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Ride of a Lifetime
By Ann


Twelve hours. Just twelve hours until I have my first official date with Sofia. We've been harmlessly flirting with each other for months, but this past week she brazenly raised the bar, and I gladly went along for the ride.

A couple of days ago, while loading the Denali to head back to the lab after a simple B&E case, I turned to shut the back door only to find myself pinned against the truck with a set of lips attached to mine, or maybe, suctioned would be a better descriptor.

Thank God the streetlight was out, and that the truck was facing away from any traffic or potential eyewitnesses because, once I got a taste of her, I grabbed hold and gave as good as I got. I've always believed it was proper to pay back any act of kindness and did I ever give it my best effort.

Endless minutes later, she finally released my lips, and I reluctantly removed my hands from her ass. I swear if we hadn't been on duty; an official CSI vehicle would have turned into a virtual love machine. Hell, we'd have had an endless supply of rubber gloves and various types of lubricants at our disposal should the need arise.

Sighing, I place my hands back on the keyboard as I attempt to complete my case report. Sofia on the brain certainly makes it difficult to concentrate and, imagining a naked Sofia writhing beneath me, makes it virtually impossible to think, never mind to reason. I've officially gone from being attracted to her to lusting after her.

I force myself to focus on the case at hand and actually finish half the report before the image of Sofia leaning against the Denali with her swollen lips filters out of the recesses of my mind. God, she looked so hot and absolutely fuckable, and did I mention how fine her ass was? She's definitely two hands full that's for sure.

My libidinous thoughts are interrupted by a knock on the door, and I look up to find Greg leaning in the doorway smiling.

"Hey, Sara. Want to get some breakfast after shift?" My spiky haired junior colleague asks.

"Oh, hey Greg. Sorry, but I really need to go home and get some sleep. I'm off for the next two days, and I plan to rest so that I can enjoy my mini-break to the fullest, but I do have a proposition for you," I reply, and watch as a huge grin forms on his face. Flirtatiously, he raises his eyebrows in a question.

"Get your mind out of the gutter, Greg; it's not that kind of a proposition. If you'll finish this report on our case, I promise to treat you to breakfast next time we're both on," I offer, as both a compromise and a form of bribery.

"Deal," my crush answers as he strides into the room to make good on his promise.

Not wasting a second, I quickly gather my things and give Greg a kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks, Greggo. I'll see you Monday night and breakfast will be on me Tuesday morning." Without looking back, I stride through the door as a stunned Greg watches my departure in silence.

Entering my apartment, I head straight for the bedroom where I quickly set my alarm and crawl under the covers. I'm asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow and visions of Sofia fill my dreams. I'm sure I'll be wearing a goofy grin until I awaken.

The phone rings thirty minutes before my alarm is set to go off, and I reach over hoping that I'm not being called in on some kind of emergency.

"Sidle," I growl into the receiver.

"Sara, did I wake you or call at a bad time?" Sofia's soft voice answers.

I immediately sit up in bed to reply, "No! I mean, no. I was afraid there was some kind of problem at work, and I was being called in."

"Nope, just me. Um, I was wondering if you'd like to go to Lake Mead for a picnic instead of going out somewhere for dinner," Sofia nervously suggests.

Hmm, a picnic? Now that sounds like a wonderful idea. We could pick up some sandwiches and pack a cooler. Better yet, we could find some isolated place to talk and not have to worry about prying eyes. Plus, I'll be able to see Sofia hours earlier than our scheduled date.

"I'd like that," I enthusiastically reply.

Sofia offers to ice down the beverages, and we decide to pick up our sandwiches on the way out of town. I promise to be at her apartment at 4:00 so that we will have plenty of daylight to find the perfect spot and consume our meal before darkness sets in.

I turn into Sofia's apartment complex just as she is rolling the ice chest to the curb. She is dressed in jeans and a purple button up shirt, and has pulled her gorgeous blond hair back with a twine of matching purple blossom.

Damn, I was hoping she'd wear it down, but those flowers look so right, so Sofia, I can't help but smile as I imagine running my fingers through the tresses as I remove it. Just before I… jeez, I'm almost ready to jump her now. Pouting, I jump from the jeep and help her load the cooler into the back. She throws the rest of her things in as I climb back into the driver's seat.

We make good time and arrive at the lake around 6:00. Sofia points toward an area a little ways from the water that is both beautiful and very secluded. I really like the way this woman thinks. Grinning, I turn the jeep toward the ideal location.

Together, we carry the cooler while Sofia totes the bag of sandwiches in her empty hand and I carry the blanket for us to sit on. We gently place our load on the grass and quickly spread the blanket on the ground. Sitting side by side, Sofia opens the beer while I figure out whose sandwich is whose.

Our conversation is light and easy as we fall into the simple pleasure of just sharing.

"So how do you like being a detective as opposed to a CSI?" I ask Sofia from my stretched out position on the blanket.

"Oh, it's ten times better. I've wanted to be a detective as long as I can remember, so when I was pulled just as my dream came true, you can guess how I felt. After that, I just never got into the forensics of the job," Sofia answers, as she lies down on her side facing me.

We continue to discuss the pros and cons of each job as we slowly gravitate toward each other. Soon, we are millimeters apart, and I can no longer keep my hands to myself.

Reaching out, I push some loose hair behind her ear and then play out my earlier thoughts. Gently, I unbraid the purple flowers and run my hand back and forth to fully free the golden strands. She purrs in appreciation and slowly leans forward until our lips gently meet. The kiss heats up quickly, and I slide my hand from her hair down to the ass I've been dreaming of touching since our last encounter. Pulling her closer until our bodies are practically melded together, I slide my tongue into her inviting mouth.

Just as I'm about to make the move to roll on top of Sofia, something hits me in the back of the head, and I reluctantly release her lips to search for the damned object. There, sitting on the edge of the blanket, is the culprit, a red Frisbee; so much for our secluded hideaway.

Pissed off at the intruder, I immediately rise to my knees and reach for the unwanted toy. Standing, I swing my arm back and fling the object as hard as I can, and I watch in satisfaction as it lands in the water a good distance from our location.

A couple of teenaged boys run to retrieve the Frisbee and yell their thanks to me as they trot off down the shoreline. I wave back and then turn my attention to my date.

Sofia is now in a sitting position looking out at the retreating young men while I curse the ill-fated timing of the interruption. By some unspoken agreement, we decide to curb our enthusiasm until the day trippers begin to disperse. Taking a seat next to Sofia, I'm suddenly dumbstruck and can't think of a word to say. She's evidently got the same problem as we sit in awkward silence.

Eventually, bits of conversation flow between us once more, and soon we're holding hands and drinking another beer as the sun begins its descent behind the distant trees. I don't believe I've ever enjoyed watching the sunset as much as this particular moment. Perhaps we can make this a frequent occurrence.

The tail lights of retreating cars can be seen as more and more people head for home, and a short time later, it appears that Sofia and I are the only ones left at the lakeside, or at least in our general vicinity.

A full moon casts its bright light on the area around us, and glancing up at the sky, I marvel at how many stars can be seen from this vantage point. Whereas, in the city I can barely find a single star, here I can easily pick out the different constellations.

Lying back on the blanket, I take Sofia with me as I begin to point out the many formations of the stars. She lays her head on my shoulder and murmurs for me to continue; I'm in Heaven.

"Wow, I've heard of all those constellations, but I've never been able to make any of them out," Sofia softy offers as she turns her head toward mine.

I look down to reply to her comment, but my eyes can only focus on the close proximity of her sweet lips. We both seem to have the same idea as I lower my head at the precise moment she lifts hers, and the natural position of our bodies has me rolling her onto her back as I shift on top.

Our kisses start off soft and sweet with tentative tongues, but once she sucks mine into her mouth, the gloves come off as we each vie for control.

My hands make quick work of her buttoned down shirt, and I smile into the kiss when I discover Sofia's front-fastening bra. Soon, I have access to her full breasts, and my mind begins to have an internal debate as to which body part it wants my mouth to attach to, her lips or her breasts.

While the debate continues, my hand gets tired of waiting and moves up to cup her right breast; her nipple immediately responds to the touch. I begin to alternate squeezing the entire breast with the pinching of her nipple as Sofia groans and pushes her body upward requesting even more contact. Not wanting to disappoint, I slip my knee between her legs and push against the seam of her jeans.

The pressure has her releasing my mouth to moan aloud, and I take the opportunity to move my lips to her inviting neck. I suck and nip at her pulse point until she shows her pleasure by turning her head to allow me better access. Feverishly, she starts to remove her open shirt and bra, and somehow, she manages the feat without me ever losing contact with her delicious neck.

One of my many dreams of this woman filters into my head, and I become determined to fulfill a desire I've waited too long to experience. I kiss my way back to her mouth and swallow her moans as I begin the task of removing my own shirt and bra.

Seconds later, I slowly lower my topless body back down on top of Sofia, and the slight perspiration allows our breasts to slide back and forth against each other as I begin to slowly undulate against my soon to be lover.

Sofia reacts by wrapping her legs around mine and matching me move for move. It soon becomes clear that both of us are very near the edge so I force myself to slow my movements. When she comes, I don't want there to be any barrier of clothing between us whatsoever.

"Sara, please don't stop," Sofia pants, but only after I allow her to release my lips.

"Shush, I'm not stopping, baby. I'm just slowing down for a minute," I coo in her ear.

Kissing her cheek, I begin to work my way down to her very alert nipples, reaching to unbutton her pants as I alternately lick around each hardened nipple. Sofia immediately offers assistance in removing her pants when I suck her right nipple into my mouth.

Soon, a naked Sofia is writhing below me as I move to rectify the problem of my own jeans and underwear. I'm able to work my jeans off, but realize I'm going to have to release the swollen nipple if I intend to completely remove my thong.

As I start to lift my head, Sofia pushes me back down onto her nipple, and amazingly, she uses her foot to push the last item of clothing from my body. Finally, we are both naked, and I completely lower myself on top of Sofia once again.

She immediately opens her legs, allowing me to settle my abdomen against her pelvic region as I continue to work her nipples with my tongue. She begins to move her hips in earnest, moaning in obvious pleasure.

"Sara, please," my lover cries aloud.

Not wanting to disappoint, I slide my hand between our bodies and along her slick labia. Damn, there's going to be a huge wet spot on this blanket when I'm done with her, judging from the amount of wetness my fingers are sliding through.

My index finger easily slides into her, so I add my middle finger at the same time I lightly bite down on her nipple.

"Oh God, Sara, please don't stop," Sofia continues to plead.

I work my fingers in and out of her as I slowly move south placing light kisses along the way until I reach my final destination. Hesitating for a brief minute, there is just enough moonlight to capture the moment perfectly, as I commit everything to memory.

Sofia's body glistens in a light sheen of perspiration as her nipples stand proud and erect. Her hips frantically move to keep up with the pace of my hand, and her eyes are focused on the stars above.

Her lips move, and I listen carefully to hear her words. It doesn't take long to realize she's whispering the same word over and over again, "Sara."

My long fingers are moving easily within her now, so I add a third and her body begins to grip my digits tightly. It won't be long now.

Lowering myself between her inviting legs, I get my first taste of Sofia when I replace my fingers with my tongue. Ambrosia, she tastes just like ambrosia. Greedily, I thrust my tongue in and out, and she begins to increase the movement of her hips.

When I feel her tightening around my tongue, I replace it once more with my fingers while moving my tongue to her ignored clit. Sucking it firmly into my mouth, I increase the speed of my fingers until Sofia finally comes, screaming my name.

Whoa, I just hope there's no one within earshot or else they're going to be in for quite a shock if they come running to render aid.

Moving back up her body, I lazily kiss her and allow her tongue to play with mine. There's nothing sexier than having my lover taste herself on my tongue.

Sofia must have quite the stamina because seconds later she has wrapped her legs around me and is once again undulating against me. Not wanting to be a spoil sport, I move right along with her in an age old dance.

Oh man, somehow our clits are perfectly aligned, and the friction it's causing feels absolutely incredible. I slowly release her lips and stare down into her eyes as we increase our frantic fucking motion.

Our bodies slide together in perfect synchronization as we both head for the same plateau. Minutes later, we orgasm at the same time as our fluids readily mix together, and I collapse on top of Sofia in a euphoric, albeit, exhausted state.

The wind suddenly picks up, and we instinctively snuggle into each other's body with the chill. I really don't want this moment to end, but if we don't leave soon, we'll both catch our death of cold.

Sighing, I whisper, "I'd love to lie out under the stars and hold you all night, but if I do, we'll end up with pneumonia."

Sofia turns to me and grins; without a word, she reaches for her shirt and pulls it around her as she slides on her shoes. She then stands and walks toward the jeep without looking back.

Crap. I know our coupling was fast and frenzied, but I still considered it making love; it looks as if Sofia is treating this as just another fuck. Oh well, live and learn Sidle; everyone just wants to fuck you.

Dejected, I stand to put on my clothes and gather our things when I'm stopped by Sofia's voice.

"Hey, what are you doing? No clothes for you, sweetie."

I turn toward the approaching woman and immediately note that she's carrying something large. What the hell? I didn't see her put anything into the back of the jeep except the cooler. As she gets closer, I recognize the object as being a tent.

"A tent? You brought a tent? How did I not notice a tent?" Rambling, I ask stupid question after stupid question.

Sofia smiles, leans forward to stop my words with a kiss, and begins to unfold the small pup tent as I pull out of my stupor long enough to assist. I have to wonder what someone would think if they came across the two of us at this moment, one woman completely naked assisting another woman wearing only a shirt to put up a tent. I'm sure it would be the ultimate fantasy of those two teenagers.

Finally, the small tent is erected, and we crawl inside to escape the chill. Sofia zips the entrance while I unfold a second blanket to insulate the floor.

Sofia quickly removes her shirt and crawls onto the blanket next to me, and we immediately fall into each other's arms snuggling closely to warm up our cold skin. It doesn't take long before our soft whispers turn into passionate kisses, and this time, I find myself on my back as Sofia straddles my torso.

"It's payback time, Sara. I'm going to make sweet fucking love to you. This time, I'm the one who gets to tease you unmercifully," Sofia whispers right before she takes my nipple in her mouth.

Between the suction of her mouth, her words, and the feel of her loose hair as it brushes my bare skin, I am in heaven. I look down at the top of her golden crown and smile. For the first time in my life, I'm not just a fuck to someone; for the first time ever, somebody wants to make love to me. I place my hand on her head and lie back to enjoy the ride, satisfied in knowing there will be many more to come.

Hell, if I'm lucky, there will be many before dawn.

The End

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