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SEQUEL: To Through the Dark

In The Light
By MBInc


Lift me up
Lead me from this place
Let your love be mercy on my face
Rising up, I changed before your eyes
Out of darkness, standing in the light

In The Light – Full Blown Rose


Part 1

Arriving at Sara's apartment the three women were glad they finally entered a place that felt like home. Carefully Catherine helped Sara onto the dark brown couch that was situated in the middle of her living room area of her apartment.

When she was sure the brunette was comfortable she walked back out the door to get all the stuff that Sara had gotten while hospitalized out of the car.

Lindsey, who stormed in, threw her backpack on the floor and immediately walked over to the big tv at one side of the living area.

"Wow Sara, nice tv! Can I watch cartoons or something?" she asked jumping up and down. "Can I…can I?"

"Lindsey Willows! Calm down, Sara needs to rest" Catherine said as she walked back in.

"It's Ok Cath" Sara said as she tried to get up from the couch. "I wanted to rest on my bed anyway. Lindsey can watch tv" As she moved just a little, a jolt of pain flashed through her body, and pain etched over her face.

The blonde noticed her distressed state and before Sara could move again Catherine was already at her side. Arms reached around her, pulling her up, giving support.

Being so close to the other woman's body Sara forgot what she actually wanted to do. The sweet smell of vanilla and strawberries combined with those arms around her waist instantly made her feel better.

It made her feel really safe…secure…at home and definitely at ease.

As they heard loud laughter coming from the direction of the tv, Catherine ended this spell-like state they were in.

"Come on then. I'll help you to bed" Catherine locked eyes with the brunette in her arms. She placed a chaste kiss on Sara's soft lips before helping her towards the bedroom.

Reaching the bedroom door Catherine opened it, and as she did she was amazed by the beauty of the room.

Although the living area and kitchen had a pretty sterile and impersonal vibe, this room clearly radiated 'Sara' in all of its features.

Brown and blue were the two colors that dominated the room. Light brown carpet covered the floor and the walls were ocean blue. Rays of sunlight peaked through the sand-yellow curtains that hid the only window the room had. In the middle of it all was a large bed made of dark mahogany and covered with light blue satin sheets.

Catherine just stood there –not moving an inch– taking it all in, and ignoring the weight of the brunette that leaned on her.

Suddenly a hoarse, dark voice snapped her out of her thoughts "Cath, I don't mind being in your arms all day, but I'd be more comfortable lying down"

"Oh, sorry babe, I was just admiring your bedroom, it's beautiful." She said as she looked into two dark brown eyes that were staring at her intently.

Proceeding further into the bedroom Catherine noticed there was so much more to be discovered in this room, but hearing the tired sigh of the brunette she knew that her curiosity had to wait.

Sara's health was way more important now, and she needed her rest to regain her strength.

Placing the brunette on the edge of the bed Catherine started to help Sara undress.

Kneeling down in front of the younger woman to pull out her shoes she looked up to see a distressed look on Sara's face.

Reaching up with her hand she cupped the brunette's face who immediately closed her eyes and leaned into the touch.

"Sara, what's wrong?"

Dark eyes fluttered open and focused on two blue pools in front of her, but she kept silent.

"Please tell me. What's bothering you?"

Sara knew Catherine wouldn't stop trying until she knew what was on her mind, and it made her smile. This was one of the things that made Sara fall for Catherine –fall hard. This caring side of the strawberry blonde and her determination to find out what was on people's minds was one of the things that had attracted her.

A full blown gap-toothed smile came onto the brunette's face. This earned her a strange look from Catherine who didn't understand the sudden mood swing of the other woman.

Placing her own hand over the soft one of Catherine that still held her cheek Sara spoke up

"It's just…I'm not used to being so dependent. I'm used to taking care of myself all alone, without anyone's help"

She noticed a flash of pain cross over Catherine's face so she quickly pulled the strawberry blonde up towards her.

"But I'm really glad you're here. It just takes some getting used to…to let some things out of my own hands, and I'm glad you're the one that's willing to help me"

Relief washed over Catherine's face, and before both of them really knew what happened their lips were involved in soft, loving kisses.

As things tended to get out of hand Sara's body started to protest, and the younger woman grunted out in pain.

"Come on, let's get you tucked in. You need the rest."

The blonde pulled back the sheets, and after Sara –who had pulled on shorts and a tank top– managed to lie down, she placed them back over the shivering body of her lover.

Bending over she placed a kiss on the forehead of Sara who seemed to be drifting to sleep already. As Catherine was about to stand up and leave she felt a hand grabbing hers, entwining their fingers.

"Thank you" Sara said, her eyes still closed and a tired expression on her face.

"You're more than welcome Sara"

But even before the blonde had uttered her answer Sara had been back asleep again. Placing one last kiss on the brunette's soft lips Catherine stood up and walked off.

Before closing the door she turned round once more letting her eyes rest on the peacefully sleeping body of the brunette.

'God, I love this woman' Catherine thought, a content sigh slipping through her lips as she closed the door.


Part 2

Hours later Sara began to stir in her sleep, and not long after, her eyes fluttered open. Looking over at the red gleaming numbers on her alarm clock she noticed it was round 4 am.

She turned around to face the other side of her bed. She thought –well, hoped– she would find Catherine next to her in bed, but when it dawned upon the brunette that she was alone she wondered where the other woman would be.

Pulling away the covers she decided to look for the strawberry blonde. Her body felt rested, but as soon as she tried to sit up straight it quickly reminded her of the state she was in.

Stifling a groan of pain, Sara swept her legs out of the bed, and pushed herself onto her feet. Taking careful steps she went in search for the older woman.

As she walked into the living area she noticed a deserted pillow and blanket on the couch. Sara's mind started to wonder why Catherine wouldn't have come to sleep in the same bed as her. Then she noticed the door to the guest room stood ajar.

Walking over she heard soothing words coming from the strawberry blonde, and as she opened the door a little further she could see Catherine sitting on the bed, lightly stroking through Lindsey's hair, hoping her little girl would get some sleep.

Taking in the scene in front of her Sara felt a warmth spread through her whole body. Seeing the display of affection in front of her a feeling of pride washed over her –pride of becoming a part of both the Willows women's lives.

Catherine, who hadn't acknowledged Sara's presence yet, felt the brunette's eyes on her. As Sara walked into the room and placed a hand on her shoulder she looked up and gave a brilliant smile.

Putting her finger in front of her lips she pointed to the now asleep form of Lindsey. Sara grabbed one of Catherine's hands and entwined their fingers. Catherine pulled Sara's body closer and placed arm around the brunette's waist.

Enjoying each other's touch they just stayed in that position for a while, both intently watching the young Willows woman.

When they knew for sure Lindsey had gone back to sleep again, Catherine placed a kiss on her daughter's forehead, and hand in hand the blonde and brunette walked out of the guestroom.

Walking over to the couch Catherine spoke up, putting an end on the silence that filled the air. "Linds had a nightmare. She just kept screaming, she was so scared"

Pushing the blankets aside Sara sat down. Picking at the blankets she looked over at the older woman. "She's lucky to have you as her mother"

Catherine cuddled up against Sara, and once again entwined their fingers. Looking up into the brunette's eyes she spoke "And she's also lucky to have you, as am I…we both are."

A small smile came on Sara's face, but as she remembered how jealous she had felt she saw Catherine wasn't in her bed, but at her daughter's side, the smile evaporated and she cast her head down –avoiding Catherine's piercing blue eyes.

"I thought you would've come to sleep with me…I mean, in my bed…just sleep"

Catherine reached for Sara's face, cupping her chin and making the brunette look up and into her eyes before she answered. "I really wanted to, but I knew I probably couldn't keep me to myself, and your body needs the rest" a sexy smile curled the blonde's lips.

Sara felt a heavy weight fall of her shoulders. Thoughts of Catherine not wanting to be with her were quickly erased as soft lips captured hers in a loving kiss.

Opening her eyes again –their foreheads still touching– Sara noticed Catherine still had the same smile plastered on her face. Although they both knew how they felt about each other they had not yet said the 'magic words'.

Sara's lips inched closer tauntingly, and her breath touched Catherine's soft lips causing a shiver to go through the older woman's body. Right before their sensitive flesh touched Sara mustered up all her courage to say something she hadn't said in a long, long time.

"I love you"

It was almost a whisper, and Catherine had to strain her ears to hear it, but she had. Pulling back just before they kissed Catherine looked into hazel brown eyes that held so much love for her.

"I love you too" she exclaimed, before finally planting her lips on Sara's, resulting in minutes of making out.

About half an hour later, Sara noticed Catherine's breathing became regular, indicating the blonde was asleep.

Feeling her body wasn't appreciating the uncomfortable position on the couch plus the weight of Catherine who was leaning onto her more and more, the brunette decided to take her lover to her bedroom.

"Cath" she tried, placing kisses atop the strawberry blonde's head. "Wake up" Hearing the hoarse voice of the younger woman Catherine's mind was fully awake within seconds.

"Hey" she said as she sat up, "sorry I fell asleep on you"

"That's ok. I kinda like it. However, my body wants a more comfortable position." Standing up she held out her hand.

Catherine hesitated and didn't accept Sara's hand immediately. Looking over at the guestroom where her daughter was now sound asleep Catherine debated what to do. But before she had to make up her mind, Sara spoke up.

"Come on, we'll check on Lindsey and then we're going to bed." Sara said before quickly adding "Just to sleep"

Entwining their fingers, Catherine also got off the couch. Reaching the door to the guestroom Sara carefully opened it.

Pulling their bodies closer to one another, both of the women saw the young Willows woman was still peacefully asleep. Both of them started to realize how they were becoming a big part of each other's life.

After seeing Lindsey was ok, they headed for Sara's bedroom. Pulling away the covers Catherine helped Sara to get in bed before she cuddled up to the brunette's body.

Lying in each other's protective embrace both of them fell asleep within minutes.


Part 3

As Catherine woke up she felt a weight resting upon her shoulder and stomach. Looking down she saw Sara –still peacefully asleep– and placed a kiss on the brunette's head.

Mere seconds after Catherine's lips connected with the younger woman's head, Sara began to stir. Waking up completely, Sara started caressing the strawberry blonde's stomach.

Pushing herself upwards, Sara let her lips graze along the ones in front of her. "Hmmm…Good morning." She purred.

"Good morning to you too." Catherine answered as she looked into two dark eyes that were focusing on hers. "How are you feeling?" she asked, wiping a lock of hair out of Sara's face.

Before answering Sara stretched her body, feeling some parts of it still not completely willing to comply. However, sleeping with Catherine holding her had done her good. "I'm doing alright."

Placing butterfly kisses on the older woman's neck, she continued "Sleeping in your arms is the best medicine one can get."

As Sara tried to sit up against the headboard she could not hold up her bravado, and grunted out in pain, receiving a worried look from Catherine.

"I'm ok, just a little stiff." She quickly said as she reached for Catherine's hand and entwined their fingers. "I'm going to take a shower, wanna help the environment and save some water?"

"I'd love to," Catherine said before she placed a kiss on Sara's soft lips that almost seemed to beg her to be touched "but Nancy will soon be here to pick up Lindsey. It'll be her first day after…"

Before Catherine could continue, Sara claimed her lips in a searing kiss trying to clear the strawberry blonde's mind from any bad thought that haunted her. She knew Catherine still blamed herself for putting her and Lindsey in danger.

"Well then, let's get going." Sara said as she carefully got out of bed, and pulled Catherine along.

Just before their paths would part –Sara's to the bathroom, and Catherine's to the guestroom– Catherine snaked her arm around the taller woman's waist, and looked straight into the hazel eyes in front of her.

"Promise me you'll never leave me." Catherine said, her face now showing hints of fear. In her mind images of losing the younger woman kept replaying itself.

"I will never leave you," Sara started, and before she continued she grabbed hold of Catherine's hand and placed it over her heart "because you've got a place in my heart…and so does Lindsey."

A single tear escaped Catherine's eye, and as Sara wiped it away with her thumb, the older woman spoke up "You just know what to say to make me love you even more."

Carefully opening the door to the guest room Catherine saw that her little girl was still sound asleep. She walked over and sat down on the bed next to her daughter.

"Linds, baby, wake up…you need to go to school." she said with a soft voice. The little blonde stirred a little, but didn't wake up completely.

Placing her hand on Lindsey's shoulder, Catherine gave her a little nudge. "Come on sweety…it's time to get out of bed."

Finally she got some response from her daughter. "Ahhh mom, I'm still sleeping." Lindsey said as she grabbed the blanket and pulled it over her head.

A smile came onto Catherine's face. "Aha…interesting…if you're still sleeping, how come you're talking to me?"

"This is Lindsey's subconscious speaking, Lindsey's actually still asleep."

"Haha nice try sweety, but you've got to get up now." Catherine said, pulling away the blanket and tickling the little Willows woman.

"Alright, alright I'm up." Lindsey giggled. "Good morning mom." she said as she embraced her mother.

"Morning Linds. Now, let's get going." She said, repeating the words that had been spoken to her by her lover just minutes before. And with that said, both of the Willows women headed off for the kitchen.

About half an hour later there was a knock on the front door.

As she opened the door she was greeted by Warrick and Nick. "Mornin' Catherine" Nick said, and as he held up a bag he continued "We brought fresh donuts, and were hoping to score some coffee here"

"Come on in." She answered as she stepped aside to let the two men enter. Although their colleagues still had to get used of the idea of Catherine and Sara being together as a couple, all of them were really supportive.

Warrick pulled the strawberry blonde into a friendly hug "Heya Cath, how's everybody doing?"

"We're ok, Linds still has nightmares from time to time, but she's doing much better. Nancy just dropped by to pick her up for school. And Sara…is just Sara. She just can't stand the fact she has to sit still, and can't do a thing."

"Yeah well, you'd feel the same if you were in this situation." Came the voice of the brunette from behind.

"Sara. Good to see you up and about again" Nick said as he hugged her loosely. "We brought you some goodies…is that coffee that I smell?" he said, handing over the paper bag.

"Thanks Nick. I think the coffee's ready…help yourself." she gestured to the kitchen.

As the Texan disappeared towards the kitchen, Warrick walked over to Sara. "Hey Sara, how are you feeling today?"

"I'm ok Warrick. I'm feeling better every day." Sara said as she eyed the strawberry blonde standing behind the tall dark man –a beautiful smile gracing the older woman's lips.

Catherine noticed how Sara had changed ever since the accident. Seeing how the interaction between the brunette and their other colleagues had grown, Sara now allowing people to get closer to her –figuratively, and literally– made her feel proud of the younger woman.

"Come on let's get into the kitchen before Nick drinks all the coffee. I still need my fix for today." Sara said guiding Warrick to the kitchen.

Taking their coffees and donuts along, the four of them sat down in the living room. Catherine and Sara next to each other on the couch, Nick and Warrick each in separate chairs that stood opposite the couch.

As they sat there Catherine kept looking at Sara who was in a conversation with Nick she couldn't stop a full-blown smile from appearing on her face.

Warrick noticed Catherine's eye-lock on the brunette. Trying to get Catherine's attention he cleared his throat, and got a grin of his own plastered on his face as Catherine's noticed she was caught staring at Sara.

After an hour of talking, about Lindsey, about cases…about all sorts of things, the four of them walked to the front door of Sara's apartment.

"Well, take it easy huh." Nick said as he stepped outside.

"I will." Sara said as she grabbed Catherine's hand and held it in hers.

"Thanks for coming by." The brunette said, her voice sincere, clearly showing she really appreciated their visit.

"Sure, we'll see you soon." Warrick said as he walked off, following Nick.

"See you two tonight." Catherine said before she closed the door.

Walking over to the couch where Sara was seated Catherine had a smile on her face once more.

Looking up at the strawberry blonde that stopped in front of her, Sara said "What's so funny? You've been smiling the entire morning."

"I love you." Catherine said before she leaned down and kissed Sara, gently tugging on the brunette's lower lip begging for entrance.

"No no no, You're not getting away with it that easily. Now spill, why that grin on your face?" Sara asked as she pushed Catherine back a little.

But before Sara got her answer there was a knock at the door

"Pfew, saved by the bell…err knock." Catherine said as she quickly walked to the door leaving a frustrated Sara behind.

As Catherine opened the door, the smile on her face disappeared within seconds.

"Good morning. I'm looking for Sara Sidle."

Part 4

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