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It's the Same Side
By ralst


It's the same side.

I want to scream at her that it's not. That there are differences so profound that the two can never be reconciled. Her betrayal is so deep that no amount of explaining will make it right.

She gave up everything that I believe in. Everything that I've tried so desperately to cling to. All just to become another browbeating cop.

It's the same side.

Can she really believe that? She's smart. Intuitive. She should know the difference. Feel the difference. We can never be on the same side, not now. The chasm is too deep.

She revels in her work. I can see it in her eyes, even when the darkness descends, and the pain of another victim finds shelter in her arms. I don't understand. Can't fathom her reasoning. Can't understand her.

It's the same side.

I want to pull her near and push her away. Listen to her explanations and ignore her excuses. Escape her love and embrace it.

We're not on the same side.

But I love her anyway.

The End

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