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Let Me Be Your Fantasy
By Wend


After a particularly slow night at the lab, Grissom had told her to go home and, now, Catherine found herself driving to an empty house.

Lily and Sam had taken Lindsey on holiday during school break and, although Catherine was happy that her little girl was going on vacation, she still felt a little sad that she would not see her for the next fourteen days.

As it was still the early hours of the morning Catherine decided to take a drive, not noticing that she had been followed since she had left the lab. As Catherine drove she let her mind wander to a couple of days previous, when the team had gone for breakfast after their shift.

The conversation had turned to fantasies and after a lot of joking and juvenile behaviour from the guys they'd got down to some real fantasies.

As Greg had brought the subject up he chose the first person to question, Catherine groaned as he turned his attention on her. She knew being the oldest of the group and that her last profession was shall we say 'risqué' she knew that he would take this opportunity to delve into her forbidden fantasies.

Catherine was shocked as she saw him stare at her but pose his question at Sara. "So, what revs Miss Sidle's motor? What's your fantasy, Sara?" he said with a knowing smirk. Catherine got the impression they had already spoken of this before and Greg knew something she did not.

Sara looked like she was caught in the headlights of an oncoming train and she gulped. Taking a sip of her coke, she cleared her throat and stated that she had fantasised about having sex at the lab. Well, not just any room, it had to be her lab, the one the team had unofficially said was hers as it was her favourite, and no one dared to use it but her.

Catherine shifted in her seat as Sara continued to tell how she and her 'partner' would be working on a case and needed to enact out part of the crime. This would of course put the both of them in a hot sexy clinch, and, of course, this would then turn into more.

Her fantasy had played out in Catherine's mind as Sara's husky voice wove her tale and, in Catherine's head, it was Sara and her in that hot clinch. Catherine shook her head as she saw Nick looking at her with an expectant look on his face. Apparently, while she was enjoying Sara's fantasy in her head, the boys had all narrated their fantasies. Now it was her turn!

Blushing profusely, Catherine coughed, and cleared her throat before telling the table of her Police fantasy. She would be driving alone along a deserted stretch of road when a lone Police Officer pulls her over and…..at that point of her story she noticed Grissom walk in and make his way up to their table. Quickly mumbling that that was the end of her fantasy she looked up and directly into Sara's eyes. Catherine noticed that her pupils were dilated and that she had a strange little grin on her face. The guys made a token protest, but quickly shut up as Grissom stopped at the end of their table and announced his presence.

Sliding into a seat he effectively saved Catherine from spilling her guts; sighing, she relaxed back into her seat and let the drone of the conversations around her take over. One thing that did catch Catherine's attention was Greg asking Sara what she was going to do on her days off. She replied that she had a few personal things to take care of. Her eyes had not strayed from looking at Catherine as she said this and Catherine's body reacted, shivering under Sara's stare.

Flashing blue lights and the burst of a siren behind Catherine startled her out of her musing. Looking down she checked her speed to verify that she had not broken the limit. Slowing, Catherine eased the Tahoe onto the grass verge and came to a stop.

Looking in her rear view mirror she noticed that the unit which had pulled up behind her was a non-descript car with a detachable blue light on the driver's side of the roof. As the driver got out of the car she noticed that there was only one officer and that it was a woman. Catherine smiled unconsciously licking her lips as she took in the tight fit of the uniform; her eyes went to the side mirror as she watched the Officer strut up to her door.

As the Officer stopped at her window Catherine's eyes took in the fitted shirt stretched taut by broad shoulders and toned arms. The badge on her shirt glinted in the early morning sun and, as she tapped on the window, Catherine allowed her eyes to look up at her face, the Officers eyes hidden by her aviator sunglasses. Gasping in recognition Catherine quickly wound down her window.

"Sara?" Catherine said, frowning in confusion.

"Officer Sidle, to you, Ma'am. Could you please step out of the vehicle and put your hands on the hood," the Officer snapped. As Sara took half a step back Catherine noticed she had one hand on her sidearm and her other hand reaching for the door handle.

Staring at her dumbly Catherine just sat there, only breaking out of her dream world when her door was yanked open and she was pulled from the SUV.

"Hey!" Catherine protested as she was roughly brought round to the hood and her hands were slammed into position.

"Ma'am, you must obey me!" While saying this Officer Sidle's body lay flush against Catherine's back and her words were directed into Catherine's ear. The heat from her body seeping into Catherine's now shivering frame as the cool morning air permeated her thin shirt.

She bit back a groan as the Officer's warm breath ghosted over her neck, her hands sliding down Catherine's arms to position her hands correctly on the warm hood of the Tahoe. She was jolted back to reality again as the Officer tapped her ankles out with her feet to place Catherine in a vulnerable spread eagle against the vehicle.

"Stay right where you are, Ma'am, don't move an inch or I will have to cuff you before I search you. Do you understand?" The Officer said low and husky in her ear.

Catherine nodded as all the moisture from her mouth had disappeared and was currently travelling south.

"Good girl." The hands slid back up Catherine's arms, sensually taking their time. Catherine could feel the Officer lean into her back as her hands trailed under Catherine's arms and then slowly down her ribs. Almost at a crawl she allowed them to tease her belt before flattening on Catherine's stomach and moving up.

Catherine inhaled sharply as the Officer's fingers brushed the underside of her breasts.

"Stay still." Her words were a caress in Catherine's ear as she placed a soft kiss on the lobe before sucking the soft flesh into her mouth.

This time Catherine could not control her moan and, at Catherine's tiny surrender, the Officer covered her breasts with both hands, clever fingers teasing Catherine's nipples to hard points. Catherine's legs almost buckled as the Officer tormented them, pinching and twisting with just the right amount of pressure to make her grit her teeth in pleasure.

"This is against Police search procedure, what are you doing?" Catherine protested weakly as magic fingers pumped her erect nipples, sending erotic pain directly to her groin. Catherine could feel her underwear get saturated by the flood of her juices; her ass now cradled against the pelvis of the Officer as she ignored Catherine's outburst and punished her nipples with a sharp pinch.

"Oh, Goddess!" Catherine groaned as the Officer's hands left her breasts and made a torturously slow journey back down her stomach to rest briefly on her belt buckle. Catherine could feel lips now placing baby kisses along the side of her throat as fingers slid the leather of her belt out of the loops at her waist and unfastened the clasp.

"No," Catherine's mind shouted, but her body revelled in the Officer's dominance. Her fingers flicked the button open and slowly dragged the zipper down. Catherine breathed in sharply as cool fingers splayed low on her belly, the tips just edging under the elastic band of her panties, stopping as if in question. Catherine groaned at the torment and pushed her hips forward, silently urging the tormenting fingers on.

A sharp nibble on the junction of her neck brought her head up and back as Catherine released a plea. "Please. Oh Goddess. Please."

Catherine's reward was immediate; the fingers of the Officer's right hand slid down into her panties and cupped her mound, the wetness painting the fingers as one slid to either side of Catherine's pulsing clit. The slow build up had her wet, throbbing, hot, and ready for her touch.

As the fingers squeezed Catherine's pulsing clit the other hand slid beneath her shirt and back to her nipples. Catherine's body was racing towards a climax as the fingers slid further down, rimming her entrance before sliding into her pussy.

"Don't cum," she warned as Catherine's muscles clenched hard on her fingers. Sara's hands stilled as Catherine's hips jerked, trying to force her into motion, needing that extra touch to push her over. Sara denied Catherine this, as she possessed her body.

"Please, please, please," Catherine whimpered over and over. Her pleasure was almost at the point of pain, her body shuddering hard against Sara as she allowed Catherine to calm down slightly before starting to thrust deeper. Sara's palm rested over Catherine's clit, brushing up and down over and over as her fingers possessed Catherine.

This time, as Sara whispered, "Come, Catherine," she screamed and her body thundered in climax. Her legs gave way and Sara eased her back against her body. Holding her as Catherine rode out the waves of pleasure.

Wrapped tight in Sara's arms, Catherine slowly calmed and became aware of her surroundings. She turned in Sara's arms and gently removed her sunglasses. Locking eyes with her new lover she looped her arms round Sara's neck and said, "Thank you." Guiding Sara's head down she drew Sara into a deep kiss.

Pulling back slightly Catherine said, "How did you do all this? I mean, the car, the uniform?"

Sara's eyes twinkled as she said, "Sofia."

"Mmm, remind me to send Sofia a thank you card." Catherine kissed and nibbled her way up Sara's neck. She whispered, "You're better than any fantasy. Come home with me."

Sara's smile lit her face and she nodded eagerly. "Wanna use the siren?" Winking Sara strode to her car; she called back over her shoulder. "When we get there, I'll let you use the cuffs."

With that motivation Catherine leaped into the Tahoe and sped off.

Her day had just got a whole lot brighter!

The End

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