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Make Me Stay
By Debbie

Sara put down her pen. Now the decision to resign was made she was exhausted. Resting her head on the table she thought of Grissom. It was pertinently obvious he didn't want her but Sara felt bemused rather than hurt. How could he not want female company? How could he not want love? How could he not want sex? Sara did want, so California beckoned, to find it.

A cool breeze blew across Sara's face, pen in hand, she awoke from slumber. Something felt awry. Looking down at hands that seemed impossibly older, she felt tired laugh lines crease her face. Her stomach held the beginnings of late years spread and her knees ached with 'what'? Arthritis?

Suddenly. The atmosphere changed again. Floating lights scattered the ceiling and beautiful music pervaded her mind. Sara got the feeling she was waiting for someone, but who?

The room shimmered before her till two women, deep in conversation, came into focus. Fascinated, Sara felt an aura of love and togetherness emanate from the women walking hand in hand onto a dance floor.

Slowly and sensuously they crossed the room. Entranced with each other they seemed oblivious to Sara's scrutinizing of the couple.

She watched the willowy blonde and a slightly taller brunette. Both showed the ravages of time had not completely escaped them and yet, these ladies were beautiful. They were in love. Sara thought she should know them.

As the blonde turned towards her and smiled Sara's heart stopped in amazement. Transfixed, she could only watch as an older Catherine Willows guided her dancing partner towards Sara.

"Hey Sara! Meet Liz Granger, my wife."

The gap toothed smile that Liz gave caused an all too real burst of uncontrollable jealousy to course through Sara's body. How dare this imposter…

Waking with a start, Sara took a moment to reorient and focus on her resignation letter.

The vivid dream resurfaced. Remembering the burn of jealousy as if it was now. Sara pondered the similarity of Catherine's future wife to herself: tall and brunette, younger than Catherine, gap-toothed smile.

Once more her heart skipped a beat. Maybe she didn't have to go to California; maybe she could find just what she was searching for right here. She picked up the phone and dialed.


"Join me for breakfast?"

"Sara? Is that you?"

"Who else?"


Scraps of resignation letter fell to the floor.

The End

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