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By Debbie

One carefully planned and scientifically precise equation, three strategically placed pieces of mistletoe, two appropriately placed feeding stations and one focal point, one carefully planned Christmas party, all the appropriate guests arrived and yet something wasn't quite right…

… Sara Sidle surveyed her living room and for the billionth time decided that everything was perfect, so why in Heavens wasn't her plan coming to fruition?

Glancing around the room from her vantage point near the kitchen door Sara saw that Catherine was talking to Gil over by the Christmas tree, point one on her triangulation plan. Now, if she could only time her walk to perfection she should meet her quarry under mistletoe two, somewhere between the drinks table and the nibbles table. Sighing she began to mingle with her other guests, all the time treading her by now well-worn path, to meet Gil under mistletoe three.

Once again, she sighed as her conversation with Gil followed its usual path.

"Hey Sara, I haven't seen you for a while, have I?"

"You see me every day."

"Yeah, well, um, see you later I need a word with Greg about some fire-ants."

Taking another look around her crowded living room she saw that Warrick and Nick were in deep conversation with Al Robbins. Now, if she could only time her walk to perfection she ought to meet her quarry under mistletoe one, somewhere between the Christmas tree and the nibbles table. Nodding to Jim Brass collecting a glass of flavored water, she smiled at his knowing acknowledgment of her drinks selection, and carried on her steady track, to meet Greg under mistletoe two.

Grimacing Sara pondered her next move as Greg smiled evilly and indicated upwards with his eyes.

"No way, Greg, go find another girl, you never know your luck."

"Do you think Mia would ever go out with me?"

"Yeah, just don't call it a date."

Chuckling at Greg's hurt look, she flipped him the bird and went on her way. Lindsey Willows was dancing with David Phillips, and Nick was chatting quietly with Sophia. Now, if she could only time her walk to perfection she really should meet her quarry right under mistletoe three, somewhere between the Christmas tree and the drinks table. Twirling Lindsey around as she passed by, she carried on her methodical pathway, to meet Warrick under mistletoe one.

Smiling up into dark ebony eyes she marveled at the beauty of this man compared to her own perceived plainness.

"Thanks for the invite, Sara. You had a good party?"

"Yeah, Warrick, I've had a great time. It's just, ah, nothing, the plans of mice and men, huh?"

"Just go for it, Sara, you'll be surprised."

Frozen to the spot at Warrick's as usual perceptive comment, she wondered aloud, "How's he do that?"

"I really don't know Sara; he just has the knack of knowing what we want. He'll make someone a perfect wife one day, I guess."

Spinning around, Sara Sidle came face-to-face with Catherine Willows and the two women shared a delighted laugh and a warm smile. Glancing upwards Sara groaned inwardly when she realized they were now standing under the glow of her beautiful Christmas tree, expertly decorated by a very excited Lindsey Willows earlier that very day. The young girl's mother waved her hand over the crowd and grinned. "You've got a happy crowd here, Sidle, well done. And thanks for involving Linds in the preparation, she adores you, you know?"

"Thanks Cath, I kinda like her too. It means a lot to have her around here. It gets a little lonely sometimes."

"Um yeah, I've been thinking about that, maybe you could join me in the kitchen and we could talk about meeting up, maybe as friends, maybe as…"

Sara missed Catherine's last few words as Grissom shouted over the voices to ask if he could change the music to something more suitable for dancing. Grinning at that unusual request she turned back around to see that Catherine was now leaning against her kitchen table, sipping a glass of white wine, and looking expectantly at Sara.

Shrugging her shoulders she entered the kitchen, only for Catherine to immediately walk straight past her. Confused, she heard the door of the kitchen being closed and felt Catherine come up behind her. A gentle hand grasped her shoulder and turned her around. Looking into Catherine's bright eyes, Sara Sidle was stunned by the gentle look of love and mirth that twinkled in the clear blue depths.

Sara felt Catherine reach behind her to lift something high above her head. Before she could react she was pulled into a mind-blowing kiss. As Catherine's tongue tasted the essence of Sara Sidle, Sara struggled to comprehend the emotion she was feeling in the kiss. Pulling back reluctantly she glanced upwards to see that Catherine was holding a small piece of mistletoe above their heads.

With a gentle chuckle Catherine whispered into Sara's ear, "I told you the human approach is much more effective Sidle, beats all that science jazz any day."

Leaning forward to finally snag her quarry under the mistletoe Sara Sidle had no intention of arguing the point.

The End

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