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I Think I'm a Mom
By Debbie


"Oh, I will," said Harry, and they were surprised at the grin that was spreading over his face. 'They don't know we're not allowed to use magic at home. I'm going to have a lot of fun with Dudley this summer..."

Finishing the book, I close the pages and look down at Lindsay. She's smiling gently with hooded, tired eyes. I smile back, whispering, "Come on, school tomorrow, sleep."

Chuckling, she snuggles down saying, "Can we start the Chamber of Secrets tomorrow?"

Not wanting to disappoint her I answer carefully, "Of course, Munchkin, as long as I'm here. You know what work's like?"

"Yep! But I like having you here, tell Uncle Gris to leave you alone, please."

Laughing now I bend over and kiss her cheek, "I will, Hon. Now come on, sleep." Tucking the covers around her flowing blond hair I add, "Don't let the bed bugs bite."

Turning away I can just see her smile. As I walk out of the bedroom, my heart soars into the heavens when I hear her shy whisper, "See you tomorrow, I love you, Mommy."

The living room is quiet. Lindsay's favorite program is playing away. I marvel at the night I've just shared, bathtime followed by hot cocoa and cookies while watching the Simpson's, then Harry Potter, book one, to its finish. Pleasantly exhausted, I slump in front of the television and wonder what happened to my former lifestyle of work, nap, work, nap, work, work, work. It seems to have disappeared with the love of a young child.

Chuckling to myself I hear the front door slam. The eyes of my lover say that the night is going to become more adult in a few minutes. But first we must talk about Lindsay: our priority.

"Hey Babe! Did Lindsay go to sleep ok?" she says, bending to press her lips tenderly to mine.

Smiling against her lips, I answer, "Uh-uh. No problems, finished Harry, but she wants me to read book two tomorrow."

Laughter rings out. "She's got you wrapped around her little finger, woman. Who'd have thought it?"

Her laughter and Lindsay's words from earlier, when she called me 'mommy', echo in my brain. I come to an epiphany.

"Not me, Cath," I murmur earnestly. "Can I tell you something? Tonight, I realized, I think I'm a mom."

Her passionate kiss tells me I've said the right thing.

The End

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