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Cinnamon Girl
By Maaike


Chapter 3

"What?" Sara asked.

Things seemed to be blurry at the moment. She didn't want to understand it, but deep down she knew. She had seen those eyes, she had seen the brown hair, and she had seen the long legs.

"You are the smart scientist here. You tell me," Emily bit at Sara.

Catherine could have sworn she heard her jaw hit the table. Did she just get that right? One look at Emily and back at Sara confirmed it. Now that complicated the whole case.

"You are... That's impossible," Sara stumbled.

Emily looked at Catherine, trying to get her attention.

"Miss Willows, I have told you all I know, can I go now," Emily said calmly.

Catherine looked at the young woman who seemed to have put up all her walls. It was amazing how much she was like Sara, and it was even more amazing she hadn't made that connection before.

"Catherine," Sara said "could you please leave us alone?"

"That won't be necessary," Emily said, earning a glare from Sara.

"You barge in here, tell me we are related, and then walk out again?" Sara was furious. She was confused but most of all furious.

Catherine didn't know what to do; she was stunned by the revelation that had been made, even though it wasn't laid out in those specific words.

"I never wanted to say this in the first place because I know you are not waiting for a little sister to barge into your life. I wasn't planning on this, but I knew I had a sister in Vegas, and when I had the chance to study here I didn't doubt for a second," Emily paused to wipe away a tear. "I was so happy to find out I had family that was normal, but when I came here it was all a bad idea. And look where I ended up."

Sara looked at Emily in silence; she knew just what Emily meant. But she wasn't ready, not for this.

"It's impossible, my mother..," Sara started.

"Is in jail, that's where I was born. Great way to start your life isn't it?" Emily cut her off.

"Well, not everything in life is all roses," Sara said before walking out of the interrogation room.

"Cinnamon girl is my sister. I have a sister," she mumbled to herself while she was walking towards the locker room.

Catherine, who had been following the conversation in awe, opened her mouth to talk, but she didn't get the chance.

"I'm sorry," Emily said, looking at the blonde CSI. "I didn't mean to annoy you or to make you lose your patience. I really didn't want Sara to get in trouble, I'm sure she will be pulled off the case now, and she doesn't deserve that," Emily sighed.

"You don't deserve this either Emily," Catherine said. "Don't worry about Sara, she will be fine."

"I didn't kill Dana. I'm majoring in criminal justice, and I want to work in law enforcement. Killing her would be the stupidest move in my life," Emily paused and looked up at Catherine. "Apart from what I just did," Emily added.

Catherine felt like pulling Emily into a hug, but she resisted. Instead she started asking questions.

"Listen Miss Willows, I am sorry I messed up your case. I am sorry that I got myself into this. I am sorry for upsetting your colleague and most of all I am sorry but I don't think its appropriate to talk about this now. it has nothing to do with the case whatsoever," Emily said and paused shortly to look straight into Catherine's eyes. "Yes, I knew Dana. Yes, I was foolish enough to make out with her once. Yes, we got caught. Yes, I got beaten up over that. And yes, the whole school ignores me because I'm a geek. Happy now?" Emily got up and made way to the door of the room.

Catherine sighed; there was no reason to keep Emily here any longer, and maybe she should go look for Sara to see if she was ok.

"Thank you Emily," Catherine said while rubbing her temples.

This was the most tiring interrogation she ever had. This girl went from witness to suspect to, to what exactly? She was Sara's sister!

Catherine got up and led Emily to the reception from where she could call a cab. After that, she went through the whole Lab in search for Sara. She found Sara in one of the labs that are hardly ever used anymore; it was more of a storage room now.

"Are you ok, Sara?" Catherine asked, walking towards the brunette.

Sara looked up at Catherine who was coming dangerously close to her now.

"I'm fine," she said as Catherine sat down next to her on the floor.

"And now tell me the truth," Catherine said as she made Sara look at her.

"I don't know. I guess I knew right away, when I saw her, when I looked into her eyes." Sara was working hard to keep back her tears, but in spite of that a single tear still made its way down her cheek.

Catherine moved closer to Sara. She held Sara's face in her hand while she used the thumb of the other to gently wipe away the tear on Sara's face. Sara's breath hitched, and Catherine noticed right away. The blonde woman smiled and gently pressed her lips on Sara's, meeting the younger woman in a short kiss.

Before Catherine could pull back when she realized she was doing something inappropriate, Sara wrapped her arm around Catherine's neck and pulled the woman closer before crashing her lips into Catherine's.

At first Catherine was a bit reluctant, but when Sara made very clear she didn't care they were at work, she traced Sara's bottom lip with her tongue, demanding access to the younger woman's mouth which she got right away.

Sara moaned softly when Catherine's tongue entered her mouth. All these years she had waited for this to happen. All these years she dreamed of this, and now it was happening. It was much better than in her dreams.

Catherine who had been controlling the kiss pulled back to catch her breath. Sara looked so adorable like this; her face flushed, and her lips still swollen from the kiss they had just shared. Catherine didn't know why she pressed her lips on Sara's in the first place, but it didn't matter. The outcome was great. Damn, Sara was a good kisser!

"Erm," Sara started.

Catherine put her finger on Sara's lips. "We'll talk about this later, right now we have to solve this case, and you should talk to your sister." She said before giving Sara a quick kiss and getting up. She reached out her hand and pulled Sara up.

"If you hurry, she might still be at the reception," Catherine said.

"I... I don't want..." Sara started, still intoxicated from the kiss they had just shared.

"Yes you do," Catherine said, almost pushing Sara out of the door. "Go Sara."

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