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True Roses
By Eyah


Can the love be real when the flowers aren't?

The words echoed in Sofia's head. She hadn't meant to overhear them, but she had been walking by the room when Sara uttered them. Her heart twisted at the underlying bitterness that tainted Sara's voice.

Many hours later, those same words would run through Sara's tired mind as she leaned over to inhale the intoxicating aroma of two dozen long stemmed red roses.

"Red roses, rather traditional," Sofia stood in the doorway to the break room watching as Sara closed her eyes and drew in the scent.

"Mmm…still oddly effective," Sara said, not opening her eyes.

"Someone knows what they're doing. A bunch of flowers and you're melting." Sofia took a step into the room and carefully closed the door behind her.

"Yeah, I just wish I knew who it was." Sara straightened, a list of suspects running through her head. As she turned, Sofia took a few more steps, coming closer to Sara. The lingering scent she'd come to associate with the devastatingly handsome detective competed with the sweet scent of the flowers.

Sofia stopped just inches from Sara. "Hmmmm…" Sofia lifted her hand and traced her fingers over Sara's jaw. "Well, when you find out, you should hold onto them."

"Why is that?" Sara could barely breathe. She was confused and she was sure it had something to do with the feel of Sofia's skin against hers.

"Because these flowers are definitely real." Sofia's voice was a hoarse whisper.

Can the love be real when the flowers aren't?

"Oh." Understanding dawned and a slow smile spread over Sara's lips. Lips that Sofia could not tear her eyes away from, as she leaned closer. "Sofia?"


"We're in the lab." Regretfully, Sara broke the spell. She had sensed that Sofia was about to kiss her and as much as she wanted that, she was well aware of their surroundings.

"Oh, right." Incorrectly assuming Sara's interruption was a rejection, Sofia stepped back. As she began to turn away she was stopped by Sara's hand on her arm. She slid her fingers down to twine together with Sofia's.

"What I meant was...I've been here for going on twenty-six hours now. Would you mind driving me home?"

Smiling, Sofia nodded. And when the two women headed for the door, Sara's hand still held hers.

The End

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