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Happy Girl
By Esmerelda


Part One

Catherine stood over her microscope, analyzing every color and texture of the foreign material. She was working on one of the most high-profile case she had ever been assigned to. Grissom had decided to give Catherine the case since she was the leading CSI on most cases nowadays, besides Grissom himself of course.

She sighed in frustration, knowing she wasn't going to figure out what she was looking at just by staring at it. She stepped away from the microscope and walked over to a stack of reference books. She proceeded to look up the material she had been trying to determine for the last hour. She crouched over her book, but her concentration was quickly interrupted by the low voice that called her name.


Catherine looked up from her book, her eyes meeting the tall, dark figure of Warrick. He stood in the doorway looking down at the smaller woman with a hint of concern in his eyes.

"Yeah, Warrick? What's up?" Catherine asked.

"You ok? I mean I know Gris gave you lead on this case; you sure you can handle it solo ok?"

"Thanks for the concern, Warrick, but I'm sure I will do just fine," Catherine responded.

Warrick simply nodded his head and walked back down the hallway. Catherine was secretly happy that tomorrow was her day off. She had been working this case by herself for almost 4 days straight on little or no sleep.

She flipped mindlessly through her reference book as her thoughts lingered on her soft bed and the relaxing day ahead of her tomorrow. The book fell open on a picture of liquid mercury. She walked over to the microscope and compared the two substances in victory.

Just as she was smiling to herself, another figure appeared in the doorway of the lab. She looked up and saw Grissom standing there watching the smile creep onto her face. Grissom simply smiled, knowing Catherine well enough to know she had made a break-through in her case. Catherine smiled even more as Grissom walked away, saying nothing.

Catherine finally looked up at the clock for the first time this shift. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw her shift was minutes from being over. She methodically put everything back in its place for when she returned to work in two days, and finally found herself walking out of the locker room and towards her Denali.

She pushed past the door and stepped out into the warm night air. Her head quickly turned to see a tall, lean figure leaning against her truck. It was Sara. She was gracefully taking a drag of her lit cigarette and blowing the smoke out in big, gray billows. Catherine reached her truck and looked at Sara who was just exhaling her last drag as she flipped the cigarette butt into the bushes.

"Hey," Sara said with a little smile.

"Hey there," Catherine said, stressed out.

"You wanna go out?" Sara asked.

Catherine just looked at Sara, wanting her to explain.

"You seem stressed; completely expected after Gris gave you the lead on the Hale case. Let's go out and get you all loosened up."

Catherine weakly smiled at the brunette and simply nodded her head. They got into Catherine's Denali and sped off to the nearest bar.

They both plopped into a booth next to the bar, and Sara ordered them a round. Catherine looked at her quizzically.

"I thought you could use a little bit of liquor in your system tonight," Sara responded to Catherine's unsaid question.

"Oh, you hit it right on the head Sar," Catherine said just as the waitress dropped off their drinks.

They both took their shots in hand and took them in one, swift movement. The alcohol burned down their throats, but was quickly soothed by the thick, bitter beer.

"So, Cath, tell me something," Sara said.

"What do you want to know?" Catherine said smoothly.

"I don't know...anything, everything. Whatever you want."

"Well, I know for sure that I need another shot...how about you?" Catherine said.

Sara simply grinned and held up two fingers to their waitress.

"And as for something, anything, everything...*sigh*...I am so happy that I have tomorrow off. This case is draining me dry," She was a little shocked at her admission but felt comfortable sharing this with Sara.

"Well, all you need to do is ask for help. I'm up for promotion and you know I'd jump if you said so," Sara told Catherine.

Catherine opened her mouth to respond but instead was interrupted by the round of shots being laid on their table. They both flawlessly took their shots again, the alcohol feeling a little less harsh this time. Two shots turned into three and then four. They lost count after a couple hours, but they both knew they were extremely drunk. Catherine's eyes popped open as she heard a familiar song playing overhead. She scooted out of the booth and grabbed Sara's hand, pulling her from her seat.

"I used to dance to this song all the time! Come dance with me, Sar," Catherine pleaded.

As much as Sara wanted to get out there on the dance floor with this beautiful woman, she couldn't help but notice she could hardly stand up on her own anymore. Reluctantly, Sara let herself be lead onto the dance floor, noticing that the tight grip from Catherine's hand was making her feel extremely excited.

Maybe it was just the booze, maybe not. There probably wasn't a single day that passed by when Sara didn't think of the strawberry-blonde. She was the most beautiful woman she had ever known, and here she was dancing with her in the middle of a bar.

Catherine took her hand from Sara's and turned her back to face Sara's front. Catherine molded her body into Sara's, and started to sway slightly to the music. Sara was so overcome with new sensations, she didn't know what to do with herself. Catherine lifted her arms above her head and slowly started to grind her ass into Sara's crotch.

Sara gasped at their friction and feeling Catherine's round ass rubbing against her body. As many times as Sara had pictured Catherine dancing, she'd never thought she would look this beautiful out on the dance floor.

Sara finally snapped back to her senses and instinctively placed her hands on Catherine's hips, feeling them sensually sway and rotate in every-which-way. She lowered her head so that her cheek was against Catherine's ear.

Catherine took this opportunity to snake her arms around Sara's neck and pushed herself further into Sara's toned body. Seeing this as an invitation, Sara then slid her hands around the older woman's waist. Catherine let a little sigh escape her lips when she felt Sara's strong embrace.

Catherine let her hands fall from Sara's neck and twisted her body until she was face-to-face with Sara. They both started to breathe heavily, both from the dancing and from the closeness they were sharing that they had never shared before. Sara looked down into Catherine's powder-blue eyes and rested her hands on Catherine's hips again.

"I am so drunk," Catherine blurted out.

"I think I am drunk...too," Sara said, slurring her words.

Catherine looked at the brunette and smiled. Sara looked down at the older woman, imagining what it would feel like to have Catherine's lips on her own.

"I was wondering what it would feel like to kiss you," Sara blurted out, as if answering a question Catherine never asked.

Catherine looked up at Sara with a very surprised look on her face, but she still had a hint of mischievousness in her eyes as she said,

"Well well, Sara Sidle. I didn't know you felt that way about me."

Sara opened her mouth to say something, but wasn't able to get anything out. Catherine's lips were already firmly pressed against hers, immediately licking at Sara's lips for entrance. Sara parted her lips and deepened the kiss, hardly able to support her own weight with her legs. Their tongues crashed together in a less than graceful way, given that they were not quite stable on their feet at the present time. They continued like this for about half a minute, and after that everything went blank.


Part Two

Sara was ripped out of a deep sleep by the pounding in her head. 'What happened last night?' she thought to herself. She tried to roll over on her side so she could get more comfortable, but her body was as heavy as lead. 'These sheets are a LOT softer than what I remember...why does my head hurt?...Jesus, my body is so fucking heavy I can't even roll over.' Sara was still trying to move her body of lead, but the sheets were pinning her down.

She finally realized that she was not alone...and not in her own apartment. 'Where am I? Who is that?' Sara thought looking over at her sleeping companion. Sara found herself turning her body, suddenly being freed from the sheets. Her female companion rolled over and looked Sara right in the eyes. 'Holy fuck! It's Catherine!'

"Sweet Jesus!" Sara screamed when she saw a partially clothed Catherine look over at her.

It wasn't until Sara was flying through the air off the bed that she realized she was naked as well. She tumbled to the floor, clutching the sheet as she tried to cover herself up. Catherine screamed as Sara fell off the bed and also tried covering herself with a blanket.

After cursing to herself a couple times, Sara finally peeked her head up just enough for her eyes to look over the bed at Catherine. Catherine looked across the bed at Sara who had an absolutely petrified look on her face. They looked at each other for what seemed like years, until Catherine tried to squeak out some words.

"How, how did...?" Catherine mumbled.

"Did...we...?" Sara asked.

Catherine gasped and shot her out-stretched finger at Sara as she covered her mouth with her other. Sara looked at Catherine in panic.

"You...you have a...HICKEY!" Catherine shouted.

Sara's head whipped down to find the little love bite and found a not-so-little bright red blotch resting on the very nape of her neck. Sara gasped and covered the hickey up with her hand. Then she let her eyes snap onto Catherine as she too shot an arm out. She pointed at Catherine with a steady finger and put her hand over her mouth, mimicking what Catherine had done seconds earlier.

"You have a hickey!" Sara almost screamed.

Catherine looked down at her chest and saw reddish-purple circle right atop her left breast. Catherine and Sara sat still, fingers still pointed at each other, trying to figure out what happened last night. As soon as they locked eyes again, images of the night before came crashing back to both of them.

They were drunk...dancing...kiss on the dance floor and some making-out to follow...totally forgotten cab ride...door opened...clothes ripped off...heavy breathing, caressing, more kissing...then the hickeys...then...then...

"Sweet Jesus," Catherine mimicked in a whisper as she remembered what the night had ended with.

Sara knew what happened too, it was written all over her face. They looked at each other, both their faces getting brighter red by the second. Catherine was the first to make a move and break their astonished gazes.

"I'm gonna...hop in...the shower," Catherine managed to stutter out.

Sara simply nodded her head and watched as the strawberry-blonde got out of bed. Catherine reluctantly let go of the blanket and slid off the bed, letting the profile of her perfectly shaped breast come into Sara's view.

Sara felt an extremely hot wave rush over her body as even more images of last night came flooding back to her. Catherine stooped down to gather her clothes in front of her chest, covering herself. Sara couldn't help but smile sweetly at the bare-bottomed Catherine Willows trotting across the bedroom. Sara watched as she scurried into the bathroom and let out a sigh of relief as she heard Catherine turn on the shower.

The two happened to arrive at work right in time for assignments. They walked to the conference together in silence, avoiding eye-contact at all costs. They reached the conference room door, and Sara opened the door for Catherine.

Right as she pulled the door open, her hand brushed the side of Catherine's hip, making them both freeze in their places. The guys noticed but didn't say anything because Grissom had already started handing out assignments.

They quietly accepted their assignments without hesitation or debate, and they quickly got up to get out of the conference room. As they reached the door, Greg was standing in their way.

"Shit," Sara said under her breath.

"Cath...erine, Sara...you two have something to share?" Greg asked with the excitement of a 14 year old boy in his voice.

Catherine and Sara barely looked at each other as Sara saved the day.

"What do you mean, Greggo?"

Greg let the biggest smile the two girls had ever seen spread across his face and pointed at Sara's neck. Sara knew right away he had noticed her hickey.

"So what?" Sara simply stated.

"Well, if I can remember correctly...the two of you left shift last night together to get a drink...and ended up driving into work together, which means that the two of you spent the night together?" The last part of that statement was more of a hypothesis than a fact but getting no response from the girls, he went on.

"So….if Sara has a very large *hickey* on her neck, that would mean..." Greg trailed off as he raised his finger to hook the neck of Catherine's shirt down.

Before he got there, Catherine slapped his hand down and exclaimed, "That's ridiculous!"

The rest of the guys had settled by the door and were all listening to the conversation, hoping to hear something juicy. The two girls brushed off the comments and walked past the circle of guys into the locker room.

When they got to the locker room, Sara slumped to the bench and Catherine rested her shoulder against the lockers. They were staring off into space trying to figure out what had happened last night. They sat in silence for about 2 full minutes until Catherine finally broke the silence.

"So..." Catherine drifted off.

She was going to keep talking, but she couldn't seem to find the question she wanted to ask. Sara's face was growing redder by the minute until she decided to help Catherine out.

"We can just...chalk it up to too drunk to remember," Sara said quietly.

Catherine just looked over at the brunette, batting away images from the night before, and nodded. She looked around with shifty eyes, not knowing what to do next, but suddenly realized that she had evidence to process. She quickly walked out of the room, leaving Sara alone.

Catherine got to her lab and tried to start processing her evidence, but her mind kept wandering back to what happened last night. 'Damn, that woman is a great kisser! She thought to herself. She was remembering how skillfully Sara had played with her lips, and that tongue...that tongue was working Catherine's body into a frenzy just thinking about it.

She started breathing heavily right there in the lab just remembering how Sara had pinned her down on the bed, taking her nipples into her mouth and sucking at the tops of her breasts. Just as Catherine's middle started to throb, remembering Sara's mouth sucking her to the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced, Grissom walked into the lab.

"Did I interrupt something?" he asked with a confused look on his face.

Catherine was breathing heavily, and she was resting her hands on the top of the lab table. Catherine was so stunned when she heard Grissom's voice, she jumped and turned around to look at him.

"NO!" Catherine shouted.

"Okaay..." Grissom said, drawn out. "I have a DB in the warehouse district. Take Sara."

"Sara?!" Catherine said wide-eyed.

"Yes, Sara. Tall, thin, brunette hair, really smart and..." Grissom started to tell Catherine.

"Yeah-Gil, I know who Sara is. I just...where's Nick?"

"Graphics room."




"Desperate?" Grissom asked with raised eyebrows. "What's wrong with Sara?"

"Not-nothing!" Catherine stuttered. "But doesn't Greg need..."

"Catherine, take Sara...warehouse district...DB." Grissom simply stated.

Catherine looked at Grissom and walked out of the lab towards Sara.

"DB in the warehouse district, you're riding with me," Catherine said as she walked by the doorway of the lab.

Sara looked up to see Catherine walking past the door. She got up from the table and followed Catherine into the parking lot. They rode silently to the warehouse in Catherine's Tahoe. When they got there, they both walked into the warehouse in silence and started to collect evidence.

Sara put her kit on the floor and pulled her hair from her shoulders and into a ponytail. Catherine's hair was already pulled back, and she was tracing the perimeter of the crime scene. She got to one end of the room and started to work her way backwards, until she slammed into something. Sara was hunched over the body when Catherine backed up into her.

They both let out a little sound and stood up to face each other. They were almost nose-to-nose, and their eyes were locked. Sara's heart started to race, and Catherine's breathing was noticeably increased by their closeness. They moved a little closer until Brass appeared.

"Looks like blunt force trauma to the head and shoulders. We got prints already, just collect anything you find off the vic's body," Brass told them.

They shook their heads in understanding and squatted over the body, looking for evidence on the young man's dead body. They finished the scene and started towards the truck, riding back to the parking lot with the music playing lightly.

They arrived back at work, and Catherine drove her truck to where Sara was parked. They looked at each other and blushed a little.

"Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow then," Sara said as she unbuckled her seatbelt. Catherine thought to herself: 'Ask her to come over for coffee, ask her to come over for coffee, ask her to-'

"Ok, see ya," Catherine replied.

Sara looked at Catherine with a slightly disappointed look on her face. She smiled and hopped out of the truck and walked to her car. Catherine pulled away and was hitting her forehead with her hand. 'Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! You should have asked her over!' She pulled up to her house and made her way inside.


Part Three

Sara got to her apartment and was immediately ready to climb into bed. She walked to the bathroom and took a quick shower. While she passed the soapy sponge over her toned stomach, she couldn't help but remember when Catherine pinned her up against the wall of her apartment and licked every inch of her stomach.

Sara's middle started to throb with her racing pulse as she slid the sponge over her breasts. She thought she heard a knock on her door. She shut off the water, toweled off, and heard the knock again. She wrapped the towel around her body and walked to the door.

She looked through the peephole and saw Catherine standing there. 'Catherine? What the hell is she doing here?' Sara opened the door and looked into Catherine's eyes.

"Catherine? What are you doing here? Is something wrong?" Sara asked her.

"No, no...I just...I don't know why I'm here. Actually I'm going," Catherine stuttered. She got embarrassed and turned towards her car. Sara grabbed her hand and pulled her close. Catherine looked into Sara's eyes. She followed the line of her jaw down her neck that was slick with soapy water. She looked back up into her eyes, and Sara opened her mouth to say something.

Before Catherine knew what hit her, Sara's lips were crashing against hers, immediately deepening the kiss. Sara pulled Catherine into her apartment and closed the door behind her. Catherine was absolute putty in Sara's hands as she was pinned up against the wall and kissed to the point of breathlessness.

"I was just thinking about you," Sara sighed into Catherine's mouth.

"Oh really?" Catherine asked mischievously before she was kissed again.

"Yeah, I was working myself into a frenzy in the shower before you knocked," Sara confessed and planted another kiss on Catherine's waiting lips.

"Well...I guess now...you don't have to do all the fun stuff alone," Catherine told Sara.

She took Sara's hand in her own and led her towards the bathroom. 'Something tells me I'm gonna fall asleep a happy girl tonight!'

The End

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