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In A Tight Situation
By Wend


"Sara, wake up; come on I need you to wake up." Sara heard a soft female voice pleading for her to wake up. Her head felt like it was gonna explode.

"Oh, God! Did you get the number of the truck that hit me?" She groaned. Her senses still scrambled as she tried to soothe her head with her right hand but found that she was restrained. If she could just get the weight on her chest off she could maybe think more clearly. As she opened her eyes all she could make out were dark shapes and she started to panic. She was just about to start thrashing when she realised she could smell a familiar perfume. "Catherine?" she whispered hopefully.

"Sara, thank god! I thought you would never wake up!" Feeling a slender thigh slip between hers Sara gasped and her hips jerked as she felt Catherine moving on top of her.

Groaning softly Sara attempted to calm her now aroused body. "Umm, Cath, as much as I'm, err, enjoying this do you think you could just get off me for a minute?" Sara's voice took on a slightly desperate edge.

"I'm sorry, Sara, I can't. Don't you remember what happened?" Catherine continued to grind into Sara as she moved to get more comfortable. She suddenly became aware of Sara's breathing increasing and the heat of the body below her permeating through her clothes.

"What do you mean, you can't? Sara said through gritted teeth, her body held tensely beneath the small blond currently driving her into a lust filled haze as their bodies moulded together. "Why can't I move my hands? Just what the hell is going on?" She growled low and deep in her chest.

Catherine sighed and straddled Sara's stomach before sitting up carefully trying not to pull on the younger woman's arms, Catherine's hands were cuffed behind her and Sara's were cuffed to Catherine's. She knew Sara had a head injury and was concerned that she couldn't remember what had happened.

With Catherine gingerly sitting astride her stomach Sara swallowed hard as her body responded to the sexy blonde's position. "Why don't you tell me what happened, why my head feels like I've been hit by a sledge hammer and..." She felt the metal cuffs around her wrists for the first time and felt the same on Catherine's. "Why we seem to be handcuffed together?" She tensed her stomach and sat up a little, dislodging the older woman who moved back to sit astride her lap.

"Ok, what do you remember about tonight?" Catherine said quietly.

"Umm, we were partnered up on a B & E. stolen jewellery and bond certificates from a safe. The scene was cleared by the local beat cops before we arrived and they got called out on another scene. I was dusting the door handle for prints and you were taking the crime scene pictures." She frowned. "Then everything goes a bit hazy from there."

"Well, looks like they didn't clear the property very well because I heard you call out as two men appeared and, while you struggled with one, the other slugged you from behind with the butt of his pistol. They dragged you over to me and used some handcuffs, which I'm assuming they purloined off those dam beat cops, to cuff us together." Catherine's voice petered out; she didn't mention that the men had laughed evilly at the position they were left in and sneered that it was a shame they couldn't stay and watch the two women give them a show. Now, Catherine was grateful for the darkness of the closet which the men had locked them in before making their escape, as she was sure her face was beetroot red with desire for the younger woman. Catherine's body was aroused from having to lie on top of Sara since they'd been locked together. Sara's firm body easily took Catherine's slight weight and, as she could do nothing about getting help, Catherine had laid her head down on her chest and listened to the strong heartbeat until she felt Sara start to stir.

Sara growled as she remembered that the patrolmen had arrogantly assured her that the place was clean and not to question their work. The older patrolman had actually sneered as he spat out that they had to roll on another nearby call.

"Sara?" Catherine said as the sound of Sara growling sent a shiver down her spine.

"Those fucking assholes, wait till we get loose, I'm gonna remove their balls with a spoon." Sara was steaming mad with anger. Her body flexed against Catherine's as she sat bolt upright and she almost missed the tiny moan escaping the older woman's lips.

Catherine felt Sara's firm body tense as she sat up and, as she was wearing her ever present tank top in the heat of the Vegas night, she felt Sara's hot breath wash over the exposed skin of her chest. Unconsciously, she leaned closer and tilted her head. "Goddess Sara, it turns me on so much when you get all butch." Catherine almost purred as she closed the gap between the two women and captured Sara's lips in a passionate kiss.

Stunned, Sara could not help but moan as she felt Catherine's soft lips settle over hers and her lips parted as the blonde's insistent tongue plundered her mouth. Sara sat passive for a second before the reality of the moment caught up with her and she kissed Catherine back with equal passion and need.

The two women broke apart breathing heavily as they heard a noise outside and then sagged in relief as they heard Sofia call outside the door.

"Hey, Sofia, we're in here!" Sara called out as Catherine buried her head in Sara's neck.

The lock was turned and the door opened to let in the light showing an outline of the blonde detective. "Whoa! Umm, do you guy's want a few more minutes alone?" Sofia said as she took in the bound women's position.

"Do you have your lock picks on you? We really need to get out of these and catch the bastards who hit Sara!" Catherine growled tiredly from her safe haven in Sara's embrace, her face still sheltered in Sara's throat, not willing to face the amused detective.

"Oh, I don't know, Catherine, you and Sara look real comfy," Sofia said gesturing to Sara's hands still cupping the delectable rear end of the hiding blonde astride her lap.

Sara's hands flexed slightly in surprise, as if she wasn't aware of their placement while Catherine groaned and rolled her hips into Sara again as she felt the strong hands on her butt grip a little tighter.

"Jeez, Sara, can't you wait to get your woman alone before you put the moves on her?" Sofia teased. Crouching down, Sofia worked quickly on the locks to the cuffs and stepped out of the closet to allow the women freedom.

Punching her lightly on the arm, Catherine stood between the two taller women and snapped at the chuckling detective, "I swear you took your time getting us out of there! Where's the lunkheads who assured us that they'd cleared this place? I want their badges! This is the second time it's happened in a year and it's not fucking acceptable!"

A pair of strong arms circled her waist and pulled her gently back into Sara's firm body. "Whoa, Cath, let Sofia speak," a husky voice whispered into her ear sending another shiver down the older woman's spine.

"We actually caught the 'perps' half a block from here, they were about to break into a car with the stuff they took from here. The funny thing is the car they were gonna take was an off-duty Officer from my precinct. She had them both in custody and blabbing like babies. I was cruising by, heard the tale, and rushed, I'll have you know, to rescue you." Sofia chuckled at the memory of the two men sitting on the sidewalk cowering from the diminutive Officer who looked harmless but could easily take the two grown men down. "As for those bonehead cops who 'cleared' the scene, Brass is already riding their asses. He radioed that he'd found them in the Dunkin Donuts on the strip."

Sara tightened her arms around the now tensed blonde and held on as she heard an impressive growl escape her throat. "Hey, calm down, Jim will throw the book at the jerks and we have the 'perps' for the B & E. It's been a good night, really." Sara tried to calm her angry colleague.

Catherine turned with an incredulous look on her face. "A good night, we…"

Sara interrupted quickly, determined to make it into a good night, she asked a question she'd been desperate to ask since waking from her stone cold stupor, "Catherine, will you please go to dinner with me, tonight?"

"Let me g…What?" Catherine's struggles stopped dead. She spun round in Sara's arms and her eyes searched the younger woman's, hoping she had heard right. "Did you just ask me on a date- without the boys, right; just you and me?" Catherine asked as she swayed closer to Sara's soft lips.

Nodding, Sara leant down and kissed Catherine passionately as her hands found the blonde's sexy ass once more.

"Well, umm. On that note, I guess I'll wait outside for you two to finish your…Whatever," Sofia muttered to herself and slipped her cell from her belt dialling her own sexy brunette. "Hey, Wendy, I just wanted to say I'll be bringing home the cuffs to play with tonight… both sets." She grinned as she heard an answering growl from the phone.

The End

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