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Clinging to the Lie
By ralst


"I'm in love with Grissom."

Sofia's eyes close and I can feel her withdraw even though she doesn't move. For that one, brief moment she is as vulnerable as a child; her hopes and dreams plainly written on her down turned face.

"I've been in love with him for a long time."

Her arms wrap comfortingly around her middle, the slightest hint of a nod the only sign that she's heard me. In a moment she will turn and walk away, and I will have lost my only chance at the life she offers.

"He's a good man."

When it comes, her nod is more emphatic, agreeing without equivocation. I almost wish she'd disagreed; pleading his case would be easy, even though I'm no longer able to imbue the level of adoration I once could.

"He's safe."

The truth works its way past the lies. She smiles and now I'm the one who wants to run. My safe haven of unavailable men begins to crumble and I am left with little to protect me.

With an air of solemn understanding, she reaches forward and gently brushes her hand against my cheek. My eyes flutter closed.

"I'm not safe," Sofia whispers.

Her kiss, when it comes, is both gentle and sure.

Sofia's right; she's not safe - but she's not a lie, either.

The End

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