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Halloween Challenge
By Uriel Falcon


"It was a dark and stormy night..." The voice from the living room stated in a creepy, over-dramatic tone. The lights were dimmed to nothing but candles and a few wayward flashlights clutched in feminine hands. Outside, the wind whistled through the trees, thick sheets of rain pounding on the glass windows. Thunder rumbled somewhere in the distance, far beyond the thick trees of the back yard. Lindsey rolled her eyes from her spot in her favorite arm chair, flipping through her teen magazine, chewing a piece of bubble mint gum.

"Sara, there's no need to carry on the Halloween story telling tradition... I'm 15, for crying out loud. Stories are SO not cool..." Lindsey said in her typical snobbish teen voice. Sofia shushed her from her spot lying on mounds of pillows on the floor, covered in a thick blue comforter. The blonde detective turned back to Sara, her chin resting in the palms of her hands.

Catherine chuckled from the kitchen doorway, joining the other girls with a giant bowl of extra buttery popcorn. The eldest Willows placed the bowl on the floor in front of Sofia, close to Sara's feet. She then plopped down under the comforter with Sofia, snuggling into the tall woman. The brunette grinned at her ladies from her storytelling chair. Seeing the soft interaction between her two blue-eyed goddesses made all the crap she had taken in life completely worth it.

"It's tradition, Linds. That's why we do it! Besides, Sara's pretty good at weaving a tale if I do say so myself..." Catherine explained, turning to nuzzle Sofia's ear with her nose. The other blonde giggled, her left hand wrapping itself in Catherine's right. Lindsey rolled her eyes once again, scoffing.

"Ew, get a room..." she mumbled, turning back to her magazine. Sara returned to gazing at her ladies, before readying her voice for a story.

"As I said before... It was a dark and stormy night when Robert decided he would test the rumours. You see, little Robert had been hearing a few threads flying around his 8th grade classroom. Most consisted of who would cry at the trip to the Halloween Haunted house at the Bellatrix... But the rumour that perked this little fellow's interest was the rumour of Old Man Jenkins' house.

They said that every Halloween, he and his wife would rise from the dead and call out into the house, groaning in agony as they transcended time and space to haunt those who decided to enter their rotting home. The screams could be heard from down the block. So far, Robert hadn't heard anything as he walked along the barely lit road, but he didn't believe the rumours anyway... Though he should have.

Catherine adjusted herself and Sofia to sit up, seating herself between the detective's now crossed legs, leaning back against Sofia, kissing her jaw tenderly. Lindsey attempted to focus on her magazine, but was indeed intrigued at Sara's Halloween-themed story. The leggy brunette looked between her two beautiful women and her growing daughter before continuing her story.

After a few more minutes of walking in the dark rain, Robert reached the house. He quickly folded his umbrella and pushed open the heavy front door, the hinges creaking as he stepped inside for refuge. With a shake of his head, he tried to dry off. So far, no screams. Robert took another step forward, gazing around the empty home. The floor board groaned in protest. His umbrella suddenly SNAPPED open. He cursed at it, tossing the stupid thing to the side as he confidently strode through another door.

Sofia jumped slightly when Sara boomed the word 'snapped', her grip tightening on her blonde lover's rib cage. Catherine grinned at her jumpy wife, running her hand over the sapphire-eyed woman's thigh. Lindsey slowly closed her magazine, tucking it beside her as she shifted to get a better look at her brunette mom. The said woman quickly glanced around, absorbing all of the elements that she could use. As the thunder outside boomed closer, Sara decided to continue.

Robert stared at the room he had entered. Littering the room were what seemed like hundreds of upside-down chairs. The dust on top of them was at least an inch thick, probably more, and the cobwebs from the ceiling and chandelier were longer than he was tall. With an unenthusiastic kick, Robert knocked over a few of the chairs, the dust unsettling. He looked around the room before turning towards another door, ready to open it. But, as his hand touched the doorknob, a rustling from behind made him spin on his heels, eyes wide in fright.

Catherine gripped at Sofia's knee, snuggling in closer to her shivering woman. Sofia's grip was tight, but not uncomfortably so. Lindsey was curled tightly in her chair, staring around the room at the shadows that the candles created. A crack of lightening followed by the roll of thunder added to the mood. Sara continued.

He took in the sight before him, slowly stepping forward. The chairs that he had kicked over were back in their spot, exactly how he had seen them the first time. Robert felt the hairs on the back of his neck shoot up as something brushed against his hand. He spun on his heels quickly, and saw the wisp of a ghost flutter by. He gasped and ran for the door, but he was yanked away by a gnarled, white hand. He SCREAMED FOR HIS LIFE, BUT TO NO AVAIL!!! He was NEVER seen again, the only evidence of him was his still opened umbrella sitting in the foyer of Old Man Jenkins' house...

Sara yelled the last bit just as another strike of lightning cracked and more thunder rolled right above their house, its intensity having the power to shake the glass in their house. Sofia shrieked burying her face in Catherine's shoulders. Lindsey gave a smaller cry, curling deep into the armchair. The storytelling brunette laughed, shoveling some popcorn into her mouth afterwards. There was only a bit left, considering the two original Willows women had been nervously snacking away.

"I always love your stories, Sara. Makes Halloween special," Sofia stated, lightly kissing the back of her wife's neck. The leggy brunette smiled softly at her brides, lazily reclining on the couch. Lindsey slowly uncurled herself, stretching out her now long legs. The teen had sprout up a few inches during the summer, now having the height of her mother. The detective slowly stood up, pulling Catherine with her towards the couch, the blanket somehow following them onto the couch.

"C'mere..." The blonde brides obliged Sara's statement. Catherine moved to lay down against the back of the couch and Sara, her right arm dangling over the brunette's stomach. The tall detective settled herself between her dark CSI's legs, snuggling into the brunette and blonde's comfortable embrace.

"You guys are a bunch of softies... I'm going to go chat with Julia... Night moms." Lindsey got up from her spot and made towards her room down the hall. A chorus of 'good nights' echoed down the hallway after her. Sara clicked on the television with her remote control, surfing until she found a Simpson's Halloween marathon. The brunette then wrapped her long arms around her lovers, dropping light kisses on their golden crowns.

After an hour of watching the Simpsons, the strawberry blonde clicked off the television, slowly extracting herself from the warm cocoon of love. She quickly folded up their blanket while Sofia and Sara cleaned up the random candy wrappers and popcorn bowls on the ground. The elder Willows woman trudged down the hall and up the stairs towards their room. Sofia followed soon after, a spring to her step as she thought about their relationship.

It had started strangely enough. The ambivalent feelings of the three women towards each other became overwhelming. The night had been brutally hard on all of them. She had found Catherine and Sara duking it out verbally in the locker room. The sight of them flushed and passionate made her react. Within a fraction of a second, Sara had slammed them both into the lockers, kissing them with a feverish need.

Since then, there had been no animosity between them. Brunette, blonde, and strawberry blonde worked in complete harmony. Even Grissom had commented on how great it was to see the women working so well together. Their solve rates shot up, the lab was bright with friendliness and good humour. To all three of their surprise, Lindsey had adapted easily. Sofia had figured it would be hard enough with two moms, but three? She honestly hadn't thought it was going to work. But somehow, it did.

A year afterwards, Sara proposed to both of them. All three wore matching wedding bands. The wedding had been small, but it was everything they ever could have dreamed for. Of course, legally they couldn't all be married, but it was the spirit that counted. Sofia turned into their candle lit room, smiling lovingly at her wife, who was spread out on the bed wearing nothing but a thong and a white nightshirt.

"Hey, baby... You look a little flushed, are you feeling alright?" Catherine asked in a sultry voice. Sofia slowly made her way over to the woman, crawling up the bed to kiss her passionately. The older woman moaned into the kiss, burying her hands in Sofia's golden mane. The detective sat back on her heels, Catherine following her with her overpowering kisses. Sofia quickly popped the buttons of her blue shirt, her lover helping her to yank it off of her shoulders, revealing a navy blue bra and a very toned body.

Catherine ran her hands over the blonde's strong stomach, moving her wet kisses to her smooth neck, suckling on Sofia's pulse point. The younger woman groaned and tossed her head backwards, her spine arching with pleasure, her nipples restrained by the fabric of her bra. Catherine quickly popped the button of Sofia's tight jeans, yanking down the zipper and shoving Sofia onto her back. The blonde below her responded by wrapping her legs around Catherine's slim waist, locking her ankles.

Catherine quickly popped open the clasp of the detective's bra, lavishing Sofia's breasts with hot kisses and wet licks. Sofia moaned loudly, her hands finding their way into Catherine's hair, keeping her close. Catherine eased the beautiful woman's pants down her hip, tossing them somewhere in the corner of the room. Sofia suddenly flipped them over, pulling off her blonde wife's nightshirt in a swooping movement. She then began to repay Catherine's actions. The strawberry blonde's breath hitched in high notes as Sofia suckled on her nipples.

"Oh, god, yeah Sofia..." Catherine yelped as Sofia nipped at her skin, trailing down towards her navel. Sara leaned against the doorway, her head turned to the side slightly as she observed quietly. A smile crept its way across her face as the blonde detective removed Catherine's thong, following it down her leg with soft kisses.

She loved watching them. Two of the most beautiful women she had ever seen in a state of pure love and lust. Heads thrown back in passion, hair askew, faces flushed and chests heaving... There was not a single sight in the world she would pass this up for. Well, other than the three of them and Lindsey at the park. There it didn't matter what they looked like, because they radiated with a motherly essence that was brighter than the sun itself.

Catherine's loud shriek brought the brunette out of her memory, and reminded her to shut the door. When she turned back around, a wave of lust coursed its way to her nether regions. Catherine's legs were clenched around the detective's head, her hips arched off of the bed in an attempt to get more of Sofia's expert tongue. The younger blonde was obviously loving the effect she was having on the elder Willows, her back arched and her round bottom high in the air.

Sara's pupils narrowed, her eyes darkening with liquid desire. The brunette unbuttoned her black shirt slowly, leaving it open. She then pushed down the zipper of her jeans as she made her way over to the bed. With a pop of another button, she knelt on the bed behind Sofia, entering her from behind with the shaft of her strap-on. The detective moaned loudly, pushing her behind backwards, trying to get more contact with Sara. The brunette let out a growl from the depths of her lungs, leaning over Sofia on all fours, beginning to rock and thrust against the blonde detective.

After a few minutes of slowly rocking, Sara picked up the pace, nipping and licking at Sofia's shoulder blade. The detective also picked up her pace, reaching up with one hand to pay lavish to the strawberry blonde's perky breasts. Catherine screamed loudly as her orgasm overcame her, her thighs shuddering around Sofia's head. The brunette above Sofia brought a hand up, stroking Catherine's thigh in a soft manner. She then placed her hand back on the bed for leverage, increasing her pace of thrusting.

"Oh, Sara...Ugn...Love you both..." the detective moaned, holding onto Catherine's hips as a form of grounding. Catherine stroked her head lovingly, still recovering from her powerful release. Sara grunted as she shifted her weight, reaching around with her right hand, stroking Sofia's clit with her talented and nimble fingers.

Sofia's head snapped back, her moaning increasing in volume as her hips bucked back into Sara. The leggy brunette behind her growled again, once again increasing her pace of both her thrusting hips and moving fingers. Sofia's skin glistened with the oil of sex, her hair flowing over her shoulders like a river of gold. After a series of almost erratically paced thrusts, the detective groaned out her orgasm, her voice rumbling low. She collapsed onto Catherine's chest, holding onto her for support.

Sara held herself above the blonde detective and the elder Willows, reaching with her left hand to brush their hair in a soothing manner. After a little while longer of just laying in each other's embrace, the three women rolled apart and snuggled up on the bed, Sara's arms wrapped protectively around each set of fair shoulders.

"Happy Halloween, loves," the dark CSI spoke, leaning her head back on the pillows. Catherine giggled, tracing Sara's stomach with her index finger. Sofia was following in her path, enjoying the sight of goosebumps in her wake.

"This Halloween has been positively orgasmic..." the detective purred, interlacing her fingers with Catherine's. The strawberry blonde grinned.

"I hope there's a Christmas follow-up..." she mumbled, her eyes slowly sliding shut. The brunette between them chuckled deeply in her sleep.

"Weirdos...." she muttered before falling into a deep sleep. Halloween was such a funny time...

The End

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