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SEQUEL: to In My Pocket.

It's a Knockout
By Debbie

As another cold, wet sponge hit her square in the face Sara Sidle grimaced. How the hell had she ever got herself into this mess?

Spying the excited face of Lindsey Willows, she remembered and smiled to herself, a blush creeping up her neck as she once again felt the long slim fingers squeezing her ass-cheek. Remembering the kiss and the night that followed caused heat deep in her core and an embarrassed chuckle as she saw bright blue eyes smiling into her own in amusement. Lindsey was the image of her mother and could read Sara like a book, just the same.

"You're thinking about my Mom, stop it! We've another game to win," shouted the excited young girl, as she grabbed Sara's arm and dragged her over towards a large pool filled with freezing cold water with a slippery pole suspended about 3 foot over the water.

Smiling apologetically at the teachers leading the sponge throwing game she followed her young guide until they were standing by the pool.

Seeing two competitors clamber up on the pole to be shot at by numerous water cannons while fighting each other with plastic swords, Sara screamed, "You have got to be kidding me, Lindsey. I'm not going up there."

"Please Sara. We only need one more victory to have the competition sewn up. Laura and Emily will love you forever if we win. Not to mention, Miss Walberg," chuckled Lindsey.

Sara groaned, "Well if Miss Walberg'll love me I'd better give it a go, I guess."

Waiting for her turn on the pole she once again looked back on the path she had taken to this day.

"Jeez Cath, what the hell are you doing to me?" moaned Sara as she came down from the magical high of her first orgasm of the night and looked into clear blue eyes that were almost navy with lust.

Catherine Willows grinned and gave an amused chuckle as she, once again, ducked down between the quivering thighs of her lover, intent on taking her to the heights once more.

Sara quickly grabbed for the bed-sheets desperate to get purchase, as vibrations rippled through her already overheated core when the red-headed beauty murmured, "I think the books call it cunnilingus my darling," and then laughed against her.

Catherine continued to tease Sara, gently blowing her soft warm breath across the burning folds, kissing gently around the edges of her sex, before softly letting the very tip of her tongue glide over the glistening hole.

Lifting her head slightly, she smiled into the desire crazed eyes of her lover, then stroked more strongly up towards her throbbing clit, swirling her tongue maddening around it before flicking over its very center.

The contact sent white-hot bursts through Sara's very being and she let out a deep groan.

Hearing the groan, Catherine knew it wouldn't take much more stimulation before Sara came and so she withdrew slightly, to tease and prolong the rapture. Lapping deeply at the flowing, sweet moisture, she thrust her tongue in deep and felt a convulsion rip through the brunette's body, pulling out and in ever more deeply, the convulsions doubled in intensity.

Lifting away completely from Sara's sex, the red-head heard another frustrated groan, and grinned evilly. Looking up she demanded, "Look at me."

As Sara opened her eyes with difficulty to stare adoringly into her eyes, Catherine drove two fingers firmly into her. Maintaining the eye contact, Catherine added a third finger and started a steady, slow rhythm.

With both women refusing to lose the contact of their smoldering look, Catherine saw Sara's eyelids start to flicker, and bent her head finally to lick quickly over the sensitive clit, before coming up to see the exact moment Sara fell over the edge. The brunette's muscles clamped tight around her fingers and a look of such intense pleasure on her face caused delightful tremors to pass through Catherine herself.

Gently stilling her movements, she rested her chin on Sara's abdomen, still maintaining the intense eye contact. Both women were gasping so it was a few moments before either woman could speak, and, as was often the case, it was Sara who gave in the quicker.

"Fuck me, Cat. Have I ever told you, I love you," groaned Sara with an evil smile on her face. Expecting to hear Catherine laugh, she was surprised when Catherine turned very serious.

Reaching up with a gentle hand to caress the side of her lover's cheek, Catherine whispered, "Actually Babe, you haven't." Then, trying to lighten the mood and assuage her unexpected insecurity, she added with a wink, "Only when I've just taken you to heights you've never been before."

The older blonde woman let her words drift and rested her head on Sara's gently rising stomach. Surprised at her own insecurities, Catherine waited to see if Sara answered her unspoken question. Deep down she was certain Sara did love her, but superficially their relationship was still new and hidden. Their close friends had realized the relationship had changed but their wider circle of contacts probably still saw them as only close friends. It was this fact that had started to worry Catherine a little. She was certain she wanted to spend her life with Sara, and therefore she wanted her daughter to spend her life with Sara too. So, she argued to herself, Sara needed to be recognized as Lindsey's other parent, not just a close friend of her mother's. Sighing, she wondered if now was the time to broach the subject; Lindsey had a charity day coming up and Catherine had high hopes of attending as a recognized family.

For Sara's part, she had been surprised to hear the question in Catherine's voice; surely Cath knew how much she cared. To all intents and purposes they were now a family unit. She saw Lindsey as her daughter, and wanted to be there for both of the women in her life. She knew that she wasn't the most demonstrative of lovers, Catherine made up for that by being a wonderfully tactile partner. The older woman shared hugs and caresses with seemingly no obligation, but maybe Sara hadn't made her position very clear. It was ok to cry out 'I love you' at her moment of release but her woman needed to know she was loved through the mundane times too. Sara took a deep breath and reached down to tilt Cath's face up towards her.

Smiling into deep azure eyes, clouded with a hint of fear, Sara gently kissed the lips before her, and then said quietly but earnestly, "I love you, Catherine, with all my heart and soul. Don't you ever doubt that? You and Lindsey are my life now. It's not just sex, Cat, I promise you, it's all the time, forever, you know." This time it was Sara's words that trailed off as she become embarrassed at her outpourings.

Reaching up to kiss Sara's lips in a deep nurturing kiss of reciprocation, the delighted Catherine had a wonderful, evil idea suddenly form. Drawing back from the kiss slowly and teasingly, she reached down to cup Sara's sex gently, and said, "If you really, really love me you have to prove it."

With a hitch in her breath at her immediate arousal, Sara groaned and gasped, "Oh, I can do that darling. Just..."

"No. Not that. Lindsey's school has a charity event next week. Moms and dads are invited to take part in slapstick games against rival teams to raise awareness of Breast Cancer and earn some hard cash. I think I'm getting a little old for that sort of thing, don't you? If you love me, and Linds, it's your turn to play Mom, I think." Chuckling at her initiative, she squeezed Sara hard for good measure.

Gasping, all Sara could manage was, "That's no fair, Cath, you're joking, right?" before her lips were captured by the devouring mouth of her lover.

"No Babe! If you really love me and Linds, you'll do this little thing for us both," assured Catherine before dragging Sara over on top of her and staying all thoughts of her younger lover's protests.

And so Sara was sitting atop a slippery pole being bombarded from all angles by freezing cold water cannons as a great hulk of a man descended menacingly on her much frailer body. Quietly cursing her woman she thought back to her capitulation at the expert hands of Catherine and knew she was a goner. She was in love with Catherine Willows and nothing could stop it. Whether Catherine was as in love with her was a moot point; as well as staying all Sara's protests that night, Catherine had conveniently failed to reciprocate those three special words. Sara was 95% certain she was loved and wanted, but there was always that inner doubt in the young woman.

Feeling a soggy sword almost knock her from her rocky perch she focussed on the matter in hand, this was important to Lindsey and therefore important to Sara too. Crouching low, she used her smaller frame, self-defense training and better balance to good effect, pounding the giant man with hit after hit.

"Go Sara, go Sara, go, go, go," were the only words she could hear over the cacophony of the supporters; Lindsey, her daughter, wanted her to win.

One more determined hit knocked her opponent down into the water below. Throwing down her sword, she raised her arms in triumph and let out a loud whoop. Turning to the grinning face of Lindsey, she winked and blew a kiss high, before carefully jumping down to be enveloped in a bear hug by the very excited young girl.

"You did it, Sar. You're the best. I love you so much," whispered Lindsey into the proud ear of Sara.

Suddenly, she felt another pair of arms surround the hugging pair and a soft kiss was dropped onto the nape of her neck. A gentle, amused voice spoke in her ear, "She is and I do, very, very much."

Turning around Sara looked into the vibrant eyes of Catherine and saw the truth in her lover's words. She was loved as much as she loved.

As high fives were shared with other members of Lindsey's team, Sara and Catherine held hands tightly, and shared the occasional loving kiss.

Maybe it wasn't such a bad day after all.

The End

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