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Snow Angels
By Esmerelda


"Eeee hee hee hee!"

The sound of Greg's squealing and joyful clapping was echoing down the hallway as he walked into the locker room. I was busy taking my mittens and hat off when I heard him, and I didn't raise my head while I smiled to myself. He always knew how to get the team going for the night. Greg came bursting in the locker room bundled up in so many layers that he looked like a giant, puffy marshmallow.

"It's snowing!" Greg exclaimed into the small room.

"Easy Greg," Nick warned with his trademark half-smile.

"Ah guys aren't you excited? It never snows in Vegas!" Greg said with wild hand gestures.

"Lindsey was ecstatic this morning. She came in and drug me out of bed just so I could watch it with her," I added.

"Ah, the joys of having kids," Warrick smirked my way.

"Yeah," I chuckled out before flashing him a smile.

"So Sara..." Greg started, "you been outside yet today?"

Sara was putting her gun into her locker as she was listening to our friendly conversation, offering nothing until she was spoken to. That's Sara for you. For some reason, she blushed slightly and tried to skirt around the question until I realized she was embarrassed for not leaving the Lab after her last shift.

"Greg, not everyone needs to revert into their childhood every time snow falls. Or in your case, every time the sun sets and rises consecutively," I joked.

Greg snorted quietly at my joke and turned quickly back to Sara. He walked over to his locker and started putting his winter-wear away.

"I just though you and I could make a snowman later, maybe a couple snow angels?" Greg tried to be charming.

"I wouldn't hold your breath Greg," Sara said.

"Ouch!" Greg said as he clutched his chest as if he were in physical pain.

The whole team laughed into the locker room before Warrick and Greg headed out for assignments. Sara and Nick were chatting in the locker room before the three of us also headed out towards the break room. Grissom had already come and left, leaving the assignment slips sprawled over the table.

"Where did..." I started.

"He left," Warrick interrupted, "late for court."

We all nodded in understanding and reached for an assignment. Our hands bumped as we reached for the same assignment, and my head shot up to see Sara blush. We both looked at each other sheepishly before I grabbed the assignment and read it aloud to her.

We headed off towards the truck and drove off to our suspicious circs in the suburbs. After taking dozens of pictures, making a few casts of footprints embedded in the soft snow, and dusting for fingerprints, we headed back to the Lab for processing.

"Hey, anything probative on your suspicious circs case?" Warrick asked as he peeked around the doorway of the evidence lab.

I shook my head and offered him a short answer before he explained that he had to leave early for a court appearance. I bade him a goodnight and decided to go find Sara.

Sara. Now that's a subject that's been on my mind a lot lately. For some reason, I have been thinking more and more about her every day which is weird because she really gets on my every nerve. Maybe it's just the holiday season getting the best of me, but I was feeling something other than animosity towards her lately. And the scary thing is that I'm starting to like it.

"Hey," I said, trying to get Sara's attention away from her microscope and onto me.

"Hi," Sara said quietly.

"You up for some breakfast? I'm starved!" I said with a smile and a hand on my stomach.

I noticed as Sara's eyes rested on the hand over my stomach. She blushed again for the third time today, and I started to think she was having the same problem I had been having lately. She smiled and pushed up from her chair, following me out of the lab.

We got to our favorite diner with an hour left of our shift, something we probably weren't supposed to do. Nevertheless, we ordered our breakfasts and chatted until our plates were nothing more than a few crumbs and some dried syrup.

"It's snowing again," I pointed out as I looked dreamily out of the window.

I watched as the giant, fluffy snowflakes wafted gently down to the ground and suddenly wanted nothing more than to see Sara frolicking in that very snow. I looked over to her with a gleam in my eye and quickly grabbed her hand. Sara let out something like a scream as she felt herself being pulled from the booth and outside into the bitter cold.

"Catherine! What are you doing?" Sara exclaimed when we finally got outside the diner.

I laughed as she pulled her coat dramatically over her body with a very grumpy face. Her eyes shot open when I flopped myself down into the soft snow and started wiggling myself into prime snow angel position. I smiled and started propelling my arms and legs, successfully making an angel-like imprint in the snow. I looked up at Sara who was looking at me like I had a second head, her arms crossed over her chest. I gave her a look of 'join me or else,' and she flipped.

"Oh no, don't think I'm getting down there with you..." Sara started.

I replied by grabbing her wrist and yanking her hard down to the ground. She fell not so gracefully beside me and shot an evil glare straight at me. I laughed out loud when Sara looked up at me with a couple flakes of snow stuck to her eyelashes and face.

Out of instinct, I reached up and wiped away the frozen flakes from her face. Sara's glare softened immediately, and I knew right then that she was indeed suffering from the same thoughts I had. I looked at her for a millisecond before I grabbed a handful of soft snow and pushed it into her face. Sara screamed at the coldness and wildly tried to wipe all the snow off of her face.

"You are so gonna pay for that," Sara said in a low voice, clearly irritated.

"Only if you can catch me!" I challenged as I stood to run away from her.

Sara barreled towards me and caught my ankle, bringing me down to the ground. I tried to squirm from her grip, but Sara relentlessly pulled her way up my body. Her hands grabbed my kicking legs and guided her way up to my hips. She grabbed the sides of my hips tightly and tried to still my squirming body under the weight of her own.

I tried to catch my breath from my fit of giggles when Sara finally reached my face. I stopped breathing and looked at her wide-eyed, wondering what she was going to do. My heart started pounding loudly in my head as Sara lowered her face towards mine. I wasn't even sure if I had indeed felt it, but the feathery brush of her lips against mine sent me soaring to new heights.

She pulled her lips from mine, and we both looked at each other through hazy vision. Before I knew what was happening, I felt freezing cold snow being stuffed past my jacket and down the front of my shirt. I screamed at the brazen intrusion and jumped up from under Sara.

Sara lay on the ground laughing as I jumped up and down while pulling my shirt away from my chest in order to remove the snow. After I had gotten most of it out, I looked over at Sara and threw her a death-glare.

"That was way worse than snow in the face, you got my shirt all wet!" I whined.

Sara said nothing as she stood from the ground and walked over towards me. I watched as she looked around discretely before moving her hands to the zipper on my jacket. My breath hitched in my throat as I felt the zipper being pulled down and Sara's cold hands slipping inside the warm cavity.

The look on her face was enough to let my breath loose from my lungs with a rush. Sara's hands began to softly brush the snow from the front of my shirt, her touches lingering over my breasts. After a few more brushes, Sara's hands took on a mind of their own as her fingers started to gently stroke my nipples through the thin material of my shirt and bra.

My lips wrapped around her earlobe, and I felt Sara moan into my hair. We were both breathing heavily by this point, and I knew if we didn't stop soon I would be taking her right here in the snow outside the diner.

"Sara..." I whispered.

"Hmm?" Sara mumbled against my ear.

"We can't do this here," I reluctantly said.

Sara let out a little whimper of defeat and looked into my eyes. Her hands were on the sides of my breasts, lightly stroking them as she spoke.

"I love the snow," she whispered.

"Yeah, yeah. Let's get outta here, huh?" came my hasty reply.

Sara giggled and dragged me towards the truck as I prepared myself for a long and pleasant night.

The End

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