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By Ann



"So, what do you think of Mr. Sorenson's story?" The detective asked as she made a few notations on the case file.

Moving her eyes from the blonde's backside, Sara asked, "Huh?"

Sofia continued to write in the folder and didn't bother turning around to address the brunette. "Mr. Sorenson. Do you think he's telling the truth?"

This time Sara focused on the detective's words, instead of her rather fine physical attributes, and replied, "I don't think he's lying. It would be too easy to check his alibi. If he tipped the lap dancer as much as he says, she'll definitely remember him."

Muttering under her breath, Sara added, "I know I would've."

Grinning, Sofia asked, "Oh, really. How many lap dances have you given in your lifetime?"

"What?" A confused Sara responded, not realizing the detective had very clearly heard her every word.

"You said that you'd remember him if he tipped you well," Sofia reiterated to the investigator as she continued to make the occasional note in the case file.

"That's not what I said," the brunette protested, taking advantage of her slightly behind position to continue to admire the blonde's firm ass.

Glancing over her shoulder, Sofia smirked when she noted the location of the dark eyes, but she quickly turned back before Sara could discover that she'd been found out.

"Sara, you distinctly said that you would've remembered the guy."

Adamant, Sara stated, "No, I didn't. I said, and I quote, 'I know I would've', unquote."

Chuckling, Sofia replied, "It's all semantics, Sara. No matter how you word it, the only possible meaning that could be construed from your words is that you'd remember if a guy tipped you well for giving him a lap dance."

"Well, then you're not thinking outside of the box," Sara countered, enjoying their light banter.

Looking down at the top report, Sofia blocked out the words and turned her thoughts to the puzzle at hand. If Sara hadn't meant that she'd given a lap dance, then what could she have possibly meant.

If someone were to walk by the dark room, it merely appeared that the detective was studying a report while Sara waited patiently behind. Of course, if one looked closely, they'd see why the investigator was being so patient. In fact, they'd see a rare grin form on the brunette's face.

Finally, Sofia offered, "I give. What did you mean by your statement?"

Smiling broadly, Sara replied with a question of her own. "You did see the lap dancer, right?"

Sofia frowned; Brass has interviewed the dancer. However, looking down at the folder, she found a copy of the dancer's statement, and surprisingly, it contained her picture as well. The detective could barely take her eyes off the stunning woman, but the photo didn't offer any solution to the apparent miscommunication problem between her and Sara.

Deep in concentration, the blonde barely kept herself from jumping out of her skin when a soft voice whispered in her ear.

"If that woman had given me a lap dance, I'd have tipped her well, too."

In a very soft tone, Sara added, "She looks just like you, don't you think?"

Sofia stared down at the woman, noting the blonde hair and blue eyes, and after a few minutes, she could definitely see the resemblance. Now, she had another question for the beautiful investigator involving a lap dance and generous tipping.

Only this time, the detective hoped that the dance would be a private affair between just the two of them, and if it took place in her apartment immediately after shift, that would be even better.

The End

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