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Leaving Evidence
By mirage


Sometimes when Sofia Curtis couldn't sleep she liked to watch at her lover. In the light of the few sunrays that filtered through the blinds, her gaze followed the slow rise and fall of the brunette's back, making sure that she was alright. Only when as close as now she was able to make out the small freckles that covered her skin; the sheer quantity of them amazing her every time. When unable to sleep she liked to count them, never being able to collect the exact number.

It had been on a day like this, at the number 234 that she had noticed a faint scar. Once knowing what she was searching for, she was shocked to find out how much she had missed till then.

She knew that Sara's childhood hadn't been easy, but other than that the other woman had stayed silent. It was ironic, asleep with her back to her, Sara revealed more about her past than she did awake. It sickened her to think of the hands that had harmed the tender skin, leaving their marks on it.

Sofia leaned closer, her hands gliding over the bar skin in front of her, eager to cover every single inch. Soon fingers weren't enough as her lips and tongue joined them on their mission to erase the memory of the older touches, replacing them with love and care.

If someday they invented a fingerprint powder that would be able to get fingerprints from skin, Sofia wanted to ensure that her touches were the only one they would find on Sara.

The End

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