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Pain to Kill
By Corbeau's Alcove



"Come on, you have to get up," I say as Catherine runs her fingers up my sides.

"You really want me to stop?" She teases as I hiss.

"No," I growl in defeat.

"Didn't think so," she says smugly as she kisses my neck.

"But you have to. Lindsay's home soon," I tell her.

Catherine nods and stops kissing my neck.

"Okay, you're right. Shower?" She says climbing over me.

"You've got me so worked up I'm not sure I can stand." I admit, my core on fire from her talented hands and tongue playing with my body.

Catherine grins and sits on the bed next to me.

"Would you like me to finish?" She asks, her hand cupping my pubic area.

I nod and part my legs even further, sighing as she runs her fingers through my liquid core. I'm positive it's melted from the sheer amount of fire it's been containing since Catherine started to tease me.

She pulls her hand away, trailing her wet fingers down her own torso and I almost have an orgasm from that sight. I can see the slick trail, it's glistening path calling to me.

I sit up and pull her to me. She gasps as I lick my own juices off her body, nipping at her flesh as I go. I've never wanted to let my inhabitations go before but with Catherine I turn into a sex crazed animal.

I love it.

I know she does too.

She pushes me down and straddles me stomach, perilously close to my breasts. I can feel her own need as it coats me.

"I can't get enough of you," she growls just before taking my nipple in her mouth. She bites down hard, so hard that I feel a stab of pain but it goes as she sucks the pain away. She's like an infant in search of the last drop of milk.

I'm not sure where I should put my hands, they want to take her yet also want to grab her breasts and inflict some of the same blessed torture on her.

She climbs off me and I look up, my eyes are heavy with arousal and I have to blink a few times to see her properly.

"Cath? I need you," I say begging.

I don't know how she manages it but she climbs off the bed for the second time in a space of minutes and just smiles at me.

"Come have a shower with me," she says turning and entering the bathroom.

What? Shower? But I can't walk.

My brain takes a minute to process it and I pull my heavy body off the bed. My first few steps are very wobbly as I'm weighed down with need. I hear the water running and I hope it's a very cold shower.

Catherine hasn't entered the shower yet, she's looking at a bite mark in the mirror. It's on her back, well her side to be precise.

I reach out to touch it but she grabs my hand and kisses it. I allow myself to be led to the shower. I step in and no sooner am I in there does Catherine push me against the tiles, her thigh thrust hard in between mine.

It's a welcomed intrusion and I unabashedly rub my now sore core against her. She laughs at my urgency and I make note of it. I'll get her back one of these days.

Her thigh is bouncing up and down, sometimes harder than the previous ones. The shower is hitting Catherine's body and she is breathtakingly beautiful. I lick at some of the water on her shoulder as my hand moves in between my thigh and her core.

"God yes," she whispers and I almost miss it over the spray of the warm water.

I enter hard, knowing she too is ready. I wanted to tease her but right now I just want her to come with me. I'm close and I know she's not yet there so I slow my own need down by moving away slightly. Catherine looks into my eyes questioning until she feels me enter a third finger inside her and smiles.

"I love you," I whisper in her ear before moving to kiss her. My tongue is the boss, pushing away her own as it tries to gain control. I feel Catherine's hand in my wet hair, pushing me closer to her. Our lips are pressed together, our teeth connect. I feel Catherine's hand slide down to cup my core. I sink into her palm, moaning in her mouth.

I'm not sure if I can manage to do three things at once so I break away from her mouth and start to concentrate on bringing Catherine's release. We mimic each other, and I get wetter as I hear our collective groans and grunts echo around the enclosed shower walls.

I come first, my legs getting a little unsteady at the end but Catherine's release shortly after mine keeps my upright as she pushes her body into mine. I'm first to pull away but she stays inside me, only pulling out one of the three fingers inside my still throbbing channel.

Those two fingers aren't still either. They are slowly rubbing my inner walls in a manner driving me insane.

"Catherine," I moan as I feel her fingers curl up and bring me to another release.

She starts to pull them out but I shake my head.

"Not yet," I ask.

Catherine just smiles and kisses my cheek. Her fingers stay in until I feel my walls start to push them out. As soon as they are out my body feels like it lost something important but when I see her look into my eyes with love I never thought I'd see, I feel my heart get just a little bit bigger.

"God I'm so in love with you Catherine Willows," I declare, wrapping her body around mine.

"Love you too," she mumbles, hugging me tighter.

"Hey, you know where my keys are?" I ask Catherine as she pours another cup of coffee for me.

"Yeah, I put them with mine," she says smiling as I drink from her cup while I'm waiting.

"You coming into work next shift right?" I ask, not really sure what day it is.


"It'll be good to have you back," I tell her, running my hands through her still wet hair.

We had managed to actually have a shower and change without further distractions because we knew that Lindsay was soon to be dropped off by Nancy. I'd never felt so comfortable being naked in front of someone and it really made me glad that Catherine had taken a chance on me and that, in turn, I had allowed myself to take a chance on this.

"How's your arm?" I ask, running my hand up the now plaster free arm.

"It's okay. Still feels a little weak but I guess it's because I've not used it for so long."

"Yeah that or you've used it too much since you've had it taken off," I say grinning.

I like being able to tease her about our time spent in bed. Talking dirty doesn't come naturally to me.

"Too much? Nah, not enough." She counters. Once again, she's the winner.

"Mommy!" Lindsay bursts through the door and I have to cover my blushing face with my coffee mug.

"Hey sugar."

"You got it off?" Lindsay asks, grabbing her mom's arm.

"Yep. But I kept the cast," Catherine says.

Lindsay had wanted to keep Catherine's cast so she could put it on her shelf. I wasn't too sure if that was a good idea, a constant reminder of her mother's accident but I guess the cast to Lindsay would be like the scar I'd always kiss reverently. A reminder that she was almost lost to us and to treasure everyday we had.

"Cool. Thanks mom."

"Hey Linds," I say shyly.

"Sara! Guess what? You know that boy I was talking about with you?" Lindsay says hugging my legs. I look up to Catherine who is raising her eyebrow in what I'm assuming is a question about this boy.

"Yes I do Linds. What happened?"

"He told me that I was really smart if I knew about fingerprints and DNA," Lindsay says beaming with pride.

"Well he's right. You are very smart. Just like your mom," I say smiling.

"You're smart too Sara," Lindsay says in all seriousness.

"Thank you," I answer just as seriously.

"Right, who is up for going out for a coffee before I drive Sara to work?" Catherine asks.

Me!" Lindsay yells jumping up and down.

"Me too!" I say laughing.

"Coffee with my two favourite girls? Well I'm very privileged. Linds, you can't have coffee but you can open the car." Catherine says.

"Really? Can I pick the music?" Her beaming daughter asks.

"How about we let Sara pick the music?" Catherine asks.

This must be a big deal because Lindsay nods in agreement.

"That's a great idea mom."

Okay, pressure. What should I play?

"Okay, we'll meet you outside." Catherine tells her daughter.

I put my coffee down and make sure Lindsay's outside before kissing Catherine. I can taste her coffee mixed with mine.

"I've got the perfect song," I whisper, biting her earlobe gently.

She moans and slips her hands under my shirt.

"God I could kiss you all day," she tells me.

"Good." I say smiling as I move away.

"Good? Is that all?" She pouts.

I hand her, her jacket and kiss her neck.

"Your daughter awaits," I say heading to the car.

"God Sidle, you're a tease," Catherine mumbles.

I don't let her say anything else, pinning her to the wall in the hallway and kissing her with a passion I think is bigger than both of us. We break apart almost gasping for air.

"Is that a better answer?" I say tracing her swollen lips.

"Good God yes," she whispers.



I put in the cd I want to play and hit track six. I hope Catherine can tell what song it is, she seemed to have it in her player quite a lot recently.

"Everytime I look at you the world just melts away, all my troubles all my fears dissolve in your affection. You've seen me at my weakest but you take me as I am
and when I fall you offer me a softer place to land," sang the woman in question.

I see Catherine's eyes light up right away. This is the song I gave to her a few days ago. The song that is so apt for her and what she did to me.

"Who is this?" Lindsay asks.

"It's Sarah McLachlan. The song is lovely isn't it?" Catherine says grabbing my free hand.

"You stay the course you hold the line you keep it all together, you're the one true thing I know I can believe in. You're all the things that I desire you save me you complete me, you're the one true thing I know I can believe," Catherine sang along to the song.

"It's no Avril," Lindsay muttered.

"Love is just the antidote when nothing else can cure me," Catherine whispers to me before that very line is sung.

"You pick me up and brush me off," the song says. Oh that is so very Catherine.

"This is our song," I say smiling when I see a few tears fall. I know she's happy, her eyes are so beautiful, I can read it there.

"Oh please!" Lindsay says from the back of the car.

Catherine kisses my hand which takes me by surprise a little. We've tried to keep this kind of display to ourselves, not sure about Lindsay's reaction. Her questions have been interesting and she knows we're together. Inasmuch as she could understand of course.

"Sorry Linds, mommy is in love and this is just normal," Catherine says turning around to her daughter.

Woah. Almost crashed the car.

Catherine looks at me, a question in her eyes. She looks a little worried.

"Sara, I don't need another broken arm," she jokes.


"Was that okay?" Catherine asks.

I turn to her, smiling widely. I can't help it. I know I probably look silly but I am just so happy.

"Totally okay Cath," I say kissing her wrist.

"Grown ups are so yucky. I hope I never fall in love." Lindsay muttered from the backseat.

"I hope you do baby, if it's like this I really hope you do," Catherine says softly.



"If you don't get off me we'll be late," I say laughing as Catherine finds a very ticklish part on my body.

"You want me to get off you?" Catherine asks amazed.

"No but it wouldn't be good for you to be late first day back," I say running my hands down her back.

"I want to wake up next to you everyday for the rest of our lives," Catherine whispers into my neck.

God how I want that also.

"I get bad morning breath," I joke.

Catherine laughs, kissing my chin before getting up.

"Separate showers," she says.

Good idea.

We weren't sleeping today, just watching a video in her bed. Lindsay had homework and then was given free reign on the big television which she was so excited about. I had to laugh when she said she was glad we were going to Catherine's room, 'I don't want to catch the love thing,' she said smiling.

The video had long finished so we just talked. Catherine talked more, telling me about her days as a stripper. Some stories were funny but some of them were quite sad. Obviously when her best friend was murdered, but the stories of the girls who turned to prostitution to pay for their drug habits. The lonely girls who were beaten and mistreated.

Those were the kinds of girls I always wanted to save. The ones who took a path of destruction while others had a little glimmer of light and went another way.

Like Catherine.

Of course Catherine would never want someone to tell her she was lucky or she was brave. She did everything on her terms. That's where she's so different to me. I falter in life and take a long time to get past it. That is if I even do. I'm introverted to make sure people don't find out what lies beneath whereas Catherine is extroverted to make people believe she is what you see everyday.

She has dark times in her past too, she's not had life easy. Yet she never complains.

"You getting ready?" Catherine says coming out of the bathroom in her robe.

"I love you," I say getting up hugging her.

"I love you too Sara. Everything okay?"

"Yep, just wanted to get a cheap grope," I joke, closing the door before she can comment.

"I'm sorry Miss, and you are?" Nick jokes as Catherine pours a cup of coffee in the break room. We had managed to sneak in, a few smiles from passerby's but the fan fare was non existent. Catherine had joked she'd forgotten where her office was but I could tell she was excited to be back.

"Our new intern obviously," Warrick said joining in.

"Greg-o will be so happy to have someone to boss around," Nick replied.

"Ah, and let me guess, you two are Abbott and Costello right?" Catherine joked, hugging Warrick first.

"Who's on first?"

"Abbott and Costello they may be but we're all on tonight," Grissom said.

Wow, was that a joke?

"Careful, if everyone starts joking I may think I'm in the wrong place," Catherine says, nodding a hello to Grissom.

"Welcome back Catherine. Okay, Nick you and Sara are on a B&E. There are two in the same set of units. Identical things stolen."

I had hoped I could work with Catherine first day back.

"Catherine, you need to have a physical to ascertain your fitness for field duty. Until then you're on desk duty."

Catherine was about to complain, I could see it so I just smiled at her.

"Want to swap, you can work with Nick," I say jokingly. "He's too much for me."

"Hey, in the room Sara," he says sulking.

"I've been sitting down the whole time I've been away Gil. I've taken it very easy," Catherine says, not meeting my eyes.

Sitting down all the time? Yeah right. Taking it easy? Tell that to my bite marks or my very tired muscles.

"Sorry, departmental rules," Grissom says shrugging.

"Mental alright," Catherine mumbles.

"Look on the bright side. You can play with Greg." Warrick says smiling.

"Greg's not my type," Catherine says. This time her eyes are on me, sharp and wide and I see Warrick out of the corner of my eye watching us.

"Who is then?" Nick asks grinning.

"Oh you know, I'm all for a little mystery. Brown hair, brown eyes and great legs too. Someone who isn't an open book but would allow me to read all their pages once I got close enough." Catherine says. All the time her eyes never left me.

"Hey Sara, you may be in for a shot then," Nick says nudging me.

I'm frozen on the spot at Catherine's boldness. Of course I know she's talking about me and I think from the look on Warrick's face he's piecing things together. Nick joking about how much that description fits me makes me smile though.

"No comment?" Nick asks grinning at me.

"Come on, leave her alone man. Pick on Greg." Warrick says before I can say anything.

The look Warrick gives Catherine is very interesting.



I'm just about to tip my now cold coffee into the sink when I feel someone walk up behind me. I almost say something, thinking at first that it was Catherine but the footsteps are heavier.

"Sorry, did I startle you?" Warrick says, grinning apologetically.

"No, just thinking." I say nervously.

"Can I ask you something personal?" Warrick asks me.

"Ah," I start, not sure if I should say yes.

Warrick puts his hand up stopping me from answering.

"It's about Catherine."

Okay, just act calm Sara.

"What about her?" I ask, hoping my voice doesn't fail me.

"You've been spending the most time with her, is she really doing alright?"

I sigh in relief, glad the conversation isn't heading in a different direction.

"You know Catherine, she's smart. If she wasn't up to it she wouldn't risk herself. Or us." I add.

"I know and she'd hate me for asking but I just like to look out for her," he says smiling.

"I know but she's fine." I say firmly. I believe it and I want everyone else to believe it also. Warrick is right, she'd hate it if people thought she wasn't ready to return. After all, she was the one who always looked out for us.

"That's all I need," Warrick says nodding his head.

I'm about to leave when Warrick says, "I think you're good for her."

I turn so fast that I pinch a nerve in my neck.

"Sorry?" I manage to choke out.

"You two; friends after an indifferent relationship. I don't mean to be rude but you've looked a little out of sorts. I'm glad you've found someone who understands the job and its impact."

I know I should be angry at his comments because I treasure my private life but I find myself smiling if only at the thought of Catherine.

"I'm not made of stone," I joke.

"We all know that Sara." Warrick tells me in a tone that almost sounds like he knows more than he's saying but being respectful of my privacy. "Anyway, I've got to go. Catch ya later right?" He says, releasing me of any obligation to further discuss my life.

"Yeah, breakfast after shift okay?" I suggest out of the blue.

Warrick's smile is wide as he gives me the thumbs up.

"Guys." Brass nods a welcome to Nick and I as we follow a heavily bushed path down to the police tape and general commotion. Crime scenes always look a mess. The patrol cars litter the streets; noisy neighbours all strain their neck for a closer look and more often than not, the news cameras shine their bright lights into our faces.

This time however, the case is boring. I say boring simply because there is no gruesome murder to follow. There are two reporters holding a good old fashioned note book jotting down some notes but there isn't the buzz you usually see for something a little more substantial.

That being said, any kind of violation is substantial in my book. An unwelcome intruder touching your stuff, taking things from you? People hate that kind of thing. It all comes back to loss of control.

"Man, what are you doing on this?" Nick jokes with Brass.

"I know one of the tenants." Brass explains.

"So what's the deal?" I ask, looking around the area.

"Two places. Television, video, stereo and every other electrical appliance taken." Brass tells us, waving someone over.

"This is Jack Pertan. Sara Sidle and Nick Stokes, Crime Lab." Brass introduces us.

"Thanks guys, I know this must be a boring case for you." He says grinning.

"Don't mention it Sir, it's our job." Nick says in his commanding tone, the one I often want to roll my eyes to.

"Have you re-traced your steps, make sure you have everything down?" I ask.

"I got home and felt the breeze from the back room. I always leave the door closed. Didn't take me long to realise my stuff had vanished. Called the cops and waited outside my house."

"Are you living alone?" Nick asks, picking up his case.

"Yep. Got nothing in the divorce." He smiles ruefully.

"Okay, well we'll just head in. Is there a number I can contact you on?" I ask, anxious to get in and start working.

"Yeah, I gave all my details to the officer."

We had spilt up, thinking it was better to work on a house alone. That way when we came back together we could get a more complete picture of the crime. I didn't mind, I enjoyed processing a scene on my own. It gave me a chance to really get things into focus.

I had dusted the usual spots but wasn't finding much. I had to gather that the assailant had worn gloves and to be honest it hadn't surprised me. This kind of job just felt like a professional one. Two places in the same block hit on the same day? I've never been a big believer of coincidence.

The path connecting all the units was my next stop. I had hoped for a solid shoe print but the path was paved with cobble stones. After taking one long look around the house again I made mental note of a few things to discuss with Nick and headed out back.

"Great minds hey?" Nick says as I see him standing outside the other burgled place. He was looking into the unit and then turning around, his eyes on the path.

"It would be hard to get the wide screen television this family had," Nick comments.

"The path would provide privacy," I add.

"But the fit? It's pretty tight."

"Everyone at work, more time to be careful?"

Nick nods, bending down to focus on something caught in the rubber lining of the doorframe.

"Pass me the tweezers," Nick asks.

"Got something?" I ask hopeful.

"Could be. Hair."

"Could belong to the people living here," I say.

"We'll give it to Greg," Nick says.


I try not to smile as I dab Nick's arm with disinfectant.

"I didn't even see it," he complains.

"I told you it was spiky," I say grinning.

"Are you finished?" He asks, hissing as I put a bandaid on the cut.

"All done." I say getting up and throwing away the cotton buds.

"Someone should really prune those bushes," Nick says getting up.

"It's a scratch," I tease.

"It hurts okay?" He says sulking.

"You don't have any thorns in there but it is deep," I say in all seriousness.

"Okay, I'm off to harass Greg," Nick says. "Thanks for playing nurse maid," he adds.

"Nursemaid?" Catherine's voice says from the doorway.

I look up smiling. It's so great to have her back here. Just knowing that I could see her at any given moment of the day makes me happy.

"Nick got a cut." I say grinning as Catherine comes to sit next to me.

"So, tell me about your case."

"Looks pretty professional. We're hoping the hair Nick found belongs to one of our assailants."

"You're thinking more that one?"

"Yeah." I say nodding. "So, how was your physical?"

"I'd much rather you had given it to me, then it would have been enjoyable," Catherine says, her hand coming to rest on my knee.

"And much longer," I add, placing my hand on top of hers.

"Want to give one to me now?" Catherine teases.

I'd love to but I look in her eyes and I know that it's not possible. We both know we have to work.

"What are you doing now?" I ask, changing the subject.

"Wait for the report to get to Grissom. Until then I'm in limbo." She says.

I can see this is frustrating her, I'd be the same.

"Want to help us? Warrick's with Grissom so it's just us here." I suggest.

"Even if it's just making you coffee I'm up for it." Catherine jokes.

"You know how I like it," I say playing along and loving this banter we've fallen into.

"I certainly do," Catherine says, her voice dropping to what I like to call her seductive voice.

"Maybe you should uh, work with Nick," I say, feeling my core heat up as her hand runs up and down my thigh.

"You're no fun," Catherine says pouting.

"You know that I am," I reply huskily.

"Okay, point taken, I'm off to find Nick," Catherine says, her eyes a little wider than when she first sat down. "God I want to kiss you," she whispers.

It takes another five minutes for my brain to find its way through the haze caused by her last statement.



I hear tapping on the window and when I look up I see Catherine waving at me. I get up, shaking my head at her. Why didn't she just open the door?

Ah, because it's locked. When did I do that?

"You know, a little lock can't stop me," she teases, running her hand up my arm.

I try to think of a witty comeback but it's swallowed when I feel her hand under my shirt.

"Cath we can't," I say weakly.

"Come with me," she orders.

I don't know where we are going but I'm so excited about being alone with her I don't much care where it is we're heading for as long as I can be with her.

We turn the corner, passing the lockers. Okay, so we're not going there. Interesting.

"Where are we going?" I whisper.

"I have something planned." Is all she says.

Suddenly we outside and heading for her car. I'm still following her willingly but I can't stop asking her questions.

"Where are we driving too? Are we off to the scene? Does Grissom know?"

She opens the door for me, ignoring my questions. I'm starting to get impatient simply because I have no idea what's happening but her hand on my thigh settles me in a second.

Now I'm just getting a little too hot and she knows it.

"Catherine, please tell me where we are going. I'm half way through a case," I say, grabbing her hand as she makes a move to take it off my thigh.

Guess actions do speak louder than words after all.

I decide to just sit back and be content with her touching me. After all, every so often she'll run her index finger up the inside of my thigh making me very hot indeed.

She stops the car and I notice the small park. We've taken Lindsay here once, she had such a great time. I'm still not sure why we are here though.

"Wait here," Catherine says, kissing my lips quickly before jumping out of the car and heading to the boot.

I twist my body around but can only see her blonde curls. I hear her fussing with something but don't know what it is.

"I'll be back in ten minutes," she tells me, running off before I can reply.

I begin tapping my hands on the dashboard impatiently. My crotch has become a little too warm for my liking and I'm tempted to drive Catherine home and let her finish her little tease job.

She returns as I'm thinking of some scenarios that are hot and oh so steamy, a flower in her left hand.

"Miss Sidle, if you'll come with me," Catherine extend her right hand and I take it as I get out of the car. She hands me the rose and I take it smiling. We walk hand in hand into a very dark and secluded area of the park.


"Patience sexy," she purrs.

Oh dear, I think I'm going to have to change my underwear.

I'm about to suggest going to her place when I see a small basket laying on a blue blanket.

"Is this ours?" I ask smiling.

Catherine wraps her arm around my waist kissing my collarbone.

"I thought we could have a meal away from everyone."

"Work?" I ask. I know, I have this beautiful woman to myself, I should just go with the flow right?

"We have an hour and a half," she tells me, her hand back under my shirt again.

"Can anyone see us?" I ask, worried about an audience.

"No," she says before pulling my top up to lay small kisses on my stomach.

My adrenalin is running a little higher at the prospect of what we're about to do in this location. I think it's what causes me to pick Catherine up and lay her on the blanket, straddle her hips and rip off my shirt.

Catherine gasps at the quick movements but soon recovers enough to unzip my pants and slide her hand in.

I feel her cold hand on my hot flesh, I almost come right then and there. I pull her hand out, knowing it's her sore wrist but smile so she knows I'm okay with this.

I just have to kiss her. Her lips are too damn irresistible. I lean down and capture her top lip in my mouth. My tongue traces the inside of her lip, slowly moving further in to touch her tongue. She moans as I suck her tongue into my mouth.

Her hands pull my bra off and rub my nipples. I push down into her palms and enjoy her touch as I play with her belt. I need to have her now. I'm desperate to touch her.

"Sara," she whispers into my neck as I break the kiss to move down her body. I stop at her breasts and massage them through her top. I feel her rocking into my jeans and smile. Unzipping her pants I pull them down past her knees. She tries spreading her legs but can only move so far with her pants still on. She grunts in frustration but it's soon replaced by a primal groan as I enter her with two fingers. I'm worried we'll get caught but that only seems to spur me on to make her vocal so I twist my fingers in her and smile when she gasps loudly. Her hips are moving faster with every thrust and she's beginning to chant my name.

I look up to see her face flushed and her eyes closed. I kiss the part of her stomach exposed and she opens her eyes to lock with mine. She pulls her top up to her neck and I see two rock hard nipples straining out of her bra.

"Touch them," I growl.

She smiles at my tone and ignores me. I stop thrust inside her and she whimpers.

"Touch them for me," I say in a tone almost begging.

She nods, smiling when she sees that I'm watching her closely. She puts two fingers in her mouth and runs a circle around both nipples. I can see a faint saliva mark on the satin of her bra and that just makes me even wetter. I continue to pump in and out of her and soon she's trying to match the pace with her hands. At times her hands break away when I gently flick her clit but she soon returns to her own breasts, pulling them out of her bra and touching as much as she can. She massages them, pinches her nipples or rolls her hard nipples on her palms. It's so fucken sexy.

I can tell she's close so I decide to bring her to a climax hard and fast. I can't hold onto my own release much longer. Taking her clit in my mouth I suck hard. She screams as I curl my fingers inside her.

It takes her a while to calm her breathing and that suits me just fine. That means I can watch her beautiful body as she comes down from her climax. I never thought I'd be here with her so I enjoy every single thing about her.

Catherine is pulling her top back down as I pull out of her. She shudders slightly at the movement and I kiss her outer lips to taste her. She tastes so great and I decide, next time I'll take all of her with my tongue.

I'm pulling her pants back up when I hear something. Catherine doesn't move at all to cover herself, in fact she pulls me up for a kiss. Before I can talk she's grabbed my breasts in her hands and is pinching my nipples. I begin to rock against her bare knee.

"Catherine, your pants," I manage to say.

I climb off her to pull them up, she just laughs at me.

"What?" I ask.

"Nothing, I just love you."


I zip her pants back up, something that's harder than one may think and lay beside her, my arm around her waist.

"I love you too. More than anything." I tell her.

"More than this?" Catherine asks, her hand slipping into my panties.

I can't speak, I can only pull my jeans down with her help.

"Oh, ready for me?" Catherine teases, rubbing her fingers on the outside of my wet panties.

The friction is unbearable, rubbing in all the right places yet not hard enough.

I'm about to say something when I feel my panties being pulled down.

Catherine's mouth is everywhere. Her tongue licks my outer lips and my clit then moves into me. She thrusts a few times before her teeth nip at my clit. I'm already so aroused I climax too fast.

That doesn't stop Catherine from entering me with one finger. My thighs are trembling, my heart racing.

"More," I whisper.

Two fingers then three slam into my core. I feel her reach deep inside me and leave just as fast. Her tongue licks around her fingers as she continues. I can feel the end is near and I grab her head to still her mouth.

She quickens the pace and I climax a second time, my juices surely spilling everywhere. I can feel her tongue lick me and lay back unable to move.



I'm laying on top of Catherine, not to sure when we changed positions but enjoying the sound of her breathing beneath me. We've managed to dress ourselves which I was very happy with. I was immersed in the excitement of making love to Catherine in a public place but as we both layed here I was starting to feel a little apprehensive. After all, I still hold those memories inside of my attack. The haze of arousal prevented my brain form kicking in. I knew that if I had had time to think about this, I would have backed down.

Not that being with Catherine parallels in any way what happened that dark night, I suppose the only way I can describe it is a slight tightening of the chest and a very nervous posture. My eyes were flicking from left to right whenever I heard a sound. Catherine had started to run her hand up and down my back, soothing me and I sunk into her comforting embrace gratefully.

"We should get up," she tells me, kissing my neck.

I nod and push myself up offering my hand to her.

"I've never done this before," I say blushing.

"Are you okay?" She asks concerned.

"Yeah babe, it just washes over me sometimes. This was very different for me."


I sense she's about to beat herself up for initiating sex in such a brazen location so I pull her into my arms and hope my body speaks for me.

"I feel safe whenever I'm with you, no matter where we are," I tell her in all seriousness. "I just ah, I just think we should go. I know you won't hurt me, but it's everyone else ... I can't explain it."

It seems to be enough though and soon I'm carrying the basket with the uneaten food back to the car.

"Hey Sara. Enjoy your break?" Nick asks me as I pop my head around the corner.

"Yes," I say hoping my smile isn't too big.

"I had Greg do his thing with that hair. It doesn't belong to anyone who resides in that house. Moved in a year ago, only person who visits is their housekeeper."

"Okay. Well Jack Pertan faxed over a whole bunch of items he had missing. It seems funny they didn't touch the safe in his bedroom." I say looking at the photos Nick took.

"Only things they can move fast probably," Nick comments.

"So we should really be on the lookout for wholesale selling of furniture and electrical appliances," I suggest.

"Well my family engraved a lot of their stuff." Nick offers.

"Like what?" I ask puzzled.

"You name it. Toaster, hairdryer, television," Nick trails off.


"They told me they move a lot, things used to go missing." Nick tells me shrugging.

"Well they were stolen with the engraving done," I point out.

"It'll be harder to sell."

I nod, agreeing.

"I'm not sure where they could get a good price for those," Nick tells the group as we sit around the break room table.

"Second hand places?" Warrick suggests.

"Yeah but all that work for nothing then. After all, Brass said he was going to leak that the names of the family were engraved on the stuff. Anyone trying to sell that would look guilty right away," I say.

"They could laser it off," Warrick tells us.

"True," Nick says nodding.

"Ebay would be good for something like that. Photograph to prove yet no need to take a snap of the engraving." Catherine suggests.

"I vote that I be allowed to do that job," Greg says from the doorway.

"No way man, last time you were on there you almost bid a million for that ex F-14 fighter jet," Nick says laughing.

"Hey, chicks would swoon over that," Greg says grinning and winking at me.

"Swoon or spew?" Warrick quips.

"We've got the insurance policies for both places, if we circulate the serial numbers of the electrical appliances we could get lucky," Nick says getting back on track.

"Worth a shot," I agree. "In the meantime I'm off to the scene again. Pertan wanted to speak with me."

One quick smile for Catherine and I'm out the door. I hear my cell beeping in my pocket and pull it out. Smiling when I see it's Catherine I hit open and read the message. 'You've got a grass stain on your pants, love C.'

I spin around so fast I almost snap my neck. I hear the phone beep once more. 'Gotcha. xx C xx.'

I hear a soft chuckling and I look up to see Catherine waving her phone.



I had been involved in a texting war with Catherine since she managed to get me as I left to speak with Pertan. I'd say she was winning, I just wasn't as quick as she was. It made me think if she had done this before with someone else. I know, that's a destructive approach to take to this but I found I couldn't help it. Once it was in my head I tended to over analysis it. It's what made me good at my job but bad at social contact.

Lord knows I didn't want to be like this but it was me. Even with Catherine I found I was still wondering about whether this was for life or if this would fizzle out. We were still in the 'honeymoon' period. In a year or so would we still be in love?

I knew not to bring it up with Catherine. I saw that look in her eyes when I talked like this. It hurt her. I wasn't going to see that look in her eyes if I could help it. I loved her too much.

Yet she said I could come to her with anything. Which one can I believe?

What would she say if I told her when I was alone I would think about a drink?

"Miss Sidle, glad you could make it," Pertan says shaking my hand and ushering me into his house.

"You said you had something for me?"

"I was going over everything like you said. There were two young men looking at one of the places here for sale. They were asking very weird questions. I just thought they were being cautious but now this has happened, I'm inclined to think they may be worth looking at."

This could be good. I've always been a believer in someone's instinct after a crime. Sometimes the mind just takes over. I sit with him and try to get as detailed a description as possible.

"Would you be willing to get a police sketch artist to sit with you?" I ask.

"Anything." He says grinning.

"Thank you." I give Brass a call and he tells me he'll come collect his friend himself. I bid Pertan farewell, thanking him once more.

As I start the car my phone beeps. I smile as I open the message. 'No luck on ebay, unless you count the little present I bought you. Love you, C.'

I reply with, 'Thanks babe. Love you too.'

Okay so it's boring but as I already said, I'm not good at this.

"Hey there. You been in the break room yet?" Greg asks me. He's got that look in his eye like he knows a secret.

"No, just got back from Pertan's place, changing my top." I tell him.

He wiggles his eyebrows.

"I missed that? Damn."

"God Greg, cut it out," I say throwing a towel at him.

"Well I'd say you'd better go get a coffee," he says winking.

"Greg, just tell me, I know you're dying too." I say.

"Nope, sorry. I want to see the look on your face."

While I wouldn't admit it, he's got me very curious. I follow him but I swear if he turns around one more time grinning I may just hit him.

I'm about to tell him to cut it out when I see Warrick grinning at me.

"What's going on?" I ask a little frustrated.

"I could ask you the same question," Warrick says grinning.

On the table are a few bouquets of roses. Probably about four. I'm about to ask what the big deal is when I see Warrick waving a card addressed to me. I snatch it from him and he laughs.

"You got a boy sending you flowers? 50 red roses? Man he really must have messed up."

"First Catherine, now you? You both have your men trained," Greg says laughing when I shoot him daggers.

"So? Going to share with us?" Warrick jokes.

"No." I say firmly.

Warrick nods and pushes Greg out of the room.

My hand is shaking as I try to open the envelope. I'm not sure why, after all I assume they're from Catherine.

The card has a small heart on the front with my name in the middle of it. It's almost written in the same style calligraphy as the frame I gave Catherine with the lyrics of Push. I open the card and don't recognise the writing.

'My dearest Sara,

Time spent with you enriches my life. When we part I only wish to share these times with you; like Lindsay going on about her latest crush or her greatest score in a maths test to the simplicity of the sun setting and rising.

There have been times in our lives where we thought it was never going to happen – finding that person who walks the dark days alongside you just as faithfully as one does during the brighter periods. You have become part of me, something I can't live without for fear of feeling empty.

You once told me you'd never give up on me. I too will never give up on you. On us. Your love for me is the most powerful thing I've ever been entrusted with and I shall make everyday as purposeful for you as they have now become for me.

Loving you with all my heart,


I shouldn't cry in a room so open but the words, the sentiment it just hit me hard. I wipe them away before they hit the card and decide to look for Catherine.

Where can I put those flowers?

I decide on carrying them bunch by bunch into Catherine's office. I don't want everyone peering into the break room, touching them. They are mine. My own little slice of happiness.

The last bunch is resting safely on Catherine's desk when my phone rings. Flipping it open I hear Catherine's voice.

"Hi sexy," she purrs.

"Where are you?"

"About three minutes away from the lab."

I hang up and run to the car park.

She said three minutes right? It seems like an eternity before she parks and gets out of her car. I see her wide smile and it takes all my willpower not to run up and kiss her soundly on the lips.

"I love them," I say, standing in front of her.

"There's more," she whispers, touching the sleeve of my jacket.


"Okay," I say following her back in.

We get to her office and she smiles when she sees the flowers in her office.

"Wasn't sure of the safest place to put them," I say grinning.

"Sara, I have something to say and I've been trying to find the perfect atmosphere for it but I'm finding I'll just about burst if I don't try to say it now." Catherine says.

My heart rate escalated as she spoke. I tried to embrace her but she moved from me. Not a good sign.

"Please, just say it," I beg.

She hands me a blue suede box which fills my two hands. I'm very nervous as I run my fingers along the top.

"Don't open it yet. Let me speak." She commands.



My hands are visibly trembling as I wait for Catherine to compose herself. I know she's not proposing, the box is too big for that. Unless she's trying to make me think she's not proposing, in that case ... oh my head is hurting with all this!

"Cath? Baby you're scaring me," I tell her softly.

It seems to be enough to snap her back into action. She smiles slightly and touches my cheek.

"This is hard for me to say for fear of your answer," she says.

"You know I love your honesty. Just tell it from the heart," I say trying to encourage her.

"I have been thinking of this for a while now and I've always tried to make the perfect setting for it, to say it I mean. I guess it's okay to happen here simply due to the fact of this unconventional relationship."

I lean against the wall because I'm afraid I'll fall down soon. Catherine is sitting, we're separated by her desk and it's worrying me that she's breaking up with me or something. I want to talk, tell her to spit it out but my mouth is so dry I don't know if those words would even come out.

Her hands are wound together tightly, her eyes stare at them. No eye contact, that's not good is it?

She gets up so fast I am a little startled by the sound. Suddenly she's in front of me. Not touching but I can feel her breath.

"Sara Sidle, I have this enormous heart that swells whenever I'm near you or I'm thinking about you. Which, is all the time I might add. I can't seem to piece together the life I led without you in it without wondering how things would have turned out had you been there to live it with me."

She stops and looks up in to my eyes. I can see fear in them.

"Open it," she says softly.

I try to open it fast but my hands have become a little too sweaty and they fumble with it. Catherine laughs and helps me.

"Sara, I don't know how else to ask other than coming right out with it. Will you move in with me? Will you become part of the Willows household?"

I stare at the key in the middle of the soft velvet fabric until my eyes become so blurry I have to blink a few times to focus properly. I feel Catherine's finger life my chin up and I see she too is crying.


I realise I haven't answered her.

"Catherine, I uh..." my voice trails off and I see the flash of hurt in her eyes. I want to take her in my arms and reassure her but I'm frozen.

"It's not the right time," she says shaking her head.

It is the right time. Why am I only able to say things in my head?

"Sorry Sara, I got a little ahead of myself, ahead of us."

She's beating herself up and it's all for nothing. I would love to move in with her and Lindsay. It's something I've also thought about for a while now.

"Catherine I want ..."

She cuts me off this time waving her hand in front of her face.

"I'm sorry, look I've got to go."

She runs out of her office but I'm still here holding the key in my hand.

Damn it Sidle, go after her!

I searched every possible hiding place before I thought to ask the resident know-it-all, Greg Saunders. When he told me Catherine had left I knew I had wasted all that time. Every second away from Catherine when she was beating herself up for something was never a wise idea. It just gave her more opportunity to take back whatever it was and I didn't want her to do it.

I wanted her and Lindsay to view me as part of their family. I already did with the two of them. I don't think my poor heart could take it if Catherine misunderstood my stupid attack of stage fright for something bad.

I knew she'd be at her house, she always felt comfortable there. Parking in the street I bang on the door a few times until it dawns on me. I have a key.

Yeah, I'm pretty dense at times.

Opening the door and announcing myself I find that it feels kind of funny. I wonder if this will be the beginning of my new life. This house becoming my home.

Catherine is on her bed when I finally snap out of my trance and go look for her. She looks pretty ragged and I immediately come over to embrace her. She sinks into it, thankfully.

"I'm so sorry," we both say at once.

I know she wants to speak but this time it's my turn. I pull her up so we're both standing and smile that wide smile she's so fond of.

"I was a fool back in your office. My brain was to busy celebrating to realise it had to actually allow my mouth to do the talking."

I can see the hope in her eyes and I gently kiss her hands.

"Catherine Willows, I would love nothing more than to share this home with you and your daughter. I ache to wake up with you and make a big mess in the kitchen. I yearn for the time we can just sit on the couch or watch Lindsay's school plays together. I want to put my own money into this home instead of letting it sit in the bank. Put money away for Lindsay's future and spoil you so much you'll think everyday is our anniversary. Yes, Catherine, my answer is yes."

By the end of my impromptu speech Catherine is unbuttoning my top, her tears falling on my flesh as she places small kisses on my chest.

"Ah Cath?"

"Sshh, I want to do this for you. I want to show you in actions what I am feeling because my words aren't enough." She whispers.

As she licks my lip and pulls me in for a long sensual kiss I decide that I am in no position to argue with her logic.



My top is laying on the floor and my pants aren't far behind. Catherine has been kissing my body for what seems an age, missing all the spots that will speed up my arousal. She's driving all my senses crazy and I'm loving it.

She manages to push me onto the bed so she can pull my pants off. My hands are in her hair as she kisses me. Her tongue lashes out and I capture it in my mouth sucking on it until she breaks away.

"I love you so much Sara," she says as she takes her top off and throws it over her head. My hands are doing their best to get her pants off but they are trembling with so much passion it's not as swift as I would like.

Soon we both are naked. I'm not sure how it happened but I don't care to retrace my steps. I'm more than happy to be right in the present, with a naked Catherine crawling up my very naked and oh so turned on body.

Her kisses are getting closer to my throbbing core and as she nips at my thighs and I spread them as a result of it I catch my breath in anticipation.

"God I love you," she mumbles as she licks her tongue up my wet centre. I'm sure I've got a lot of moisture down there because my body is on fire. I am more than ready for her to enter inside me.

But she ignores my pleas both verbal and non verbal and sticks her tongue into my navel and licks a path up my trembling torso to my neck. Her tongue feels like heaven, soothing a little of the arousal yet also causing a whole new batch of it.

My hands are on her sides but she doesn't let me put them where I want. Everytime I get close to her beautiful breasts she moves them away. I know she's aroused, I can see it in her body. Her gently rocking and increased breathing pattern in her stomach.

"Please," I beg. I want to take those breasts in my hands and drive her as crazy as she's making me. I want to kiss her scar and praise the fact that she is with me.

"No, not yet," she whispers, not allowing any further talk, instead preferring to kiss me long and hard.

I ignore her and flick my hands across her hard nipples. She growls and grinds her core into my hip. I can feel her moisture and smile as she bites a little harder than she has when I do it again.

Suddenly she has hold of my wrists. She doesn't move them, just stills my hands. Her eyes bore into mine and I see a little concern in them.

I know what she's thinking and I simply nod, letting her know I'm okay with her being in control. A gentle kiss follows our silent communication and she pulls my arms up above my head.

I move one of my hands slightly so I'm now clasping one of hers with mine. She smiles and grinds her core into my hip again. Feeling how aroused she is only makes me hotter.

"God Catherine," I hiss as she flicks her tongue over both nipples. She breaks our hand hold and slides down to settle near my core. With one leg swung over my thigh she begins to slide up and down occasionally moving to the left slightly. The sight of her doing that brings a huge smile on my face but it's quickly replaced by a moan as Catherine's fingers touch my clit.

Her pace has slowed on my thigh but I don't really notice enough as she enters me with her tongue. She pulls out to enter two fingers in simultaneously. They plunge their way in deep and I feel so full. Catherine's mouth kisses my core and comes up to kiss my mouth. I can taste what she tastes and it excites me. I sit up, pulling Catherine a little off balance but she regains it and simply twists her fingers still inside me.

Soon I'm on my knees pumping up and down on her hand. I try to go slow but she is encouraging me to go faster, whispering in my ear, licking my lobe and twisting inside of me.

She pushes me back down and her fingers leave me. I want to yell at her, let her know I was so close but she just laughs knowing my sigh is of frustration. I pull on her nipples and she yelps.

"I can play too," I hiss as her knee hits my core.

"Oh poor baby," she says leaning into my hands. She cups me as her thumb flicks my clit. Her tongue soon joins her hand and she is flicking her tongue up and down my very aroused clit. Three fingers, maybe four are inside me bringing out a huge release.

I scream, what I'm not sure but I felt it rise from my stomach as I finally release my orgasm. Catherine's tongue is everywhere, lapping up my release and further teasing my clit. I almost feel like I'm floating and while I'm tired I don't want her to stop.

She leaves me finally after I have no more to give her. She presses a small kiss on my stomach as she straddles me. I watch her as her hand, glistening with my juices circles my nipples. She bends down to capture her fingers. I moan as she cleans them and my nipples almost in the same motion. God she's amazing.

I can't stand it anymore, I need her tongue inside my mouth. I pull her up and she's a little startled at the force behind it. I sit up and she slides off my torso. Soon we're both kneeling and kissing. My hands are pulling her two stunning ass cheeks closer to me. I feel her move her legs apart.

Our breasts rub together causing a new friction that I'm scared will bring on another orgasm from me. I'm so sensitive, my flesh seems to be aching just for Catherine's touch. No matter where.

I pull away, kissing her gently. She smiles, her hands in my hair massaging softly.

"You are totally amazing," I admit.

She just smiles.



God she's totally breathtaking. I can't believe that through the drunken days that have past I found Catherine. I expected to still be stumbling through the day with the weight of the world on my shoulders and no one to help carry it.

Where did this woman fall from? My angel, my saving light.

I run my hand down her face smiling as she kisses my hand.

"Where are you?" She whispers.

I bend down to kiss her.

"Here baby. Always."

I run my hand down to her core, knowing she's close to her own release. I tease her opening, slightly inserting two fingers in only to pull them back out again.

"God I love it when you make that noise," I say smiling as she moans again.

She opens her mouth to say something but I capture her lip in my teeth. Her tongue reaches out to enter my mouth but I pull away smiling when she lifts her head to try and follow me.

I kiss down her neck, taking her nipple in my mouth. I suck and bite on both of them until she pulls my head away. I see a few red marks and kiss them gently. My hair tickles her flesh and she giggles at the sensation.

I map her torso out paying special attention to her scar. I run my fingers along it looking into her eyes as I do it. She smiles and puts her own hand over mine. Pulling it up to her heart she whispers, "I love you."

Tears fall from my face and onto her stomach. I hug her firmly, content for a few seconds to simply hear her heartbeat.

"Baby, it's okay. I'm here." She says pulling me up. She wipes my face and kisses my lips softly.

"I want to be with you for the rest of our lives," I say solemnly. I know we never really talked about that in full but I mean it.

I don't let her answer because I don't want her to think she needs to say it all right now. Instead I lower my head and capture her clit in my mouth. My tongue begins to furiously flick it while my fingers enter her. I move my tongue away from her clit to join my fingers inside her warm walls. I don't want to leave her, I want to remain inside her. To taste her whenever I need to, to feel her as she releases herself.

It isn't too much longer before she orgasms. I can feel her heart rate decelerate gradually, her breathing return to a normal pace. I'm afraid to look up at her after my bold announcement. I don't want to see the terror of my words in her eyes.


I look up to see she's smiling.

"Don't be afraid about what I'll say Sara." She says softly.

"I can't help it. I said too much." I say ashamed.

"No, you can never say too much."

"I'm pushing it too quickly," I say. You'd think I'd be happy with the fact that I'll be living with her and Lindsay.

"Sara, if I could get out of this bed, if I had the energy I'd pick you up and twirl you in my arms like those ridiculously sappy Danielle Steele novels." Catherine says smiling.

"I'd like to see you do that," I joke.

She laughs and I feel it vibrate through her body.

"Sara, look at me," she says seriously. "I want us forever too. I want to be old and grey with you. I want people to know that we were each others soul mates, that we gave each other everything we had because we were in love. Fifteen years from now I want us to be on the lookout for someone good enough for our daughter or perhaps already sharing a family portrait with a grandchild. Twenty years from now I want to be joking about moving to Florida with you. Thirty years from now I want us to be wearing matching outfits. I want it all with you Sara."

I kiss Catherine only because I'm afraid my voice will only croak out a reply to that. Tears are welling in our eyes and we laugh.

"You really think we can stay together?" I ask worried.

"Yes, with all my heart." Catherine says. She looks right into my eyes and I believe her.

"One thing though," I say.

"What?" Catherine asks looking worried that she's said something wrong.

"I don't like Florida," I say smiling.

Catherine laughs and hugs me to her chest.

"Okay, no Florida, got it."

God I love this woman.

Part 80

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