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The Lone Wolf
By Physco Wolf


Sara's POV

I'm known as a lone wolf. Every so often one will come along in each pack. I just happen to be the one. Craving the pain that comes and acting alone. I come home from work and do the same routine over and over. Drink till I pass out, cut myself, take a shower, and then go back to work. The wolf inside me cries at the moon with empty eyes and a hurt soul. At work no one notices and I'm glad. I hate the thought of having to talk out my problems with anyone especially one of the guys or Catherine.

Right now I'm sitting in my chair in my empty living room waiting for my cab. I'm slightly drunk and I don't want to risk getting arrested. I have to resist the bottle sitting in front of me and that's easier said than done. I can't help but think where the hell my cab is, the stupid thing was supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago. If the damn cab doesn't show in five minutes I'll walk.

Ok it's been five minutes it still hasn't shown so I'm walking now. I grab my keys and wallet and head out the door making sure that it's locked. Wearing black today wasn't a good idea, it's like two hundred degrees out here! By the time I get to the lab my tank top will be drenched in sweat along with my pants. I haven't even walked that far and it feels like I'm in the dessert.

I'm coming close to the school and I see Lindsey talking with a group of her friends. She looks just like her mother I swear. I've only seen her once or twice around the labs so I'm sure she doesn't know who I am. I walk past the school and I'm now half way to the lab. My whole body is drenched in sweat and the first thing I'm going to do when I get to the lab is shower and change my clothes. Man I hate Las Vegas, it's seven thirty in the morning and it's hotter than hell. I think I should move to Alaska.

It's been about twenty minutes and I'm now just entering the lab. I can feel the change in temperature and let a small sigh of relief escape from my mouth. I walk straight into the locker room and see Nick, Warrick, and Catherine in. Great. The last thing I want is to listen about football, and dates. As usual I'm ignored and thank god for that. I hear Warrick and Nick talking about football and Catherine's humming a song to herself and I know that she's got a date tonight, she does that whenever she's got one.

My locker pops open and I grab the black clothes that are in it and walk towards a private area so no one will see the scars that cover my body. A shower's out of the question since I've only got five minutes till shift starts. I'm busy pulling the drenched shirt off my body and feel a soft hand on my stomach where fresh wounds lay. "My God Sara." I instantly recognize that voice. Catherine. I can't speak. She was supposed to ignore me and not come back to the farthest part of the locker room. This wasn't how things were supposed to go. Her hand does feel nice though, yeah nice and warm. "What happened to you?" I'm still not able to speak I'm in shock. Just say that it was a bike accident. "A bike accident." I mumble. I have to get her hand off me now.

I jerk my body away from her hand and I see the hurt flash across her face. I quickly throw my shirt on and walk past her. I feel her hand on my shoulder and she pulls me back towards her. I'm not liking this. "I don't think so, God Sara these cuts are infected." She lifts up my shirt and looks at the wounds again. I pull it back down and take a step away from her. "They're fine." I definitely don't like where this is going. She takes another step towards me and lifts my shirt up over my head. "You need to clean them now." My head's saying don't let her touch you but my body is enjoying the contact. Come to think of it I haven't had any physical contact with any one in a long long time. That explains why.

"Sara you stay right there and don't move, I'll be right back." I watch as she leaves and stare at locker in front of me. A million thoughts are going through my head and I want to run some where anywhere but here and forget what just happened. I can't let her touch me again. It's something I'm not familiar with. The wolf inside me tells me to stay and let her touch me but, I don't know I want to but I don't and it's driving me nuts! No I gotta get up and go if she finds out that I'm cutting myself and drinking I'll get sent straight to the looney bin.

Just as I'm about to get up Catherine walks back in with bandages and rubbing alcohol. I think she's going a bit extreme here. "Hold still, this will sting a little." I watch as she pours the rubbing alcohol on a wash cloth. Her hand is resting on my knee while she dabs at one of my wounds and the pain that shoots up from it is familiar and calms me but her touch isn't familiar. You're craving her touch. No don't listen to the wolf in you. Just ignore it focus on the pain. I can't! Her hand is resting on my knee and it feels nice!

This is just too much. I stand up and walk away from Catherine staring down at the ground. I'm just so confused right now. "Sara?" Her voice is soothing. No! It's not supposed to be soothing! It's supposed to be harsh and rude! I feel her hand on my cheek and find myself leaning into her touch. I can't stop myself! It just feels so damn good! What the! She's wrapping her arms around my waist! No Sara don't you dare wrap your arms around her! Too late my arms are wrapped around her and my fingers are playing in her curly hair.

Shit, I'm in deep shit. She pulls away from me and I can't bare to look at her. She lifts my head up with her finger and looks straight into my eyes. "What you are doing isn't healthy." I know she's talking about the cutting I'm not sure about the drinking, my eyes might still be a little blood shot and my pupils might be a little dilated. "Sara you're lost and I'm going to help you. With anything." I don't want to believe her words but I am. She grasps my hand pulls me closer to her. Her lips gently brush across mine and I finally snap. I need to feel her, taste her. This is the just the beginning...

The End

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