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Dumpster Duty
By Ann


Sweat dripping down her nose, Sara shifted through the dumpster as she opened her tenth sealed garbage bag of the morning, looking for any evidence that would tie their suspect to the murdered waitress.

The disgusting smell of rotten fish assailed her senses, almost causing her to upchuck into the plastic bag. The wide smile she'd often used to suppress her gag reflexes had lost its usual magic long ago. The ninety degree temperature, coupled with a dumpster full of discarded trash, had the investigator wishing for any other duty but this one. Determined to check every single bag in the large container, Sara picked up another; however, a chuckle from above caused the brunette to stop her current probe and look for the source.

"Hey, Sara. Looks like you pulled the plush assignment for today." Sofia wrinkled her nose in disgust. The smell was absolutely horrendous, and she could just imagine how much worse it must be for the investigator, seeing as how Sara was knee deep in the offensive refuge.

"I don't suppose you want to come down here and help me? Four hands are better than two, you know."

"Um, no; that's okay, but thanks for the invitation. I can't tell you how thrilled I am that you thought of me." Sofia smiled sweetly at the other woman, very grateful that their roles weren't reversed.

"Don't mention it. I wouldn't want you to feel unloved." Sara managed to return the detective's sarcastic reply with one of her own.

Not wanting to pass up the chance to flirt with the brunette, Sofia countered, "Oh, you always make me feel so loved, Sara. Why, just the other day, you allowed me to help you carry evidence to the Denali."

Sara hefted another bag up from the bottomless dumpster, ripping it open and peering inside. The smell was ten times worse than that of the fish, but it was well worth the burning of the eyes the rotted onions produced. There at the bottom of the bag was a bloody knife and a pair of equally bloody gloves.

"Sofia, could you get an evidence bag for me? I think I may have found the murder weapon."

The blonde detective disappeared from view as Sara carefully dug into the pocket of her coveralls, removing her small camera. Taking several shots of the evidence, she re-pocketed the camera and reached for the knife and gloves.

"Here you go," Sofia offered, handing the bag down to Sara. The CSI placed the items in the bag and sealed its edges, thankful that she was finally going to get to crawl out of the godforsaken dumpster.

"Can you put this bag next to my kit? I think it's over by Greg. He's making casts of several tire prints in the alley."

Nodding, Sofia reached down and took the evidence from the other woman, deperately trying not to turn her nose up at the foul odor emitting from the investigator.

As requested, the detective placed the bag exactly where Sara had requested as well as alerting Greg to its presence. Turning towards the dumpster, she waited for the CSI to resurface; however, several minutes past with no sign of the investigator.

"Sara? Are you okay in there?" Sofia called out, wondering why the brunette was taking so long to crawl from the disgusting dumpster. If the shoe were on the other foot, she would've climbed out of the garbage with the evidence bag in hand.

A loud banging noise was quickly accompanied by a string of curse words coming from inside the metal container.

"Son of a bitch, goddamned tomatoes. I can't get a fucking grip."

Sofia quickly scaled the side of the dumpster and looked over its edge. Every time Sara reached up to get a grip on the various holds in the steel bin, she'd slip back deeper into the garbage. Realizing the other woman needed assistance, Sofia relunctantly offered her hand.

A grateful Sara grabbed the strong hand and placed her free one on the side of the container. Tugging mightily, Sofia managed to pull Sara towards the top; however, the CSI's foot began to slip, and she struggled to maintain her grip on the detective.

A few minutes later, both Sara and Sofia were standing in the middle of the dumpster, each women covered in a smorgasboard of rotten food. With a fake smile plastered on her face, Sara reached over and removed several strings of spaghetti off the blonde's head as Sofia turned a force ten glare on the other woman.

After several failed attempts, the pair finally climbed over the top of the trash container. Sara had insisted that Sofia climb on her shoulders and, after a few embarrassing moments including some groping here and there, the detective was able to hoist herself over the edge. Sara soon joined the blonde by using Sofia's legs as leverage to pull herself free of the putrid trash.

"Oh man, you two reek." Greg very astutuely pointed out, holding his nose to puncuate his statement.

"Shut up, Greg. You'd smell like this, too, if you'd lost the coin flip."

"Sara, I really don't give a damn how you ended up in the dumpter. I just want to get this smell off me before it becomes permanent."

Sofia added her brusque comment as she continued to pick different vegetables from her clothing, not in the least bit interested in listening to the two investigators bicker back and forth.

"Um, Sofia? My place is only a few blocks from here. What do you say I get some plastic out of the back of the Denali, and we line your seats with it? Then, we can use the shower in my apartment."

Without a word, the detective turned and headed straight for the Denali.

Sara apologized time and time again on the drive to her apartment and, even though she'd actually thought of it earlier, pulling Sofia into the dumpster was never the CSI's intention.

"Why don't you use the shower first? I'll just wait outside on the balcony until you've finished." The investigator graciously offered her bathroom to the detective. After all, it was the hospitable thing to do.

"Sara? Do you really want to wait another minute to wash off the dumpster grime?"

"Um, well, no, but I only have one shower."

"We could shower together."

"Huh? I mean, what do you mean?"

"Simple arithmetic, Sara. One shower plus two stinky women equals sharing."


"I don't know about you, but I usually shower without clothes on. It really makes the cleaning process easier."

"But we'd see each other naked."

"Once again, your reasoning skills amaze me, Sara. Of course, we'd see each other naked. Do you have a problem with that?"

"Well, no, I don't guess so."

Grabbing the CSI by the hand, the detective headed towards the bathroom before Sara could offer a protest; however, after several moments of indecision by the brunette, Sofia had finally had enough.

"Sara Sidle, you smell like death warmed over. Now, strip out of those clothes and get your ass in the shower."

The voice of authority seemed to do the trick as a shirt and a pair of pants immediately hit the floor, followed by bikini underwear and a black bra. Sofia couldn't help but admire the other woman's body as she directed the investigator into the shower.

The two quickly lathered and rinsed off several times, and it soon became a game. Each woman took a great deal of time trading the shared washcloth and passing it over the other's body and, after awhile, the washcloth was long forgotten as it was replaced by two pairs of hands and accompanied by loud moans and cries of pleasure which further aided in the cleansing ritual.

A sweet, gentle kiss followed the marathon shower as Sofia blindly reached out and shut off the water. Releasing Sara's lips, she smiled.

"You know, Sara? Dumpster diving isn't really all that bad."

Sara moved her hands to the detective's hips and pulled her near, disagreeing in part with the blonde's observation.

"Actually, it's the worst. However, the cleaning up after makes it all worth while."

Sofia nodded in agreement, latching onto Sara's lips and manuevering the other woman against the tiled wall.

Right before losing herself in the kiss, the detective made a mental note to volunteer for every dumpster detail the brunette was assigned to, especially those requiring a shower afterwards.

The End

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