Part 7

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