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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This idea came after watching "You've Got Male" and the phone call Sara made asking the other person on the other end of the line if they wanted to do something. I came up with the someone. I also thought of the hell Catherine was going through in "Outside the Box" about what a lousy way it was to find out Sam Braun was her father.
SPOILERS: Season Two, most specifically "You've Got Male"
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6 Degrees
By Elizabeth Carter

Chapter 11

Sara felt a vague heaviness resting upon her chest. No 'resting' wasn't the right word nor feeling, it was more like compressing. Drawing in breath was nearly as painful as exhaling. Each breath only added to the thudding in her head. If that wasn't bad enough she felt a faint echo of white noise, a static the hum of a turbine jet engin in the peripheral reaches of her hearing.

'Oh right concussion.....tree...dog....thorns.....landing hard...' Sara blinked trying to recreate the chain of events that had lead her to this particular moment. Never once had Sara imagined being treed by a psychopathic rottweiler. The dog was absolutely berserk. This wasn't a typical police attack dog or a junk yard dog, this was a mongrel on the scent of a hunt. Sara frowned as she realized that when the wind had shifted the 'hell hound' had gone after the professor's tweed sport's coat with a vengeance. That was particularly odd. Why go after a coat when the pray was in its sights? The mut had tore into the clothing as if it was the professor himself, again why?

Shifting in her bed to relieve the pressure on her spine and the tender tailbone, Sara was rewarded with a sharp stab of pain centered around her ribcage. "Crap." she cursed as she tried to swallow the pain. It took a few moments for the pain to ebb away by that time Sara was seriously contemplating hitting the nurses call button so she might get another dose of pain-killers but if she did, Dr. Rothery would be alerted and Sara might not be allowed to leave this afternoon. The tiny doctor was accustomed to not only firefighters as emergency patients but also those of law enforcement and she was not easily swayed. One of the nurses said Rothery had served in the armed forces in Desert Storm, the woman no doubt had command of the ward and she was not fooled by bravado or the stubbornness of willful patients who believed themselves indestructible.

Yet in that same context, Sara had never met a physician with more compassion and tenderness. This tiny woman was indeed destined to be a doctor.

Mindful to take her time as she moved for a second time, Sara adjusted herself. Images popped in to her mind. A year ago Gris and the guys had a case concerning a Great Dane and a mastiff mix. A dog trained to attack so that the surgeon could harvest the organs. What if this rottweiler had been trained to attack, a certain type of target. It had gone after the coat as if on command. Something perhaps about the professor's sent. The dog focused on the coat, and when the wind was right, then it went back to Sara, Dimitri and the tree.

"What if the little girl had Dimitri's scent on her?" Sara's dark eyes focused on the far wall as if to bore a hole into it, her mind turning over and over. "So how dose she get that man's scent on her? She knows him, or he ....had contact with her....Pretends he doesn't know her or forgot he knew her...... Dimitri acted of his own motivations in murdering little Janey because he might have found out that Zoe is his. Emily let something slip and it brought about a state of murderous rage. Now he's hiding behind the absent minded professor routine to avoid suspicion.

"Or Kingsley takes Cujo for a walk just like his buddy did when it attacked us. Cujo attacks Janey because she has the scent of Dimitri on her. Kingsley aware of this tells Coach. Coach proceeds to plant evidence because he already blames Dimitri for Kingsley's lose. Dimitri happens upon the scene afterwards perhaps during a midnight walk to have a smoke promises to get Janey help then forgets about it, so absentmindedness is true. Then he remembers only after he and Greeson rediscover Janey who followed the path that he took out of the park because she's too scared to wait for help to come. Dark night, big dog...alone she's definitely scarred......

"And of course there's the idea that Greeson and Kingsley may not be entirely aware of what each other is doing. Add the possible involvement of Coach and there is a large room for conspiracy. So if they all attempt to smear/frame Dimitri all for their own agenda...... okay Gris says we don't theorize we listen to the evidence. But this makes so much sense."

"Talking to yourself?" the soft voice of Catherine intrusted Sara's train of thought. "If your Doctor hears you do that and she might keep you in here longer."

Sara lifted her gaze from the wall to the lanky blonde ex-dancer and found her face smiling. "Just possessing the thoughts running around in my head. I think Cujo was trained to attack Dimitri." Sara explained her reasoning.

"Dog's name is Tank. And I think you're on to something." Catherine gave her approval, "Apparently Tank likes coke and beer."

"Coke? Why do I get the feeling we're not talking about cola here?" Sara crossed her arms over her chest with a ginger care having learned the hard way just how sensitive her ribs were.

"Drugged out dog with the DT's and trained to hunt down a particular person, it's starting to make since. Things are pointing towards Kingsley and Coach. And if Janey somehow gained the scent of Dimitri on her, climbed the tree and fell like you did, her death was truly accidental."

"Poor kid. Wrong place, wrong time." Sara sighed. "But even if its negligent homicide, the evidence pointing to an attack dog is pretty heavy, not to mention the drugs. Do we have any idea on where Kingsley is?"

Catherine shook his head. "The one thing that is bothering me is no one has come forward for that little girl."

"Catherine a lot of people are no where near the caliber of mom you are. She might have been out there because she was inconvenience to the parent. Kingsley have a girlfriend with child?"

Catherine was for the moment stunned she couldn't move past Sara's words ' lot of people are no where near the caliber of mom you are.' Did Sara ruly believe that? They guys and even Grissom had told her she was a great mom. Warrick even said 'the bomb' but Sara? The blonde realized she never truly gave Sara the chance to say much at all on motherhood. After all why would she, the way Catherine had treated her last year. 'When the spirit moves you, in your case Sara I'd say never.' Even through all of the enmity, Sara still thought highly upon the older woman's ability to be a wonderful parent.

Sara thought of the little girl who was drowned nearly a year ago in a tawdry carnival's Tunnel of Love. The woman killed her baby because she wanted a life unburdened by a child so she might live it with the boyfriend. The boyfriend was stunned she had done this. Apparently the man had grown to care for the little girl. Sara knew a little something of a mother's distaste for their child, having experienced it herself. Pushing the emotion back down, she returned her attention back to a smiling Catherine.

"Thank you," the blonde had meant the complement.

Once more the bed proved to be a bit uncomfortable and shifting to move, Catherine was privy to witness the slight phantom grimace of pain resting in the younger woman's eyes. But was quickly it appeared it vanished under control. Sara wanted out of the hospital and if Catherine thought her unable to return to work, she might talk to Rothery and Sara would be stuck for yet another restless night in the ward.

"You going to be okay?"

"Just stiff. More bruises decided to appear to day." Sara explained easily. And indeed it was true the woman's upper torso was mottled in green-blue-purple bruises as were her arms. It was a known fact bruises hurt worse the next day of injury as they were more tender to touch. "And board...I didn't sleep well and I didn't have anything to read..."

"And you miss your scanner and text books." Catherine smiled knowing her counterpart's habits. When she couldn't sleep Sara often read forensics textbooks, or magazines or listened to her police scanner, it wasn't until recently that she started to exhibit any outside active and that was all do to Lindy McBride. Catherine wondered again just how far that relationship went, and again she found herself inexplicitly jealous over the idea.

Sara smiled sheepishly, and shrugged. "That predictable." It sounded more like a complaint or a confession than a question. She would have further comment had it not been for the interrupting knock at the door to her room.

Both women would turn expecting to see the petite Dr. Rothery instead they found the smiling face of Hank Peddigrew. "Hey, I just popped by to see how you were doing." The young man said as he entered. In his pretense the EMT pushed past Catherine so that he might converse with Sara.

The expression on Sara's face was deemed priceless to the blonde, she couldn't tell if the brunette was miffed or annoyed but she clearly wasn't happy at the presumiousness of the EMT.

"Do you check up on everyone in your ambulance, or do I rate differently?" Sara curly asked.

Catherine smirked. 'That's my girl.'

"I ....officer down...you know." Peddigrew started. "So yeah you rate differently, I thought maybe latter we can catch a burger?"

"I am a vegetarian." Sara countered.

"Oh! Okay.... well I know this little diner...."

"Peddigrew?" Came a voice behind the surfer-wanna-be boyish EMT. "How many times have I said lay off my female patients?" Dr. Rothery asked now fully in the room. In her arms she cradled charts next to her chest, around her neck a stethoscope. "Oh and how is Elaine by the way, still using her to go to the Bahamas?"

Peddigrew blushed. "I ..I....I..was just checking on Miss Sidle. Officer down and all that."

"As you can see, she's fine. Thank you for your concern, you can go now." The tiny woman stepped aside and gestured for the blonde man to find his way out the door.

He had the good graces to retain the blush as he scurried out of the room, leaving behind two starring CSIs and the scowling physician.

Rothery rolled her eyes and shook her dark head. "He hits on athletic burettes, when he can. The bad thing he's involved. He talks about her to the other EMT's, I wont let him play his games here, not in 'my' hospital."

Catherine shook her head, "What a creep." She had been on the receiving end of far to many of Eddie's indecisions, Sara wasn't the sort to be the other woman at least knowingly. She would think she was liked, loved for herself not because she was a side-dish. Thinking you are the special one and then to find out you were nothing more than a discretion would be devastating, it was devastating and it was something Catherine didn't want Sara to ever have to suffer.

"You seem to know a bit about him, he hit on you to doc?" Sara said

"Too short for his tastes." There was a large grin, "and my partner would have his hide. She's a captain for the LV fire department, they are pretty tight with the paramedics. Thus I am. You hear a lot of things. And they all look out for one another. Speaking of which you have leave to go, but you'll keep your eyes open?" This last bit was addressed to Catherine.

"No problem." The blonde answered. "And I'll keep in mind what you said." an added smile.

"I don't need a baby-sitter." Sara complained recalling Rothery's directives the day before.

"Prove it." the Tiny doctor said stepping closer to Sara. This time Catherine didn't mind stepping aside to make room. "Be good and don't push yourself. I mean it Sara, your body though in fairly good health took a beating. And I am still concerned over the habitual anemia. It tells me you overwork yourself far too much. I can appreciate what you have to do to contain the criminal element but don't do it at the expense of your body." This time the smile was reassuring.

"I'll take it easy." Sara said shrugging.

"I'll hold you to that."Rothery pointed not to Sara but to Catherine. The blonde wondered how could someone standing a hair over five feet carry such presence that she seemed to tower over everyone who crossed her path. "I have your papers, Sara. Sign them and I can give your bed to someone who really needs it," the smile was still there.

The young CSI eagerly signed the documents and very little time found herself escorted out of the hospital and into a Tahoe. Sara grunted a bit as she climbed into the passenger side of the vehicle, her ribs reminding her she wasn't as invulnerable as the pain-killers made her feel.

Catherine winced in sympathy, but admiring Sara's ability to contain any outward burst of pain. "Take you home?" Catherine asked.

"How about the labs?" Sara said.

"Sar you heard what the doc said." there was a warning to the tone of the woman's voice.

"Yeah, I did. She said I had to' take it easy'. She didn't say I couldn't report to work. Cath this case is important to me. I'll stay in the lab."

Blue eyes narrowed.

"Come on! I promise! I'll stay in the lab." Sara implored.

"I got your word, you'll take it easy?" Catherine was still not so convinced.

Sara shrugged once more.

"Sara Sidle!" Catherine chided.

"I promise, cross my heart and hope to fall out of another tree and be doggie chow for a hell-hound." Sara flashed her cute gapped tooth smile that in the end melted Catherine's resolve.

The older woman reached across the space between them in the Tahoe and gingerly took Sara's hand into her own and gave a slight squeeze. It was almost by touching Sara, Catherine was reassured that the younger woman was indeed safe and fit enough for a day at work. Catherine knew Sara's habits even in the lab she pushed herself. It was indeed an admiral quality.

"Sara you know you are one of the best CSI's I've worked with.....including Gil."

For her part Sara could only stare. Her shock at the kindness in the blonde's words hadn't worn off until had nearly reached CSI HQ. Life makes sense, mostly. Maybe not people's behavior, but for the most part, one thing follows from another. Cause and effect. But what was the cause here? What was this effect? Maybe it didn't matter, Catherine's kindness had gone beyond the scratch on the hand she had fixed a few days ago, to the protective care she was exhibiting now. Sara found to her pleasure she was enjoying it.

The Tahoe was creeping up upon parking lot of CSI, HQ though Catherine did not park the SUV, instead she pulled up to the front door to the labs and threw the truck into park and left the engine idling.

"Sara, I'm going to have to drop you off, Brass and I finally have a warrant for Kingsley's house.

Kevin the dog-walker's admittance to Kingsley's use of crack on the dog and the fact the dog attacked you and Dimitri gave us what we needed."

In seeing her deflated look that Sara couldn't accompany her, Catherine reached over rubbed Sara's shoulder. "I promise not to have fun without you." The blonde grinned, knowing Sara loved working the field. Truth be told Catherine enjoyed working scenes with Sara. Yes she cared for the others and enjoyed working with them, but Sara challenged Catherine's mind in a way the others save perhaps Grissom didn't. Despite what the lab rumors said, Catherine preferred to have Sara with her on a case if she needed a partner.

"I'll catch you up latter okay? Just...."

"Don't tell me to take it easy." Sara warned good naturally.

"Good to here, just don't be so tense when you talk with Grissom." Catherine said.

"Tense? I am not tense." Sara denied shaking her head, then leaning closer to Catherine she whispered, worried that someone might hear their words. "When did you first notice?"

"As we met." The blonde smiled. "Sara you have nothing to prove, just take...just go easy on yourself or Grissom will send you home."

"I gave my word right?" brown eyes twinkled.

Moments latter Sara was easily making her way down the hall mindful of the ache in her ribs. She tucked her arm around her thin waist as if to hold in the dull pain but as soon as she saw Grissom coming the other direction she removed her hand quickly.

"Sara should you be here?" The concern in the graying man's angelic face was very apparent.

"I have the paper work from my Doc, Gris, she okayed light-duty."

"Lab-work." Gil Grisom translated. "But no overtime and no garage and no..."

"Gris, I've already got Catherine playing mama bear, not to mention a Napoleonic Powermonger physician hovering over me. I wont push it but I have to do something Grissom. That dog was trained to attack and a little girl got in the way. She died because hate."

Grissom knew there was something else as well. Because of that hate, the dog in turn hunted its intended victim and Sara yet another innocent was at the wrong place at the wrong time. She needed answers not just for herself but for the unknown girl. "I 'll let you stay as long as you..."

"Don't say take it easy." Sara warned having had heard enough of that particular phrase.

"I was going to say don't push yourself."

"I wont." Sara flashed her full gapped tooth smile once more. That even Grissom had to admit was cute. Actually I want to put a name to Janey, I going to search the missing person's data files and check with Doc Robinson and see if we have any information on the dental records."

Grisom nodded his approval, sitting for hours in front of a computer monitor wouldn't be too strenuous and besides if he didn't allow her to do so here, Sara would find away to probe the digital files via another route. Sara wouldn't rest until she had the answers, the brunette was a woman of habit.

A woman of definite habit, she wasn't aware of the fact she was signing softly until she stopped nor was she aware of how many hours had passed in front of the monitor until a creak in her neck made itself known and she was out of coffee. For a moment she stopped clicking on the enter button that caused the cursor to scale down the web-page so that she might refuel on coffee and take her meds. Tucking a bit of hair behind her ear, Sara navigated her way around the aquarium-esk labyrinth of labs to the brake room.. It was here she caught sight of none other than Lindsey Willows.

"Hey." Sara greeted the youngest Willows.

"Sara!" the girl sprinted for the lanky brunette and without thought gave her a tight bearhug. It wasn't until Sara gave a grunt of pain that the girl realized her error. "Oh Sara I am sorry did I brake you?"

"No." Sara sucked in a bit of painful air. "My ribs are tender, that's all."

"Mommy said you got hurt."

"I fell out of a tree." Sara said sheepishly.

"Oh I did that once. Broke my arm, too but i got a cast and everyone signed it. I was only six. Mommy said not to climb the tree but Jeremy and I climbed a different tree, that's the one I fell out of. She was very worried. Did she worry over you? She kissed my owie, did she kiss yours?"

"Whoa maybe you should remember to breath Mutchkin."Sara smiled warmly. "And yes your Mommy was a little worried, she made sure I got to the hospital." Sara busied herself trying not to think of the kiss Catherine had indeed given her on her hand. "So what are you doing here?"

"Daddy dropped me off at the door, and Greg-o took me inside since Mr. Grissom said Daddy cant come in here. He had a meeting with a Pink-haired lady. I really don't like her, but Daddy does. He meets with her a lot, I think she's supposed to be a singer."

'Yeah, right a singer. More like some bimbo swayed by his 'manager' shtick.' Sara shook her dark head. It wasn't hard for her to imagine a parent who dumped their kid off when they suddenly became inconvenient having had that happen to her once too often as a child herself.

"Your mommy is on a scene Little-bit."

"That's what uncle Greg-o said. So he and Nicky set up the Playstation for me and I am playing Gexx the Gecko Three. It's a very cool game." Lindsey held up the jewel case for the game indicating it was rated for everyone to play. Some of the other games for the council were not kid friendly and Catherine would be very put out if she caught the guys allowing her little girl access to games like Resident Evil. "Daddy bought me a Playstation for my birthday and a whole lot of other things too. We went to the mall and I could get anything I wanted."

'Your mom will love that bribing you to get on his good side because he's a louse of a father.'

"Get some pretty neat things?" Sara said instead of condemning Eddie Willows.

"Yeah, I even got a giant super-ball" Lindsey showed Sara a rubber ball the size of a baseball where as most were the size of a large marble. "I got it out of a bubble-gum machine for a dollar, its pretty cool. And it bounces very high. I even got mommy some perfume. Daddy thought it was for me, but I wanted to get mommy something. And I got my best-friend something too."

"That is very nice of you." Sara complemented, thinking Catherine had done a wonderful job with her child in showing her generosity. "I think your Mom will be proud you wanted to share."

Lindsey beamed.

"Oh I got you something too!" The girl ran over to the plethora of shopping bags near the sofa and with drew a small teddy-bear in miniature medical scrubs holding a rainbow. On the bear's chest was printed the words 'Get better soon!'

Sara's heart melted. She went down upon one knee and opened her arms for the girl to embrace. This time Lindsey was a bit more cautious about the cracked ribs and hugged Sara. "Oh that is so sweet, Honey thank you!"

The light in the girl's eyes became brighter. "You're welcome." she sighed heavily in her glee that she was able to make Sara happy. Sara placed a light kiss upon the girl's bow still overwhelmed that she had been given a gift by someone who had had so little contact with her. She felt the corners of her eyes bead in tears as she touched the soft plushness of the little bear. She would treasure the toy for a long time because it was given with such unwavering generosity and care.

"Say you thirsty or hungry?" said the lanky CSI.

"Yeah but the fridge is stinky. I think something died in there." Lindsey held her nose.

"Grissom and his experiments." Sara groaned. "Well here, I 've got some quarters you can use in the soda machine, and the snack machine if you want."

"Gee thanks! I know where they are."

"Okay, go a head and get something then come back here okay? You want to watch TV or something?"

"Yeah, one of my favorite shows is coming on soon."

"Oh" Sara smiling thinking of some kiddy show.

"Yeah Stargate, its great."

Sara nodded in approval with the child's assessment. "Well when I get to see it, I like it too."

It suddenly dawned on Sara she was on her nee for too long because getting up was becoming extremely difficult. So difficult in fact Lindsey had to help Sara up. "You better take it easy, Sara. I want you to be at my birthday party. Mommy said it was okay. You'll come right! I mean Mommy said it was your idea to go see the Pirates!"

Sara nodded, "Okay for you I'll take it easy. All I 'm doing is looking through the database so I can find someone who is lost."

"You'll find them." Lindsey commented matter-a-factly. With that she skipped out of the room in quest for her soda and snack leaving Sara by herself and the teddy.

Touching the soft nose of the bear with her index finger Sara found herself smiling something that was becoming increasingly abundant in the presence of the child. That brief respite had given the brunette the heart to continue her fruitless search for little Janey Doe's true identity.

Once again Sara had lost track of the time, for she was rather surprised to find Lindsey tugging on her shirt sleeve with a very despondent expression in her large blue orbs. "Honey? What is it? What's wrong?"

The girl shifted from foot to foot almost embraced to speak. "Sara, can you help me?"

The woman shrugged. "What is it?"

"Um...Mr. Grissom might get awfully mad, I know Mom will."

'Oh-oh....' Sara's inner alarm bells were going off. "Why?"

"You know that big bouncy-ball? I was playing withing in the halls coming back from the soda machine and it er...sorts ..um...it kinda.....well..."

"What happened to it?" Sara asked trying to ease the girl's nervousness.

Sighing heavily Lindsey started once more. "It bounced into the giant spider tank."

"What!" Sara starred opened mouthed.

"Spider, the big hairy one."

"Oh. Okay...and you need my help. To what get it out?" Sara winced at the thought.

"Please? Sara you're very brave! You fought off a huge dog! And everything please! Greg-o is kinda a wimp. Please Sara!"

"Oh man." Sara shook her head. "I am not so friendly with spiders."

"Please! I don't want to get in trouble. I wasn't supposed to bounce the ball in the halls, Mr. Grisom said so. Please Sara. Its close to my birthday and I don't want to get grounded."

"You sure know how to play the heart-strings girl. Okay I 'll get the ball."

"Yippie!" the girl whooped and twirled around. "You're the greatest Sara.

"I just hope you remember that if we get caught."

"Oh we wont. You're CSI you know evidence right? So you can hide it too."

"Oh you little conspirator." Sara chided warmly. "Okay come on lets get your ball."

Together they went into Grissom's office. Lindsey a little more apprehensive than her tall escort. The child couldn't take her eyes off of the many jars of preserved specimens. The double headed scorpion, the pig fetus, bugs, snakes, and assorted bits of cadavers. Thankful the Billy Bass above the door had worn batteries or it would have warned anyone that someone entered Grissom's office.

"This stuff is gross!" The girl wrinkled her nose.

"I pretty much agree."Sara said. Gil Grissom's office was not as labyrinthian as Dimitri Stirling's but it was unique. In addition the pickled specimens the night shit supervisor had several live bugs in terrariums. Hissing cockroaches, spiders, scorpions, a maggot farm and other verities of insects Sara didn't even want to give too close a look at. Some of them even creeped her out.

The tank which held the African red baboon tarantula was the most feared spider in creation. And with good reason the spider was huge and could easily cover Sara's palm and then some. And there in that tank was a bright blue-purple rubber ball. "Oh crap."

"You'll get it right Sara?"

"Yeah, I'll get it." The woman's voice was less than enthusiastic. Grissom handled this thing all the time, collecting a ball out of the tank should prove easy. No problem. She didn't move.

Two sets of eyes watched the spider as it stared at the ball as if it were some sort of predator.

"No problem....right....okay...I can do this." Sara was trying to convince herself to put her hand in the spider's tank. Taking a look at blue hopeful eyes was all the encouragement Sara needed.

Even as she started to put her hand into the tank, Lindsey spoke up. "Sara? What if it's a camel-leaper?"camel

"Excuse me?"

"I saw on Animal Planet. There is this spider. Its big and hairy and it's sometimes called a camel-leaper because it leaps up from the ground into the camels' privates because its warmer there and it drinks the blood from the camel's privates. They jump about six feet. What if..."

"Lindsey!" Sara yelped. "I am trying to get your ball here." Sara paled at the thought of a big hairy spider jumping up six feet into the air. Much less drinking blood from a camel's genitalia.

"Or what if it bites you and all your flesh rots off?"

The pale color turned to green. "Lindsey.... hush....lets not make the big nasty spider nervous okay?" 'Not to mention me.... yeah great what if it senses my nervousness and.....okay okay don't think about. Just reach in and grab the damn ball. Easy. You can do this Sidle.'

Swallowing once more and hoping that the girl wouldn't offer any more tid-bits from Animal-planet or the Discovery Channel she'd be okay. Slowly her hand slipped in, brown eyes never leaving the large hairy thing in the corner. She wasn't sure but Sara could have sworn the arachnid had grown at least twice it's size. 'Where's Sting when I need it?' she made an obscure reference to the short sword carried by Bilbo and latter Frodo Baggins in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.

Sara's fingers curled around the ball and started to remove it from the terrarium , just as the spider moved forward to investigate the intruder. Just as the hand snapped quickly out the spider lunged. "Whoa!" Both females chorused.

"That was wicked!"

"That was nearly my hand!"Sara commented her heart racing.

"That was so cool, Sara!"

Sara was smiling now, "Yeah I guess it was. At least my hand wont rot off. It didn't even touch me." The grin grew larger, "Here you go squirt."

"Oh no! I am not touching that thing until its washed. It has spider germs." Lindsey shook her head frantically.

"You're serious?" Sara was dumbfounded.

"Yeah, I don't want to touch anything with spider-germs." the girl made a face of pure disgust. "That's just nasty."

"What's nasty?" Came the voice of Catherine from the threshold of Grissom's office.

"Oh -oh we are so busted." Lindsey said as she looked to accessory to the crime.

Sara flashed a shy grin. "Um... a small incident."

Lindsey unable to keep the truth from her mother for long and still excited over the bravery of Sara, she began to rapidly tell her mother everything. "And it was so brave wasn't it Mommy? I mean that spider could have bitten her when it attacked it would have rotted her flesh off, but Sara is so tight! She saved my ball and she didn't even squeal when that thing went for her hand!"

During the child's confession Catherine kept her twinkling blue eyes on Sara. Her face glowing in a smile. "Yes I have to agree it was very brave of Sara. First she takes on a mean old dog, and now she takes on a monster spider!"

Sara blushed. "Oh um here is her ball."

"Oh no!" Catherine mocked her child, "I am not touching it. It has spider germs!" That of course made all three laugh.

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