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Storm Front
By Geekgrrl


Vegas never had the crazy storms that Miami does. I didn't like the look of the angry green clouds scudding low and quick across the horizon, choking off the final rays of the setting sun. The large palm trees were starting to wave in the increasing wind, which I now realize is never a good sign. Thunder rolled and the lights in my new condo flickered briefly. Peering to the right of a neighbouring building I could just make out the harbour from my small balcony, tiny boats dashing back to their ports before the storm hits in full force.

Since transferring to Miami things had fallen into place for me quite quickly. A fresh start in a new state, a new job I was already comfortable with and I'd even found a great place to live. It had all seemed to come together easily. No, the hard part was getting over Sara Sidle.

The day I found Sara wandering in the desert after the Miniature Killer had left her to die, was also the day I finally lost her to Grissom. I couldn't stay to watch her make the biggest mistake of her life and Horatio Caine had been knocking on my door for a few months, trying to woo me to come work in Miami. I never looked back.

I know my heart needs some time to recover, but things have even been changing on that front lately. The whoosh of the balcony door sliding open caught my attention, light jazz music floating out into the humid night air.

"That sounds like it's getting closer." Calleigh Duquesne stepped out, two glasses of merlot in her hands. Tossing my ever present toothpick over the edge of the balcony, I moved to help her. She handed me a glass with a sultry smile, before sliding along the balcony railing to stare out at the city lights and the dark stormy sky flashing above.

"I just hope it breaks this heat." I mutter before sipping my wine. It was going down nice, and I swirled it absently in the glass as I turned to give my guest my full attention. Lightning streaked once again across the darkening sky, fingers of energy snaking high above our heads, turning the clouds an eerie blue green.

I watched entranced as Calleigh stared up. A slight sheen was starting to cover her skin since coming outside into the humidity. Her green eyes tracking the fast moving light show above, soft lips slightly parted. Damn I want to taste those lips, but I think it's still too soon. After all we both agreed to go slow, just see where things went.

Whose stupid idea was that again? Oh yeah, mine.

The thunder followed quickly, vibrating through our bodies. Calleigh shivered slightly. "I love watching thunderstorms at night. You can see them for miles." Our eyes met and held for long moments.

I broke away first, turning a bit as I leaned back against the rail. My eyes soon found their way back to Calleigh's petite form though, continuing with a slow, hungry slide down her body. The thunder seemed to rumble low and intimate through my body and I took another swallow of my wine.

"All that crackling energy," Calleigh was staring back out over the ocean, watching a curtain of rain coming closer from across the water, flashes along the horizon lighting up the night sky. "It's beautiful…"

"Yes, you are." I didn't even realize I'd said it out loud, it was all but whisper but I know she heard me. Calleigh looked back and met my heated gaze. Neither of us even noticed the large fat raindrops starting to fall, the wet splats hitting all around us.

We stared at each both, the air suddenly charged for a reason other than the approaching storm. I wanted to push her against the balcony railing and kiss her senseless, to bury my face in her neck and into her long blonde hair, wrap my arms around her and not let go...

A sharp crack of lightning split the air, pulling our attention away from each other. The hum of the air conditioner and other electrical items in the condo suddenly fell silent as the lights blinked twice before going out. A deep roll of thunder rattled the windows and the rain started to fall harder.

"Maybe we should go inside Sofia." Calleigh smiled at me and I was lost. I stared at Calleigh's full bottom lip, desperately wanting to taste the soft mouth. Instead I slid my hand along her bare arm, tangling our fingers together before I led her back into the dark condo.

Leaving Calleigh to sink down onto my butter soft leather couch, I finally found a bbq lighter in the kitchen and started wandering around the condo, lighting candles and tea lights I have hidden here and there. Before long the entire place was lit, long shadows flickering in the candle light everywhere.

Turning back to the sofa, I found soft green eyes reflecting the romantic light, watching my every move over her glass of merlot. I swallowed hard and slid down onto the soft cushions. We sat, just staring, listening to the rain beating a steady rhythm against the windows.

Calleigh's eyes slowly started moving down my throat, pausing at the vee of my wet tank top. She seemed to be having a tough time with the going slow part of this evening too. Nice to know I'm not the only one. Glancing back up she met my eyes, her green ones growing black with desire. She seemed to make a decision and put her glass down on the small coffee table beside her.

"Sofia…" Calleigh rasped softly into the dark, her words swallowed by another crash of thunder outside.

I couldn't seem to quite make myself say the words, to break this moment, to ask for what I desperately wanted, afraid I was already starting to need this exquisite woman in my life. All I can seem to do is watch mesmerized as the lithe beauty arched her body towards me, slowly leaning in.

God, so much for slow. I think my heart was about to beat out of my chest, keeping time with the rain slamming in waves against my windows.

I felt her strong fingers trail across my cheek, recognizing the faint scent of gun oil and Calleigh's perfume before they tangled into my long hair finally resting on the nape of my neck. Tugging me steadily towards her, our eyes locked.

I could feel the heat of her body against mine, noticed the flare of her nostrils as she inhaled and moved closer still, stopping a breath away from my lips, waiting for me, testing me, as if making sure was this what we both wanted.

I inched closer finally bringing our lips together. I heard a soft moan escape from Calleigh, low and needy, vibrating against me. I pressed harder against her sweet mouth, and as her lips parted I slid inside, our tongues playing against each other.

I ran by fingers along her toned body, trailing across the delicately flushed skin before moving to cup her breasts, enjoying how they filled my hands. Her breasts are full and heavy as she arches into my touch and I relish the moment completely.

Distracting me, Calleigh blazed a trail of small kisses along my jaw before sucking on my overly sensitive earlobe. Soon she was chuckling softly as she found my breasts, squeezing and pulling slightly, my nipples stiffening further through the thin material of my top. Pressing against her palm, I hoped she would continue the sensuous massage.

I could feel her smirk against my skin at the deep moan torn from my throat as she dipped her head, licking and nipping down my slowly squirming form. Flicking and pinching, she rolled my achingly erect nipples until they were rock hard.

Before I knew it she had grabbed the hem of my rain soaked top, pulling the offending item from my overheating body, flinging it to the floor, with my bra quickly following. Before I even realized it she had sucked the puckering flesh of my breast into the languid heat of her mouth

"God Cal..." I gasped into the darkness.

"Oh baby girl, just bring your sweet self closer…" She all but growled against me.

Oh, what that voice does to me. It moves through me like a living thing, twisting my stomach and making me twitch. It makes promises to my body that I desperately want her to keep.

Laying me back against the couch, Calleigh slid down my body, her long sensitive fingers mapping me, reading my quivering flesh and the goose bumps rising on my flushed skin like Braille.

"Calleigh," I hear myself whimper unable to take much more, my body on fire. I hear her chuckle softly as she moves her hand lower, finding the button to my pants and roughly pulling them open. Squeezing down into my panties, she groans in appreciation as she finds me slick with desire. Rolling my hips, I silently ask for more, wanting only her touch.

She just smiles before I feel her sure fingers sliding through the moist heat between my legs. She claims my mouth once more. Moaning into the kiss, I can feel her other hand slide into my hair, grabbing me and holding me still as I quickly lose my concentration.

Soon she is everywhere, tickling along my most sensitive flesh, parting then oh so slowly filling me completely, taking what was freely given and already hers. Slipping deeper, she lazily circled my stiff clit, teasing me with quick faint flicks of her thumb before starting to build a steady rhythm.

Rocking against her steady thrusts, I can't seem to get enough of her, as she builds our tempo, taking me closer to the edge with each stroke. I almost frantically want release, every muscle in my body tight with anticipation, wanting her, needing her to take me, making me hers.

"Sofia darlin', look at me." Fighting to focus on her, arching into her, my eyes blink open with effort and I stare into her gorgeous green eyes. Suddenly my world narrows to just her and my body explodes…

The lights flickered briefly then came on, light jazz music playing softly and the air conditioning wheezing and ticking as it tried to start back up. I could relate.

"I think the storm has passed." Calleigh teased as she moved up my throat to once more capture my smiling mouth as I try to recover.

"For now," I murmured happily against her lips, gathering my strength.

After all the night was still young...

The End

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