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By Nemesis

I've been into the shower three times already and I still feel as if I'm not clean. I managed to scare everybody away from me today. No wonder though, liquid man was really smelling bad. At least the smell scared officer 'I'm plenty tough' away and thus saving me from making another mistake. Men are all the same, but why do I keep dating them, when I'm really more into women. I can't even remember the last time I've been on a date with a woman, a man even, probably because I'm constantly lusting after Catherine. Thankfully I'm under the shower, so that the hot droplets from the shower will wash the wetness that is dripping from my core away. She is so hot and sexy. Every night I go to bed and am sexually frustrated. Taking manual control of the situation has worked for a while, but not anymore. The only option I've got left is to find myself a chick that looks exactly like Catherine since going after her is not an option. But her ass is just so tight and I can't wait to pinch them. She looks hot in her normal clothing, but whenever she gets into that jumpsuit I have to run to the bathroom and take care of myself. Why am I torturing myself so much? If I just try and not think about her maybe I can catch up on some much needed sleep.

I'm not aware that my hand has slipped between my legs until my brain registers the comforting feeling my hand generates. I'm slippery and I wonder what's dripping more my hand or the shower. Oh this feels so good. So by now I've totally forgotten about the shower and my other hands is pinching my breasts frantically while the one between my legs is pumping into my wet core and filling me. When you get horny one tends to forget about the things around you, making it all a big haze. And combining this with the fact that I'm in a public shower masturbating while on the clock, it's kind of like waiting till you get caught in an embarrassing situation. Like what that Murphy guy said 'everything that can go wrong, will go wrong'. Well that day has arrived. I'm forcefully pulled from my blissful moment when I hear somebody clearing her throat. No use in trying to pretend that you were just 'cleaning your core thoroughly', because she must have heard all the animalistic noises that I was undoubtedly making. I hope she'll be gone soon because I'm not turning around to face the person that caught me. If I don't know who it is then maybe it won't be that bad after all.

There's another thing people say. Something like 'when one thing goes wrong everything goes wrong'. Another thing goes wrong in my plans on ignoring that person, because I just heard the distinct sound of clothes falling to the ground. Oh shit she's coming into the shower. I'm really scared to find out who it is, but at the same time I'm curious whom it is and why she hadn't fled from the shower after seeing me. My curiosity wins and I take a quick peek over my shoulder. My heart breaks when is see Catherine with a devious grin on her face, a naked Catherine that is. It's a shame I can't touch myself when she's present, because the image she's providing of her naked and luscious body right now is working miracles for my libido. So far neither of us has spoken a word and I'm not complaining about that. Obviously the talking has been replaced by body language and I'm not sure if I can comprehend what her body is telling me. I know what her nipples are saying though; they are standing out like rock hard diamonds. I'm mesmerized by it and I'm blatantly staring at her beauty. I know she knows what's happening, no way in denying that. The silence is hanging heavy in the air, but both of us are reluctant to speak, afraid it might ruin the moment.

Eventually she's the one that make a first move, towards me nonetheless. We are still two feet apart and I desperately need to close the distance between us. My mind is clouded with lust and the only thing I can focus my attention on is Catherine. My hand that was just recently buried between my legs is now reaching out to her, snaking around her side and settles at the small of her back. I notice the small goosebumps that appeared the moment I put my hand there. Her breath is hitching just like mine is. Being the science nerd I'm not really into acting spontaneously. I always need to know that I'm in control and that means carefully planning the next move. But right now I don't care much for my own philosophy. All I can think about is Catherine and that I want to devour her body right here and now. With the hand behind her back I pull her towards me in a not so gentle manner. Her body slams into mine and her hands settle on either side of my head against the shower wall.

We're both breathing quite heavily right now and I can't wait to touch and taste her sweet lips. As if on cue we both move in and she tastes so sweet. My other hand has started massaging her ass and it's making her move erratic. Her pelvis is grinding against my leg smearing her juices all over my skin. I notice she's a biter when she's kissing me. I've always liked that in women. Ceasing my lips between her teeth, she's sucking the sensitive skin there and all I can do is whimper into her mouth. By now I'm roughly groping her firm ass cheeks. Pulling her further onto my thigh. Our nipples are now grinding against one another due to the change in position. My senses are overwhelming me especially when Catherine is finally letting her hands wander across my body. One hand captures my right nipple and the other is exploring the lower areas of my body. Fingers are twining with my pubic hair and I'm nearly going out of my mind. I desperately want to feel those digits inside of me.

She's doing everything she can to increase my torture, but suddenly she's inside of me, deep within me and exploring my core. I wanted to cry out but her consuming mouth prevents me from doing so. I can feel my climax approaching. My breathing and moaning are increasing. I think she really is able to read body language, because she's lowering herself onto her knees on the floor. Her mouth is eagerly sucking on my clit and licking my labia. Drinking from me like she is dehydrated. Her fingers have never left my core; in fact all of them are digging in even deeper into me reaching all the way up to the posterior fornix. I can't last out much longer even though I want to delight in this pleasure for eternity. I'm shaking and trembling once I've reached the top, but she doesn't let me come down from it. Her tongue is relentless and she keeps sucking and tucking me. My legs threaten to give way under the intense feeling, but just as abrupt as it has started it stopped.

She reaches up and gives me a long smoldering kiss before she turns around and exits the shower. I realize that all that has just transpired between us was done in verbal silence and I'm still at a loss for words to express all the things I'm feeling right now. I continue to stare at the exit while my body leans back against the shower wall. It takes me a while to come back to my senses, but eventually I can feel the water drops from the shower impacting on my skin again. I note that I'm unwilling to leave the shower, must be because I don't want to let go of the recent memory that was created here. Eventually I must get out of here and step back into the world again and pretend like nothing has happened between the two of us.

The End

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