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Not a Good Day to Die
By Ann


One hour left in the shift and I get called out on a smash and grab, lucky me. Normally, I welcome anything to keep from going back to my lonely existence; however, after working overtime four times this week, I am in desperate need of some sleep. Caffeine is no longer a viable option. When I finish this scene, I am securing the evidence and heading home.

I arrive at the jewelry store and retrieve my kit from the back of the Denali. Making my way toward the door, I spot Sofia speaking to the apparent owner. He is gesturing wildly and appears to be making all sorts of accusations. I'm just glad I only have to collect evidence on this one. I quickly put on my gloves and move to the smashed case.

Noting the intact adjacent cases, I begin to fingerprint the tops. Sometimes a perp will place his hand on the unbroken case when reaching in. Of course, all the prints from potential customers are located on the glass as well. I look over to see Sofia has finally calmed the owner. I wish I had her skill with people. The guy would probably still be yelling if I were interviewing him. I shake my head as I continue to process the case.

Engrossed in my work, I barely notice shouts coming from my left. I turn to see the owner pointing a gun at someone by the door. Sofia steps slowly toward him as she speaks in a calm voice. "Mr. Juarez, please put the gun down before someone gets hurt. If you suspect the gentleman at the door, I will take him to headquarters and question him. Let me do my job."

Enraged, Mr. Juarez yells "That bastard took my diamonds. I know it was him. He is going to pay for what he did." He levels the gun at the man as Sofia reaches out to wrestle it away. After what seems like minutes, the echo of gunfire is heard. Sofia has finally secured the gun, but all of a sudden I am having difficulty breathing and why does my chest hurt so badly?

I rub the area and look down to try to discover the reason for my pain. Bringing my hand to eye level, all I see is red. What the hell? I immediately look over at Sofia who is staring back at me with a shocked expression. My knees give out and I collapse to the floor as I hear Sofia call out my name.

Shit. I can't lift my arms and it feels as if someone is sitting on my chest. Closing my eyes, I concentrate on my breathing. I have to keep breathing. I don't want to die. Please God, don't let me die.

Sofia's voice breaks through my praying thoughts. "Sara, open your eyes and look at me. C'mon you can do it. Just open your eyes." With great effort, I am finally able to look up at her. Her hands are on my chest applying pressure and her eyes are full of tears. I want to tell her not to cry, but I can't seem to speak.

I continue to gaze into her eyes as she pleads with me. "Sara, the paramedics will be here soon. You have to stay with me. Keep your eyes open and stay awake." God, she is so beautiful. I wish I had taken a chance with her, but I was too afraid of rejection. I always thought I would have plenty of time to build up the courage to ask her out. At least I can take the image of her face with me when I go.

What they say is true about imminent death. My life flashes before me like one of those old family movies. I see my tragic childhood, my first crush, and all my failed relationships. My one true regret in this miserable life is looking directly into my eyes pleading for me to hang on.

My breathing is becoming more erratic, and I can clearly see the fear in Sofia's eyes. I hate that I am the reason for her distress. I just wish there was some way I could convey my thoughts to her. She leans down and softly kisses my lips as I close my eyes accepting my fate. I savor the feel of her lips against mine, my final touch with humanity.

As I begin to fade, Sofia whispers in my ear, "Sara, please stay with me. We have so many things yet to do. I want to dance with you. I want us to laze around and watch movies. I want to watch the sunrise in your arms. Please don't leave me."

With tremendous effort, I force my eyes open and slowly turn my head. Sofia caresses my face as I take a few raspy breaths and whisper "I want those things too." Sofia smiles at me as the paramedics kneel by my side. With professional efficiency, an oxygen mask is placed on my mouth and nose and an IV placed in my hand. I feel a burning sensation on my left side as something is inserted between my ribs. My breathing immediately improves as I am placed on a gurney and rolled to the ambulance.

Sofia jogs alongside holding my hand only releasing it when I am lifted into the ambulance. As the doors slam shut, Sofia sits by my side and softly strokes my hair. Bringing my hand to her lips, she gently kisses it.

I keep eye contact with her until we reach the hospital. There is no way I'm dying today. I have too much to live for.

The End

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