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Make an Ass of Me
By Debbie


Dark brown eyes followed the two retreating women, and the watcher gave a deep sigh. Those two asses had to be two of the most perfect rears in the whole of America and it was Wendy's luck that they were both already taken; by each other.

After receiving their DNA results, Catherine and Sara had shared a joke with their colleague, invited her on a girl's night out later that week, told her to bring a date, and then left, as always almost conjoined at the hip. There was no holding of hands, it was the CSI labs after all, but they might as well have held hands the barest of gaps that separated them.

Wendy grinned; at least she had the pleasure of watching their assess retreat from her lab at least once a day.

She pondered their offer of a night out and wondered just who she could invite as a date.

To be honest, she had the ideal candidate already ensconced in her brain, Sofia Curtis; the gorgeous blonde detective that strutted past her lab seemingly without a care in the world. Always intent on the job at hand, so far, Sofia had failed to see the brunette DNA tech watching her through the glass windows.

And watch her she did.

Like now as Sofia wandered past her lab, head down, eyes worried. Wendy ducked her head out of the doorway and was pleased to see Sofia slip into Gil's office.

Almost skipping back into her lap in childish glee, Wendy whipped the next results out of her thermocycler, quickly deciphered the sheet, and jumped excitedly on the spot.

Luckily, she needed to let Gil know these results quickly, and as Sofia was closely involved in this case, now seemed as good a time as any.

She hurried down the corridor, intent on finally having an excuse to gain eye-contact with the woman that was starting to haunt her dreams.

Wendy reached Gil's office just as he spoke quietly to the detective in his office.

She took a moment to appreciate the sheer beauty of another beautiful ass; so firm, and so sweet, encased in tight black pants pulled even tighter by the way Sofia always had her hands deep in her pockets.

"Well, I'm sure he'd appreciate the offer, but I don't think he'd want you to do that."

Taking a deep breath Wendy entered the room.

"Excuse me; I got the DNA results…"

Sofia whirled around and took an almighty gulp as her eyes dropped immediately to the brunette's chest. The look on her face seemed to say, 'Where the hell has *she* been hiding?'

"… for your decapitated civil war corset victim."

Wendy dared a look towards Sofia and saw the detective intent on her face.

"The blood from the field is a match to Carson, but the epithelials on the toupee from the train track were not. So, were any of your suspects wearing a rug?"

Wendy looked over towards Sofia and their eyes locked for the briefest of moments. It was a moment long enough for Wendy to see a hint of attraction in clear blue eyes.

Sofia raised her eyebrows and said wryly, "I can think of one."

The two women shared a quick smile, then bid goodbye to Gil, before leaving his office side by side.

Reaching Wendy's lab door in silent companionship, Sofia started to say something, before stopping herself. To Wendy's surprise, instead of carrying on her way, Sofia followed the lab tech into her room.

As Wendy turned to lock eyes with the detective, Sofia began to talk.

"Um… please don't take this the wrong way, but would you consider… um, maybe, joining me for a drink one night?"

Wendy smiled, knowing she had the perfect answer; a way they could get to know each other without the pressure of it being a true date, and then afterwards they could…

"Yeah, I'd like that, very much. In fact, Catherine and Sara suggested a girl's night out later this week, why don't we join them, and then… maybe, go on somewhere ourselves?"

Sofia's eyes lit up as she nodded in acceptance.

Once again, Wendy smiled, knowing she had Sofia.

The End

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