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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I read this challenge and I knew right away I wanted to write CSI. But I wanted a change so I went in search of a new pairing. Wendy Sims came up. So I scoped out some pictures of Liz Vassey to inspire me. And I found this. Why I havenít written this woman before is beyond me.
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Winter in Las Vegas
By Eyah


Wendy Sims leaned over the microscope in her office. Peering through the lens she was surprised at what she saw. Turning, she quickly began keying information into the computer next to her. Completely caught up in the evidence she was processing, she didn't see the detective standing in the doorway.

Detective Sofia Curtis had made her way to the lab to light a fire under the new tech. She didn't like to wait for results, but she knew that certain lab rats put all of Grissom and Catherine's stuff in front of hers and she was sick of it. Frustration with her lack of progress on this case exacerbated her mood, and someone was going to bear the brunt of it.

She was surprised to find Wendy alone in the lab. Pausing in the doorway, she took a moment to consider the young woman. She'd barely given her a second glance when she started working at CSI. But in fairness she had a lot going on at the time. Sara. For a while there, when she was in the lab, if she wasn't looking at Sara Sidle, she didn't look past the lab coat. Well that was over now, and she was determined not to spend any more time thinking about Sidle. Instead she watched with fascination as Wendy's eyebrows drew together in concentration as she studied the computer screen. Sofia's eyes traveled slowly over Wendy's face, taking in the intelligent eyes and almost too perfectly straight nose. Strong cheekbones mirrored the lines of jaw. Attractive? Yeah, she was cute. But Sofia had difficulty seeing past the androgynous lab coat that covered what seemed to be a nice enough body.

Damn it, Curtis, you have work to do. Shaking her head, she cleared her throat before continuing into the lab. As she did, Wendy looked up and seeing her, smiled brightly. Sofia was surprised to find her stomach clenching slightly at the way her smile lit up her face. She hadn't reacted to anyone since… Well, enough about that—business, that's what she was here for.

"Have you got anything for me?"

"I was just going to page you. I have some interesting results here." She motioned Sofia over, waiting until the detective leaned over her shoulder to peer at the screen. Talking animatedly, she began pointing out the conflicting results she was getting.

Scrubbing her hand over her face, Sofia considered leaving. Maybe coming to the bar had been a bad idea. It had been such a long day, and she was thinking a beer might help her unwind. But she should have just gone home. Well, she was here now, she may as well get that beer. Sauntering over to the bar, she leaned casually in the only free space she could find among the full stools.

Minutes later, beer in hand, she turned to survey the room. Well, at least the bartender was fast tonight. She hated to wait. Tipping up the cool bottle, she took a long pull from it. Tired, she lazily scanned the room, not expecting to find anything worth expending any energy.

She almost missed her, so unexpected was the sight of her as well as her appearance. As Sofia's eyes slipped over the brunette across the room, she barely registered the familiar face. But in a split second, just slightly slow because of her sluggish, over-worked brain, her gaze jumped back to the woman. Sims? It took her a minute to convince herself that she was in fact looking at Wendy Sims, standing among a group of women. Her hair was down, sexily tousled and falling to frame her beautiful face. Perfectly applied makeup accentuated her wide eyes, finely arched brows and full lips.

Her heart rate accelerating, Sofia's eyes slipped lower. Jesus, it is a damn shame to hide that body beneath a lab coat. A tight fitting T-shirt didn't quite reach the waistband of her well worn jeans, leaving a couple of inches of tight abdomen exposed. As Wendy stretched to drape her arm over the shoulder of the woman next to her, laughing at something the other woman said, the shirt pulled up slightly allowing Sofia to glimpse just a little more of the tempting skin. Suddenly her head was filled with the image of herself bending over to run her tongue lightly over that strip of exposed stomach. Shit, Wendy Sims. Her gaze moved hungrily lower over the denim, worn thin in all the right places, which molded to her hips.

Realizing she was openly ogling the woman, Sofia jerked her eyes up, allowing them to linger for only the briefest moment on high, tight breasts. Belatedly she realized, as her eyes returned to Wendy's face, that the other woman had seen her, and had in turn, caught Sofia's slow perusal of her. Sofia felt the flush creep up her neck as Wendy flashed her a wicked grin and raised her bottle in mock salute. Determined to act casually, Sofia raised her own bottle as well.

Forcing herself to remain in place at the bar, Sofia watched Wendy lean over and speak to the woman next to her before moving away from the group. Sofia's eyes didn't leave the brunette as she crossed the room, and came well into Sofia's personal space before she drew to a stop.

"Detective," Wendy greeted her. Sofia wondered if she imagined the slightly husky tone in her voice. She certainly didn't remember her voice being that sexy in the lab.

"Sims." Sofia was proud of herself for maintaining her cool demeanor when her insides were beginning a slow burn.

"I was just about to take off. It's late." Wendy paused and Sofia thought she surely might combust as she watched Wendy's tongue peak out and run over her lips. "Would you like to share a cab?" She pulled her leather jacket around her as she spoke.

Sofia nodded. She almost contained her reaction as Wendy grabbed her hand and led her from the bar.

The cab ride had been silent. Sofia could think about nothing else but Wendy's thigh pressed against hers. She jumped slightly as Wendy's fingers played lightly between them, her fingernails running up and down the seam on the outside of Sofia's jeans.

"I was surprised to see you at the bar tonight," Wendy said, softly shattering the silence in the dark backseat of the cab.

"Yeah, well…" Sofia swallowed. "It's been a long week."

"I've never seen you there before."

"It's been a while," Sofia answered cryptically. A while since I went anywhere but to Sara's after work. The image of Sara and Grissom followed this thought, and Sofia quickly chased it away. She was barely over Sara, she certainly couldn't get involved with another woman in CSI. It was hard enough to go to the lab as it was without adding more drama. Her mind began to clear in spite of Wendy's hand still moving against her thigh. I can't do this. She shifted slightly, putting as much distance between them as she could in the confines of the vehicle.

"Something wrong?" Wendy purred.


As the cab pulled to a halt outside Wendy's small house, Sofia slid out to allow Wendy to exit. She stood awkwardly beside the car, shivering in the cold desert night, as the other woman slid out and paused very close to her. Sofia could see her breath and she wondered if the rare snowstorm the weatherman had been predicting would come to fruition after all.

"Want to come in?" Wendy asked, running her fingers lightly down Sofia's arm.

Who was this woman? Was this flirtatious, fabulous looking woman the same shy woman whom Sofia had talked to in the lab only hours before?

"I shouldn't." The refusal took all of Sofia's willpower. And she found herself suddenly unable to tear her eyes from the tender skin at the side of Wendy's neck, watching the pulse beat there and wondering how Wendy would react if she sank her teeth into it. Would she like that? Would she tense against me and press herself…. Shit, Curtis, get a grip!

"Okay. Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow then." Wendy moved away, and walked up the walk to her house.

Sighing, Sofia climbed back into the cab and gave her address. Merely ten minutes later, the fat white flakes began to float through the air. Sofia barely noticed, her mind was still back on the woman she had just left. Wendy Sims had barely registered on Sofia's radar before that day, so why now all of a sudden could she not get the woman out of her head.

She knew she had done the right thing. She didn't need to get involved with anyone right then, let alone someone from work. Her mind flashed on Wendy's full lips, the flash of skin at her midsection and the exposed length of her neck. Before she could change her mind, she leaned forward and gave her instructions to the cabbie.

Sofia raised her fist to knock on the door. When the door swung open, a surprised Wendy stood staring at her. She had changed into flannel pajama pants and a T-shirt, an outfit as unflattering as the lab coat she wore at work. But this time, Sofia saw her differently. She knew what was beneath the simple clothing. And she knew she would never quite see this woman the same way again.

"It's snowing," Sofia blurted out, realizing as she did that she must sound like an idiot.

Wendy simply smiled and stepped out on the porch with her. Tilting her head, Wendy stared up at the sky and watched the flakes swirling around. Sofia smiled at the grin that spread across Wendy's face.

"So it is."

Glancing down at Wendy's sock clad feet, Sofia said, "You're going to catch cold."

Wendy looked at her, cocking her head to the side. "So, are you coming in or are we going to stand out here all night?"

Sofia smiled slowly…sexily. But when Wendy turned to lead her back into the house, Sofia grabbed her arm and pulled her back around. Stepping closer she wrapped her arms around Wendy's waist and pulled her close. Their lips met without hesitation, hungrily. Wendy's hands pushed into Sofia's hair. And Sofia's slipped beneath the back of her T-shirt to find the warm skin of her lower back, stroking lightly. Sofia's mouth tugged at her lower lip, drawing it in and sucking it gently. Then their tongues were meeting, each seeking entry to the other's mouth. They slid together, tasting and then began a slow give and take.

When they finally pulled apart, they were both breathing hard and staring at each other. Wendy raised her hand and touched two fingers against her own lips. Sofia's own lips tingled from the pressure of Wendy's mouth, however the tingle was nothing compared to the intense throbbing through the rest of her body. Wordlessly, Wendy took her hand and pulled her inside the house, closing the door soundly behind them.

The End

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