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SPOILER: Got Murder?
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Novellus Expertus
By Amy Jo

Part 1

You ever have one of those days where you wake up and know that something incredible will happen sometime that day? Where you wake up you just know that today is going to change your life? Today is that kind of day for me.

I wake up tangled in my bed sheets. I am sweating and my pulse is racing. I am vaguely aware that my dreams were sensual and erotic, but I have no memory of them. All I remember is splashes of color; blues and yellows and reds. An abstract painting of primary colors. Before I can put too much thought into my dream and at least figure out why it felt so sensual, all memory of it is gone.

Somehow I know that today is going to be different. For some reason that I can't figure out, I feel amazing today. Like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Mentally, my brain is telling me that there is no rational explanation for why I feel so good. Today, I'm not bothering to listen that logical part of my brain that usually runs my life. I mean, fuck it, I feel good and I'm just going to ride the wave and see where it takes me.

I was so right. Today is definitely different. At work, Grissom and Catherine tell Nick and I how some bird watchers had found a raven holding a human eye in it's beak. Unusual. Grissom and Catherine have put a few things together already and then it's back to normal for a little while, as Catherine, Nick and I head off to the Pendale Landfill to hopefully find the body that belongs to they eyeball.

Catherine finds a leg and I come across the torso not far away. I silently wonder why it is that so many murderers think they can just throw away the body like so much garbage. We may not catch every murder, may not find every dead body, but to throw someone away as if they were trash. It happens all the time. Bodies in landfills, bodies in dumpsters, hell we've found bodies in the garbage cans at peoples' homes. Awful.

We pick around the surrounding garbage, trying to find the rest of our victim. In the end we take some of the surrounding garbage with us and leave the landfill without having found the arms, or the other leg. Nick and I sort through the garbage back at the lab and it leads us to a specific neighborhood. The three of us are out again, this time inspecting the garbage cans of homeowners looking for blood.

The search narrows and soon we are looking at just one house. We are all pretty sure that something nasty happened here, but we just don't know what. Our victim is from Texas, with seemingly no connection to Vegas, or this house. Back to the lab.

At the lab I realize, much to my dismay, that I still smell faintly of garbage. I had showered earlier when we came back from the landfill and now I head downstairs and shower again. Not long after I got to Vegas I discovered that, much like the San Francisco Coroner's office I worked in, the Vegas Coroner had shower facilities for employees. Thankfully no one really keeps track of who comes and goes down here. As long as you have a badge that gives you authority to be there in the first place, they don't really care where you go.

I use this to my advantage and have showered here numerous times over the past few years. Sometimes you just can't wait to go home and shower, sometimes it needs to be done right away. Which is how I feel now, as I still smell like garbage.

Clean again, I head upstairs to the garage and help Nick as he works on the car. The car isn't much help, but Nick does find a print on the steering wheel. I don't hold out much hope for the print. We already know whose car it is, and chances are pretty good the print will be hers, especially considering the car was found at the hotel the victim was staying at. It's a good possibility that no one else drove the car.

Sometimes it's good to be wrong. Our print comes back as belonging to a Kelly Easton. Which has to be more than a coincidence considering the house that our garbage can belongs to is Daniel Easton. We all knew something happened there, now we have a better chance of figuring it out.

Catherine, Nick and I head out to the house on Storm Cloud Lane. In the master bedroom we find panties that obviously do not belong to Daniel. Catherine finds hairs under the covers of Daniel's bed. She also finds an expensive bracelet in the daughter's bedroom. In the kitchen I find blood stains on the floor and an empty space on the wall where it appears a frying pan should be. I remember finding a frying pan at the landfill that looks like it would match the set in the kitchen. Nick finds hairs in the chest freezer that could belong to the victim.

The family is brought in for questioning. Brass thinks Daniel killed his wife after she came back to him. She had left almost five years ago and apparently just showed up again a few weeks ago. Had it been another few weeks before she came back and Daniel could have cashed in on the life insurance policy.

Catherine finds out from Greg that the pubic hairs she found in the were the daughter's and not the victim's. As if this weren't bad enough, when Catherine talks with the daughter, the daughter starts lactating. Catherine nearly loses it when she confronts the father about the pregnancy.

Again I am reminded that somehow I knew today would be different. Normally I am the one on a rage, not Catherine. She is almost always the calmer of the two of us. I barely suppress an urge to pull Catherine out of the interrogation room when she goes off on the father. But then again, I'm just as pissed as she is, so I leave her in there. Catherine takes the girl to the hospital for an exam. This case enters all new kinds of weird in my book.

I stop in the lounge to grab an apple and I find Catherine sitting there reading a book. Before I completely enter the room, I notice for the first time today that Catherine has changed her hair. It looks good. A little more blonde, and very curly instead of straight. The curls frame her face and the blonde really brings out the blue in her eyes. I grab my snack and sit down next her.

She is reading what appears to be a large medical reference book of some sort. She is focused and concentrating and does not notice that I appear to be staring at her. I notice more about her she focuses on the book in front of her. The light blue shirt she is wearing, combined with the lighter shade of her hair really brings out her eyes. They practically sparkle back at me as she turns to look at me. I quickly avert my eyes, but I'm pretty sure she must have noticed the intensity of my stare.

I knew today would be different, but why did it have to be today that I notice how amazingly beautiful she is? Why does it have to be today that I decide to recognize my attraction to her? I am altogether too close to her now and I try to concentrate as she talks to me about imagined pregnancies.

I'm honestly not paying attention. At least, not to what Catherine is saying. I am paying attention to her though. I munch on my apple and risk another look at her. Yep. That would be lust I am feeling. The burning of fire through my veins that settles in the pit of my stomach. I notice as I look at her that she has the top three buttons of her blouse undone. And from the angle I'm sitting at, with the slight advantage of me being a little taller than her, I can see the slight curve of her breast and the darkened valley of her cleavage. Oh God.

I nearly shoot out of my chair as my body reacts. Suddenly my entire body is on fire and I feel the fierce need to lean over and kiss her. I have always recognized Catherine's beauty and grace. But until today I have never wanted her. Until today I never felt the need to touch her or kiss her or know every part of her. Today has indeed changed my life.

That she is a woman is not a concern. I fell in love with a woman once, and I'm seriously thinking it might be happening again. But this is Catherine. My coworker. This is someone that I absolutely cannot have these feelings for. It is a bad idea. It is beyond a bad idea. But I can't seem to convince myself. I still feel the burn of desire.

Nick, thank God, breaks my thoughts when he pops in with pictures of the top we found at the dump and Catherine heads out to talk with the daughter. I am in desperate need of solitude to shake my thoughts and convince myself of what a bad idea this is. I wander off to my office still absently chewing on my apple.

Since I am still on-the-clock, I leave the door to my office open and pretend to be doing paperwork. Actually what I am doing is trying to not fantasize about Catherine. I really think it has been too long since I last had sex because all I did was catch a glimpse of the inside of her shirt and now body is overheating. My brain is overloaded with thoughts and desires that are not going away.

I cower in my office, hiding behind my paperwork. I cannot deal with the thoughts running through my head right now, most of which I must admit I rather enjoy. But they are definitely not the type of thoughts I should be having at work and especially not about her. Much to my surprise I find out that shift is now over. I must have spent at least an hour staring at the papers on my desk. Lost in my own fantasies. I know that Catherine is closing our case, talking with Brass and the daughter, and I hope that she is either gone, or still in the interview room. I'm not sure I can face her right now.

But, damn the luck, just as I get halfway across my office, there she is standing in the doorway. She steps in and closes the door behind her. Before I can really ask her what's going on, she is right in front of me. I barely get a chance to breathe before I feel her lips on mine.

I am so confused by her actions. I have never known Catherine to act like this. My brain is silently asking her questions, but my body's reaction is much different. I am kissing her back forcefully as my hands busy themselves in her hair, holding her to me. I can feel Catherine's tongue against my lips. I am tempted to deny her, to pull away, to just tease her and see where we will go from here. But I cannot deny her, or myself. I want this so bad I can feel it in every nerve of my body.

I part my lips and our tongues meet in the middle. Her tongue is soft and persistent as she forces her way into my mouth. I let her control the kiss for a moment before I take control and push my tongue past her lips. My desire for her is just barely controlled, and I slip one hand under the hem of her shirt.

She wraps her arms around my waist and moans. The sound itself is so sexy that I feel myself pull her even closer to me. I pull my lips away from hers and almost instantly regret the action. Until her head leans back a little and I place my lips on her neck. I devour her neck with more hunger than I've ever known. Both of my hands play at the bottom of her shirt and as my fingers lightly tickle the skin there, I feel her moan vibrate through her throat and into my lips.

Some part of my brain snaps back to reality and I am suddenly aware of where we are and what we are doing. I leave my hands under her top, but pull my lips away from her delicious skin. I hold her close and listen to her erratic breathing as my fingers trail across the skin of her back and sides. I don't want to ruin anything, but I have to know why she came in here.

"Umm. Catherine?"

For a while, she doesn't respond. She curls into me and lays her head on my chest, just under my chin. The closeness is nearly unbearable to my over-excited nerves. Nearly. When she does respond it is mumbled into my chest. Oh how I like having her right there.

"Did you need something?" I'm not sure I could have smiled any bigger than when I asked her this question.

"Huh?" Catherine moves and looks at me. Her hair is just a little tousled from where my hands were, and her lips are rosy and flush. I feel the urge to kiss her again.

"Did you need something?" I ask again. "It's not like you to come in here and kiss me, not that I'm complaining mind you, but is there any other reason for you to be here right now?"

"No." As if this answer would explain everything. I want to know more, but I decide not ask and to just go with my feelings and not my thoughts. A new experience for me.

"OK." I push her lightly away from me. I grab one hand and pull her towards y office door. Before I open the door, I turn and face her. "I really like this shirt." I say as I dip my head and kiss that spot of flesh I have been thinking about since we were in the break room.

"I thought you would." I hear her mumble as we head out into the Las Vegas morning together.

Part 2

Catherine and I walk out of the building in silence. I know that if I could look in a mirror right now, the look on my face would be some mix of complete happiness and utter fear. Her kiss has captivated me and I will follow her anywhere. My brain is screaming at me to figure out what is going on between the two of us. To at least make her tell me why she kissed me.

But I'm just glad that she did. For now that will have to be good enough. At the thought of the kiss we shared just minutes ago, my hand comes up to my face and traces my lips, still slightly swollen from the force of the kiss. My mind is reeling with possibilities and what this could mean for us, both good and bad.

I force the thoughts out of my brain. Today is a day for feeling, not logic. Body over mind. The arguments rage in my head as my body follows Catherine toward her car and we leave work for a destination unknown to me. I don't know where we are driving, and frankly I don't care.

I can't help but stare at Catherine as she drives. I don't really know what to say to her, so I stay quiet. She looks amazing. With today's revelation that I am attracted to her, I can't help but notice just how gorgeous she really is. She is completely focused on her driving and the only indication she even notices me right now is that she is smiling bigger than I've ever seen before. And gripping the steering wheel until her knuckles turn white as my hand drifts up and down the inside of her thigh.

We pull up in the driveway of a house that looks live every other house on the street that we are on. I think that we are at Catherine's place, but since I haven't been here before I don't really know. Catherine cuts the engine and I am forced to break our contact as we get out of the car. I follow her into the house a little wary of what will happen next.

"Coffee?" She speaks for the first time since we were in my office. Her voice is deeper than I'm used to, and as I look carefully into her eyes I see many different emotions dancing behind the hypnotic blue.

"Absolutely." I answer automatically. Coffee is definitely a weakness of mine. She heads toward the kitchen and I follow, not entirely sure of what else to do with myself. I watch from the doorway, leaning against the frame. She gets the coffee started and walks over to me.

"We've got a couple minutes." She says before she places her lips on mine and takes away my ability to think and breathe. She wraps her arms around me and pulls me close. Catherine is a lot stronger than I would have thought, because her grip on me is such that no matter how hard I tried, I would never be able to get out of her embrace. Not that I want to.

Her hands slip under my shirt, and I feel her touch for the first time. I want to scream in delight, but I'm so busy kissing her that the only thing I can manage is something of a squeak. I squirm against her touch, wanting more and less at the same time. The combination of her kiss and her touch is overwhelming. I can't focus on one or the other and my brain is reeling form the sensations.

She continues to hold me tight even as her lips leave mine. I am convinced there is no better place to be than right here. She has me wrapped tightly in her arms and she lowers her head to my shoulder. My hands roam freely up and down her back as I listen to her labored breathing with a small rush of pride. I did that to her. I made her breathless.

Her breathing slowly returns to normal, and she pulls slightly away from me. When she looks up at me I notice that her blue eyes have now turned a smoky gray. I stare into her eyes, lost and trying to figure out what she is thinking. A mischievous smile appears on her face just as I lower my lips to hers to kiss her again. She unwraps her arms from my waist and walks away from me, leaving me wanting.

Catherine begins reaching for the coffee, but I walk into the kitchen and pull her hand away. She turns to me, startled at my actions. I can't help it. I want to kiss her, and I'm going to. I woke up today knowing that this would be the day that changes the rest of my life. And right now, I'm going to make that happen.

I grab both of her hands and place them on my hips. My hands are dying to play with her now curly hair. I let them do just that. With a little pressure to the back of her skull our lips are pressed together again. I waste no time in getting her to open her mouth to me. We've shared the gentle kisses that express emotion. This kiss is to express my desire and lust for her, not how much I love her.

The forceful approach I've taken works in my favor. I feel her fingers tighten on my hips and her lower body is gently moving into mine. I move my hands to the buttons of her shirt. I undo each button slowly, giving her time to pull away if I've suddenly moved faster than she wants to go. When I meet no resistance, soon her top is open and exposing more of her beautiful skin to me. I nearly growl in predatory lust as I finally get to touch the skin that I was so eagerly daydreaming about earlier.

Still locked in a heated kiss, she moves harder and faster against me, slowly moving us backwards until we bump into a counter. She grinds her body into all the right places and I'm soon breathless with my need to know more of her. To touch and kiss more of her. She moves her hands from my hips and slides them under my shirt again. I try not to focus on what she is doing; I try to keep my mind centered on the things I want to do to her.

I want to keep kissing her, but I must breathe and my breaths are too ragged to continue. I pull back from her for an instant and lean my forehead against hers. Her hands are at my sides sliding slowly upward and taking my shirt with them. Soon I'm moving to make it easier for her remove the garment. I like her shirt, and she is even sexier with it unbuttoned all the way, standing before me with her shirt open. I lean forward to nip at her ear as I whisper to her.

"You're so goddamn sexy like this." My voice is so low that I'm not even sure that I'm actually speaking to her. I have never wanted anyone as much as I want her right now. My hands move across her torso eventually moving upwards to her breasts. I cup one in my hand and lightly run my across her nipple. Catherine's body grinds harder into me as I continue the motion of my thumb.

I turn my head to her and kiss her again. I lose myself in the feel of her body pressed against mine. She pulls away from me, just far enough to slip the straps of my bra down my arm. A small part of my brain wonders how she managed to undue the clasps without my noticing.

I am aware that I'm now standing before her completely topless. I watch her as she stares in open appreciation at me. My blood boils under the heat of her gaze. I reach for her hands and lean forward to her ear. "Show me where your bed is. Please."

And she only looks at me for second before she pulls me down the hall. The bedroom door shuts behind me and soon I find myself underneath her on the bed. I like this side of her. She slowly removes my remaining clothes. I could have made it easier on her, but I distracted her often with kisses and my own attempts to remove her shirt and bra. It takes a little while, but soon we're both naked, and when she presses her body into mine the sensation is amazing.

I move so quickly I'm not sure she even knew it was happening. I reverse our positions so that I am now above her. I have a desire to taste every inch of her skin and I know that before the morning passes into afternoon I will have made that desire a reality. No better time to start than now.

I start at her now familiar neck. I love the way that she will squirm underneath me if I apply the right pressure with my tongue. But I don't stay here long because now so much more of her is available to me. I work my down to her breast and though I'm enjoying the slow, sweet torture I seem to be putting her through, my lips are drawn directly to her nipple. I play with my lips and tongue, while mimicking the motion with my hand on her other breast.

My efforts earn me some of the sexiest sounds I've ever heard. Catherine moans my name loudly and it only makes me want her more. I drift further down her torso as she wraps her fingers in my hair. The closer I get to her navel, the tighter her grip in my hair becomes. By the time my lips reach their destination I am certain she is going to scalp me.

I pull her hands roughly out of hair, ignoring the pain it causes. I press my palm into her and slip my fingers between hers. I gently put her other hand on the bed at her side, and I can feel the covers move slightly as she holds on tight.

I slide my tongue gently up her outer lips and am surprised and rewarded with scream from Catherine. Her hips thrust off the bed as she begs me for more. "Sara, Sara. Please. Oh Jesus."

I can't deny her. I want to spend more time enjoying her flavor and listening to her moaning my name, but I can't deny her. She wants release and I am more than willing to provide it. I lick again, this time applying enough pressure that my tongue slips inside her. Her grip on my hand is nearly crushing and at this taste of her my own hand squeezes harder.

My tongue searches out, and easily finds her hardened clit. I wrap my lips around this center of pleasure and swirl my tongue gently around it. Catherine moans low and lusty, and her hips are lifting off the bed. I let go of her hand to push her back into the bed. Her orgasm hits strong and fast as I slip two fingers inside her and suck gently on her clit.

I hear a string of words from Catherine, but they are cut off as I crawl up her side and kiss her passionately. I have all morning, and afternoon, to hear those words again and again, right now I just want to kiss her.

The End

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