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Perfect Match
By Corbeau's Alcove


Catherine ended the conversation with Jarred and stalked the halls in search of Sara. She was stopped by Nick running to catch up with her.

"Catherine! Got the fingerprint analysis from Greg. We had a few from Lauren's flat mate, Sally which I suppose is usual given two chicks living together."

Catherine smiled. "Nick, just because two girls live together doesn't mean they are having slumber parties like the ones you've probably got hundreds of video tapes of."

Nick returned her smile.

"I'll have you know I own a modest collection of fifty tapes. Anyway, the big news is we have prints lifted from the bedside table and lamp belonging to Martin Mercer. Turns out he's been arrested twice before. Drink driving conviction and one assault. A woman at a bar reported that he tried to force himself on her. Pressed her up against a wall and told her he wanted to have sex with her on the pool table. Was pulled off by a few blokes there and took a swing at them."

"He's a charmer. Okay Nicky, great work. I'll call Brass and let him know. Uniform were picking him up and Brass was going to ask him a few basic questions. We have a bit more to work on now." Catherine said reaching for her phone and hitting speed dial.

"I'm off to scourer through the sheets we got from the vic's bed." Nick said waving farewell.

"Brass, Catherine. Look we have prints in the vic's room that match your Martin Mercer. I'm on my way down so hold off asking him about it if you can."

With that Catherine hung up and went to the locker room. The lab was air conditioned so the jacket she had been wearing was causing her to become a little hot. She certainly did not want to be entering the interrogation room with her current outfit minus the jacket.

She turned the corner and saw that Sara was standing with her head in her locker.


Sara turned her head so sharply that it thudded against the locker door.


Catherine suppressed a giggle, now was not the time.

"I have to say something Sara and you need to hear me out." Catherine said moving closer to Sara.

Sara nodded yet made no attempt to make eye contact.

"I don't like being spoken too in the manner you did during our previous conversation. My personal life is my own and is not conflicting with this case. If you have a problem with something I've done in the past where my objectivity was somewhat clouded then fine, come to me with that. Don't you dare presume to tell me that I cannot date until I finish a case. I won't put my social life on hold like you." Catherine said.

Sara had been expecting Catherine to wonder why she had spoken as she did. However, hearing Catherine's angry rant was not exactly what she had predicted. Instead of Sara feeling embarrassed at her tone and then rushing out of the room while Catherine was on the phone, she felt her own anger rise.

"You don't need to tell me what happens when you lose your focus Catherine, I bore the physical and emotional scaring after the lab exploded. Greg did also. I'm not perfect either but don't act superior to me because you've worked here longer or because you have Grissom's ear. I work damn hard. I apologise for my tone, I was not inferring that you cannot do your job while you're thinking of the next man to bed."

Sara stopped when she felt her cheek stinging. When she realised that Catherine had slapped her she simply held a hand to her face and stared at her in stunned silence.

Catherine was fuming and responded, "Well that's what it all comes down too doesn't it Sara? My close relationship and your unhealthy obsession with Gil. Well I'm sorry if you can't get anywhere with him but don't blame the past. I'm on good terms with Gil because we respect each other. I thought we had that also Sara after a pretty unimpressive start. If you would prefer not working this case then you can go and make the coffee for us and keep Greg entertained."

When Catherine finished she saw Sara holding her cheek and saw the red mark beginning to appear. She then realised that she indeed did hit her. Then she continued talking! Catherine wasn't sure what had possessed her to physically hit Sara but as soon as she did it she regretted it. Sara had been out of line with her last comment but to reach out and slap her like that, well to say she was perplexed at her own behaviour would have been spot on.

"Oh shit. I'm sorry Sara. I shouldn't have hit you."

Sara had not spoken since Catherine had hit her. She had made no attempt to assure Catherine she wasn't after Grissom. She simply moved closer to Catherine holding her hands up in a show of defeat.

"No Cath, it's me who is sorry. I had no right talking about your date or your personal life like that. I'm not sure what got into me, I suppose I don't like being confronted and lashed out." Sara said.

Catherine shook her head confused at what had transpired between the two of them on this shift. 'It's almost as though we're wading through our own little piece of sexual tension,' she thought.

Catherine held her right hand out.

"Shall we start again?" She asked.

Sara looked down to Catherine's outstretched hand and considered holding it up to her mouth to kiss. Instead she firmly grasped it and smiled.

"Okay, so how about we get to solving this case before Grissom gets back?" Sara cringed at mentioning the man Catherine thought she was after.

"I'm off to meet with Brass," Catherine looked down at her shirt. "After I changed out of this top."

Sara smiled and turned to let Catherine have some privacy. She faced Catherine when she heard her laugh.

"What? Do I have something on my back? One of Greg's 'I love Greg Saunders' signs on there or something?" Sara asked.

"No, no rest easy. I was just wondering why you'd need to turn your back. I'm not stripping down nude and I was a dancer, many men and a few women have seen a lot more flesh than you're about to." Catherine said as she peeled her top off.

Sara was about to make a comment about, well she couldn't quite remember what she was about to say when she saw Catherine standing in front of her. Catherine's aqua bra was cut perfectly to show an adequate amount of cleavage to make you interested. The front clasp was gold in colour and seemed to be calling out to Sara. Sara's eyes traveled over Catherine's shoulders down to her perfect arms that were toned just enough that you could see an outline of muscle. As Sara's eyes traveled inward to see Catherine's stomach she felt as if Catherine's eyes were following her. She looked up to see Catherine with her head cocked to one side with a puzzled look on her face.

"Sara if you're going to stare that much you should really be putting dollar bills down my pants," she joked.

Sara felt as if she'd been slapped again. She blushed furiously and tried to get to the exit. Faced with wall and no way of leaving she tried to think of something to say.

"I was, that is, you're quite beautiful."

Sara felt like hitting her head against the wall.

Catherine moved into Sara's personal space, her bra almost touching Sara and leant into her. Sara was distracted by the overhead view she was getting of Catherine's cleavage that she almost missed the sensation of Catherine's lips against her cheek.

"You're very sweet Sara," Catherine commented turning back to her locker to put on a red sweater.

Sara touched the cheek that had been hit and then soothed with a kiss and smiled. Catherine had kissed her. 'Fair enough it was a friendly peck on the cheek but a girl has to start somewhere,' Sara thought.

She turned to say something to Catherine but she had gone.

Catherine made her way to the interrogation room her mind pre-occupied with Sara. It had been an interesting shift. No Grissom, her much talked about top and Sara. She had to admit she and Sara had made tentative steps toward a friendship of sorts. They worked well together, of that she knew. Sara was a hard one to break through to. Catherine had always been careful of being as hands on with her affection as opposed to Nick and Warrick. Even Greg to a certain extent. With Sara she thought that she wouldn't appreciate the gentle encouragement of a hand on the arm or a comforting hand on her shoulder.

That changed tonight with Sara making the move into Catherine's personal space. The feeling of excitement Catherine got from that, surely it was simply because she felt Sara warming up to her.

'Then why did you kiss her cheek or want to keep her jacket on longer than you needed? The fight had been electricity charged, more like a fight between lovers.' Her mind screamed at her.

She touched her lips and closed her eyes and whispered, "I'm attracted to Sara."


Catherine entered the interrogation room with professional ease betraying nothing of her realization five minutes prior. She couldn't be distracted from this murder investigation. Sara had accused her, quite correctly, of doing so on a previous case A sin everyone had been guilty of without question. 'Bar Grissom,' Catherine mused.

She was about to give herself a pat on the back for not smiling when she thought of Sara when Martin Mercer glared at her and snapped, "What are you smiling at lady? Enjoy a man in handcuffs do you?"

"Shut up Mercer," Brass responded gruffly.

"Mr. Mercer, Catherine Willows from the Crime Lab. I need to ask you a few questions if that's alright."

Martin Mercer shifted his body in the chair he was handcuffed to.

"I didn't kill that dyke if that's what you're going to ask."

"I was going to start on a simpler question actually. Had you ever, in the time you were dating Sally Winters, enter Lauren's room?"

"That dumb dyke needed a good fu..."

"Okay Mr. Mercer, we know of your offer. If you would just answer the question," Catherine said speaking over the top of him.

"She wouldn't know what to do with a real piece of meat," Martin continued.

"I'm confused, are we talking about her diet now?" Brass asked sarcastically.

"I'll cut to the chase Mr. Mercer," Catherine said placing the DNA results on the table. "We have your fingerprints in her room."

Martin looked up at Brass.

"Woah, you ain't pinning no murder on me," Martin yelled trying to rise but was cut down by his inability to move due to the handcuffs.

"Oh we'll pin it on you Marty, if we find out you killed her during some kinky sex game," Brass retorted.

"Okay, look, I've been in her room but I only went through her drawers and stuff. She wasn't even there. I didn't kill her and I've never had sex with her."

Catherine got up from the chair opposite Martin and motioned to Brass.

"Look Jim, I think we should cut him loose for now." When Brass looked at her with an eyebrow raised in question she continued. "I'm not saying he isn't guilty but I didn't mention where we found the prints yet he told us the exact place we found them."

Brass nodded.

"We can keep him here longer, he assaulted one of my men so we'll nail him for that and it'll give us more time to find out if he did it or not."

"Good, I'm off to see how Nick's going. We need Sally Winters in for a few questions about Lauren's work and social life."

Catherine opened the door and turned when she heard Brass ask, "Catherine are you trying to play police officer and crime scene specialist all at once?"

Catherine winked at Brass and replied, "Well Jim, I have always wanted to use handcuffs."

The clerk who was turning the corner at the time dropped the folders he was carrying and stared at Catherine as she passed.

Catherine bent down to help him.

"Thank you ma'am" he stuttered out, his cheeks bright red.

Catherine decided to torture the clerk. As she handed him the folders she picked imaginary lint off his jacket and whispered, "Don't worry, I only use the handcuffs when the person is very, very, naughty."

The clerk's face exploded into such a lovely shade of red that it resembled a severe sunburn.

Catherine continued on her way to see how Nick was going. When she found him talking to Greg she decided to join them.

"Ah, Catherine, I was about to page you," Nick said smiling.

"Get something off the sheets?" Catherine asked.

"Yes and the DNA there matches the strand of hair tested earlier so this woman who was in her bed did indeed engage in sexual activity with our victim." Nick said showing Catherine the results.

"We need to find out who this woman is." Catherine said to no one in particular.

"The fiber I found on the window is cotton. It's pretty thick so I'd say it's from overalls or a jacket maybe." Nick said.

"Thanks Nicky. Where's Sara?" Catherine asked.

"Last time I saw her she was looking at the rope." Greg answered.

Nick smiled, "Why did I know that you'd be aware of where Sara is?"

Greg blushed.

"I'm just observant."

"Okay well, Nick take a look at the underwear now and I'll go see Sara. Then we'll come together. Say about half an hour?" Catherine said looking at her watch.

"Sure thing Cath."

Catherine took a deep breath and try to stop her accelerated heartbeat. 'Focus Catherine, focus,' she said continuously through her mind as she walked over to the office Sara was in.

When she got there her mantra failed her. Sara was placing the photographs she took at the scene on the huge board in front of her. She had her back to her which allowed Catherine to study her.

Catherine knew she shouldn't peruse Sara with such liberty but she couldn't help it. Since her little confession she hadn't been able to stop considering Sara in a completely different context. 'As a lover?' She asked herself. 'No, I'm straight. So is Sara, the same Sara who had been stalking our boss for many years now.'

Catherine was about to enter the room when her eyes traveled the length of Sara's legs. Sara was wearing black pants, not unusual for her. Catherine always knew Sara had a good figure but she'd always noticed it simply as one woman comparing her own body to another's. Today was different. Catherine noticed how her legs seemed to go on forever. Her backside was obviously a product of gym work. 'She's so toned,' Catherine thought. Through the tight white v-neck top Catherine could make out strong back muscles that moved when Sara placed another photo above her head. As she was doing this, Sara's upper arms flexed slightly showing Catherine more perfection. Sara had enough muscle to show people that she was a regular gym worker. 'I'd love to have the weight of that body pressed up against me, to feel her muscle, gauge her responses to my touch.'

Sara turned to pick up the next photo and noticed Catherine at the door.

"Cath, hi."

Catherine walked over to Sara hoping she wasn't breathing too quickly.

"Sara, any news?"

Sara turned to face Catherine and noticed she looked a little flushed. She motioned for Catherine to sit on the chair.

"You okay Catherine, you're not coming down with a cold are you?" Sara said as she touched Catherine's forehead.

Catherine took Sara's hand in hers for the second time in their shift. This time she simply grasped it tightly and smiled.

"I'm fine Sara, I've probably been rushing too much is all," Catherine replied.

Sara had to take a moment to reply, worried her voice wouldn't work. She had initiated contact but it had been Catherine who was now sustaining it. She wondered if Catherine was feeling okay, she had noticed a slight change in her since the crime scene and was concerned something was troubling her.

"You should take it easy for a moment, help me sort out these photographs." Sara said smiling and releasing her hand from Catherine's own and moving away from her.

Catherine frowned at Sara's sudden action and wondered if she had gone too far.


Sara looked up from her desk and Catherine moved the chair closer to her left leg. She was afraid of leaning into her, the temptation to sit on Catherine's lap was becoming too much for her.

"I'm sorry if I offended you, I know you shy from physical contact." Catherine said wanting to reach out and wrap her arms around Sara's waist.

Sara tried to get her hormones under control as she felt Catherine inch closer.

"I'm just busy Catherine, that's all. We can't sit around holding hands. Imagine what Greg or Nick would think. It would be hours of material for their wet dreams." Sara said laughing.

Catherine laughed also, "I guess you're right there." She moved her chair back nonetheless, still not convinced Sara was being completely honest. "I came in to let you know we're meeting up in, well it's about twenty minutes from now."

"Okay Cath, I'll be there." Sara said returning to her photos.

Catherine knew she shouldn't press the issue but she asked Sara again, "Are you sure you're alright with this physical contact?"

Sara didn't know how else to show Catherine she was more than fine with her touching her so she leant down to Catherine and kissed her on the cheek. Catherine was turning in the chair to get up as Sara descended and as a result, Sara's kissed was misdirected to Catherine's mouth.

It was a fleeting touch but both Sara and Catherine jumped back as if they had been victims of an electric shot.

"Oh my God Cath, I'm so sorry."

"It's alright Sara, I moved on the chair, it's totally okay." Catherine licked her lips and smiled, "Strawberry lip balm? I would have taken you for vanilla."

"Why, because I'm plain and predictable?" Sara replied a little harshly.

Catherine wondered what it was she had said and tried to smooth it over before they entered into their second fight of the evening.

"Sara if there is one thing I can say about you with no doubt in my mind, you are not plain. In fact, you're a very attractive woman. Don't you know the boys all stare at you. Especially when you're wearing those tank tops." Catherine said, her face feeling like it was on fire.

Sara wasn't sure how to respond to that. She was still stuck at the part of the sentence where Catherine told her she was attractive.

Catherine bit her lip cursing herself for going too far. 'Attractive? Good one Cat, scare the poor thing. Could you have telegraphed the fact that you want to throw her on the desk and tear her clothes off with your bare hands with any more gusto?'

Sara tried to think of something to say but could only watch as Catherine bit her lip, her teeth showing ever so slightly as she did it.

"Ah, thank you." Was all Sara could muster.

Catherine nodded in acknowledgement and almost yelled in joy when her pager went off.

"It's Brass, mind if I call him here?" Catherine asked Sara.

"Hey, I don't pay for the phone calls, go right ahead."

Catherine leant across Sara knowing she was playing a dangerous game. She knew she should have left the room, the page was a perfect excuse, but for some reason she decided to stay near Sara.

As Catherine leant across to get the phone her jumper rode up exposing her lower back. Sara reached out and placed a light touch against Catherine's flesh. Catherine shot up, leaving the number half dialed, staring at Sara.

"Ah, your uh, jumper, it was, I was trying to pull it down." Sara stumbled through the sentence wondering if Catherine was about to yell at her.

Catherine felt the heat of Sara's hand before she even reached her skin. She knew she had to do something about this before her heart exploded.

"Sara, look at me."

Sara tried to run out of the lab but her legs wouldn't move. She silently berated them for betraying her. When she refused to look up, Catherine simply hugged her. She wrapped her arms around the waist she had become obsessed with and placed her head on Sara's shoulder.

Sara could do nothing but wrap her own arms around Catherine. One hand made its way up to Catherine's hair. It was curly today and Sara had always wondered what it was like to wrap her finger in one of the curls. Without even realising, Sara did just that. When Catherine let out a small sound she pushed herself away from her.

"Did I hurt you Cath?" Sara asked quite concerned.

Catherine didn't know why she had waited so long to hug Sara. She was a perfect fit. When Sara started playing with her hair Catherine thought she would die right on the spot. Having Sara explain that to Grissom would have been interesting.

"Sara," was all Catherine said before she was centimetres away from Sara's mouth. Sara could feel Catherine's breath. It was fast, it was irregular, and if she had been of sane mind at the time she would have realised she too was having the same reaction.

Catherine placed a closed mouth kiss on Sara's lips. It was slow and gentle. When she tried to move away to apologise she felt Sara tighten her grip around her waist and grab her head. She was perfectly still as Sara moved to her mouth. This kiss was anything but soft. Sara latched onto Catherine's bottom lip biting and then licking it.

Catherine was pushed against the board, photo's falling off as Sara stabbed her tongue into Catherine's mouth. They moaned simultaneously as both tongues massaged each other. Sara's hand traveled lower grabbing Catherine's backside. Catherine was worried the board wouldn't take much more so she pulled out of the kiss, placing a small peck on Sara's lips.

"Need firmer surface," was all Catherine could get out.

Sara let go of Catherine and put some distance between the two of them. She had just kissed Catherine and it wasn't a dream. She had tasted Catherine, a mixture of coffee and tic tacs. She had kissed Catherine. In her office.

"Oh my God," Sara said aloud.

Catherine had to touch Sara to anchor herself back down to the ground. She reached out to run her hand up Sara's arm. Sara shivered and stilled the hand before Catherine could do more.

"What is it?" Catherine asked.

"That was amazing. You are amazing." Sara said smiling.

Catherine returned the smile.

"It takes two honey."

"However, we are in my office and I think we should stop." Sara said pointing to the doorway.

Catherine laughed, "I should have pulled the blinds on the door."

Sara sat in the chair vacated by Catherine before the kiss. Her legs were jelly and if she stood there much longer she could have collapsed.

"So you had a pre-conceived plan to kiss me did you?" Sara asked, her heart rate increasing as Catherine leant against the desk and moved the chair and Sara to rest in between her legs.

"I was checking you out before you noticed I was in the doorway." Catherine replied. She almost hit herself in the head with the telephone after admitting that.

Sara smiled, her tone cocky, "So, you were planning it. Pretty sure that I'd reciprocate weren't you?"

Catherine kissed Sara once more, her tongue dueling with Sara's and winning. She pulled back, brushing Sara's hair away from her face.

"I've noticed you all shift. I can't explain it."

Sara kissed Catherine's hand and placed her own hands on Catherine's calves.

"Have dinner with me tonight."

"On one condition," Catherine replied.

Sara looked up concerned she had overstepped the mark.

"We treat it as our first date."


Sara was about to respond when Catherine's pager went off.

Catherine looked towards the phone to see her pager lying near it.

"Oh shit! Brass!" Catherine said frantically jumping to the phone.

Sara could do nothing but laugh as Catherine dialed the number.

"Brass, sorry. Yeah I know you paged my before. I was having a nap, I think I'm coming down with the flu," Catherine lied.

Sara took the opportunity to appreciate Catherine's figure with no secrecy needed. Even in clothes Sara could see that she would look phenomenal naked. 'Don't go there Sara, you'll never let her leave the room.' Instead she went about picking up the photos that fell when Catherine was backed up against the board.

"Yes Jim, I'll be there. No, I don't think I'll go home I don't have much longer in my shift but thank you for your concern. Ah, I'll bring Sara with me."

Sara looked up at mention of her name.

"Okay Jim, bye," with that Catherine hung up. She turned to Sara, "Brass talked with Sally Winters and she mentioned the club Lauren was a regular d.j. One of the fellow d.j's had a somewhat acrimonious relationship with her apparently."

"So we're off to the club then?" Sara asked.

"Let me just go tell Nicky and I'll meet you at the car park."

Catherine kissed Sara on the cheek before leaving. Anything more would have caused Brass to call in a search party.

Sara made her way out to the car with a huge grin on her face. She knew that she shouldn't be so happy when there was an unsolved murder to work on but she couldn't help it. She had now released some of the sexual tension she had been withholding for years. She had always considered Catherine as the one unattainable so she was content with her fantasies. Now that she had a chance to start something with her she was terrified. What if Catherine just wanted to indulge her? Catherine could get anyone she wanted. Even Warrick, who was guarded with his attractions was somewhat see-through whenever Catherine smiled one of those electric smiles or touched his arm.

Sara shook her head to try and release the thoughts of doubt. It was an inbuilt characteristic she couldn't easily shake but she didn't want to risk alienating Catherine. She needed to give this a chance.

Catherine exited the building and scanned for Sara. She saw her leaning against the black Tahoe. "Hey there. I'm driving."

Sara sighed dramatically but made no attempt to move from the drivers door.

"Sara," Catherine warned.

Sara grabbed the collar of Catherine's jacket and smiled.

"Isn't this mine?" She said in reference to the large blue jacket.

Catherine blushed when replying, "Yes it is. I had it on before and I couldn't put down why I was so reluctant to part with it. Now I realise it's because it smells like you. I'm finding that incredibly..." Catherine stopped mid sentence trying to find the right word.

Sara let her hands drop to the bottom of Catherine's red sweater, "Sexy? Arousing?"

Catherine hit Sara's forearm, "Cheeky. I was going to say comforting."

Sara pouted.

"I think my choices were more romantic."

"Oh poor little Sara, would you like your jacket back?" Catherine asked.

"No, but I have to say, when I see you wearing it I feel somewhat envious. To know that it's my jacket hugging your body," Sara trailed off when Catherine looked at her bemused. "Okay so I'm not good at the romantic thing. Let's just go meet Brass."

Catherine unlocked the door and got in. She turned to see Sara get in the car. She refused to make eye contact, something Catherine noticed she did a fair bit.

"Sara honey, what's wrong?"

Sara reached across to grab Catherine's hand.

"I'm not sure. I think I'm over analyzing. I worry everytime I say something, like it will be the wrong thing."

"Oh hon, rest assured everything you've said and done has been more than alright," Catherine said kissing Sara's hand.

"I need to make a confession and I'm not sure if I should do it now or when the case is over."

Catherine glanced at Sara trying to figure out if this was when Sara tells her she really wants Grissom.

"Sara if this is about Gil I'm not sure I want to hear it when I'm just about to kiss you."

Sara turned to Catherine to tell her that wasn't it when she felt Catherine's lips against her own. She opened her mouth and allowed Catherine to take control of the kiss, Sara had better things to occupy herself having decided that it was about time she touched a few parts of Catherine that she'd been dying to touch for a long time.

Her hand started on Catherine's knee and as Catherine traced Sara's mouth like she was marking a crime scene Sara's hand moved slowly up her thigh. Catherine moaned into Sara's mouth, a sound which vibrated through her entire body.

When she reached close to Catherine's center she stopped and did the same with the other leg. Catherine tried moving her pelvis towards the wayward hand but Sara wanted to set her own pace. Sara was about to do more when she heard a horn blasting. She looked up and saw that they were making out like teenagers at the traffic lights.

"Ah I think we should cool down before we see Brass," Sara said reluctantly taking her hand away.

Catherine put her sunglasses back on and took a deep breath.

"Dear God Sara, where did you learn to kiss like that?"

Sara placed her hands on the dashboard in an attempt to keep them straying to the other side of the car.

"I think you were the one kissing me Catherine. Either way who cares, I love the feel of your mouth. Your tongue. I love the moan you make when I touch you."

Catherine leant over and placed a hand on Sara's thigh. She begun rubbing one finger up and down as she spoke, "I love how you feel under my touch and I hope to do more of it with you."

Sara placed her hand on top of Catherine's.

"Do you mean that?"

"Of course I do Sara. I don't usually throw myself at co-workers. I certainly wouldn't do anything to jeopardize our jobs or our friendship. Okay, so kissing you like a school girl in your office isn't a good example of the first one," Catherine said laughing. "I did have a very important point to make but all I can remember is kissing you."

Sara laughed, "Cat I have big insecurity issues and I have to deal with them everyday. Hell everyone thinks I have a think for Grissom. I'm sorry."

"Sara, don't apologise every second. We all have issues to deal with and I have insecurities too. Just remember that I was one of those who thought you had grand aspirations to bed Gil. Well until today. This thing between us is indescribable at the moment but I can tell you one thing with absolute certainly, I am attracted to you. Not just kissing you - although that is pretty damn fun - but the way your mind works." Catherine's phone rang as she was finishing her declaration and she sighed.

Sara answered it for her and was greeted by Nick.

"Sara hi. I thought we could have our catch-up over the phone if that's okay with Catherine."

"Hang on Nick, I'll ask her." Sara turned to Catherine and as she did so she brushed a strand of hair away from the front of her sunglasses. "Hey Cath, Nick wants to spill some facts on the case now, is that cool?"

Catherine could only nod as Sara ran that same hand down the length of her arm.

"I'll go first with the Doc's autopsy. Doc said it's easy to tell from the straight-line bruise that it's a ligature strangulation, no accident. He said that the face and neck are congested with blood thus becoming dark red. There was damage to both the interior and exterior structures of the neck and throat which is consistent with a struggle. No sign of rape but there was sexual activity. The swabs were given to Greg."

Catherine listened with interest realising that she had never heard that information. She was upset with herself, she was distracted from the facts of the case.

Sara listened to Nick's information promising to pass it on to Catherine. She knew Catherine was especially interested in the matchstick she had found. Greg had told Nick there were no prints but he was confident he could find the match from the matchbook.

She heard Greg in the background mimicking Grissom and laughed, "Hey Nick, tell Greg that if Grissom ever caught him doing that he'd be relegated to playing guinea pig to the black stuff in the back of the fridge," Sara said laughing as Greg nailed Grissom's 'I let the evidence talk to me' speech.

She hung up with Nick and saw that they were at the club. She smiled as she recognized the place, 'Perks and Mini.' She had been roped into it once by a visiting friend. Jessica had called it, 'the place where gay and gaiety are combined.' Sara knew she had read that right out of the brochure and couldn't help but roll her eyes.

"What is it Sara?" Catherine inquired as she saw Sara smiling and shaking her head.

"I know this place, a friend of mine dragged me to it a while back. The d.j was amazing. I wonder if Lauren was the d.j that evening."

Catherine felt an irrational streak of jealousy surge through her. 'A friend? Platonic or more? Was Sara a lesbian?' Catherine got out of the car determined to get her head back on the case.

Brass met them at the doorway. "Ah ladies, nice of you to join us. Catherine, how are you feeling?"

"You know Brass, a few pills and you try to move along." Catherine said regretting she had to lie.

Sara placed a hand on the small of Catherine's back as they made their way through the crowd. The staff was setting up for the evenings crowd. Sara noticed the bartender who had tried to proposition her last time she was there. She had a feeling however that Jessica had put the woman up to it with some sob story about how pathetic her love life was.

If the bartender recognized her she kept it to herself. Sara made eye contact and the woman winked. Oh yeah, the woman knew who she was. Suddenly Sara was a little apprehensive. What if the woman who watered down every bourbon she ordered that night would say something. When she noticed the woman cast an appreciative eye over Catherine she stood in her line of sight.

"You have an admirer," Sara whispered to Catherine.

"Other than you?" She replied smiling.

"Very funny. The bartender. I know her."

"Know her? In what capacity?" Catherine asked forcefully.

"Oh is that jealousy I hear? Calm down, she was after me but I turned her down. I was only ever interested in one lady at that time. You." Sara said zipping up the jacket in a covert attempt to simply touch her.

"We need to get out of here because I need to kiss you," Catherine growled.

"Catherine, over here. This was Lauren's biggest competition, Bobbie Messina. She said she has been here for two days. No alibi for the murder." Brass said waving her over to stand outside what looked to be a d.j booth. The woman standing with Brass wore a surly expression.

"Look Sir, I need to get my set together. The music doesn't play itself."

"Sure it does. Stick an album it in a player and you have at least forty minutes of music," Catherine said looking at the woman's clothing. She wore navy blue overalls and a white singlet.

"I'll need your overalls." Catherine said.

"Listen babe, I usually at least like the woman to buy me a drink first."

"Bobbie is it?"

"Yeah babe. What's your name? You are mighty fine."

"I'm from the crime lab and I need your clothes. Now." Catherine said holding out a brown paper bag.

"You must be very dominant in the bedroom," Bobbie said as she disrobed.

"I'll uh go wait over there," Brass said as Bobbie took her top off.

"Here you go. Next time you see me naked it'll be in my bed," Bobbie said to Catherine. She walked over to the stage naked and pulled out a change of clothes from her duffle bag.

"Sorry, I'm taken," Catherine said.

Bobbie laughed, "Oh let me tell you, once you've had me in bed you will want to be celibate. I'm the best."

"Is that what Lauren would say?" Sara said having come over when she heard the tail end of Bobbie's boast.

"Yeah I had sex with her, sure. It's not a crime," Bobbie said lighting a cigarette.

Sara and Catherine looked at each other as Bobbie ripped a match out of the matchbook.

"Oh I think it may just be a crime Ms. Messina." Catherine said. She wondered if this was their big break in the case. She called Brass over. "We'll need Ms. Messina to come back with us."

Part 7

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