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Tying Up the Laces
By Annette


"So, the whole corset thing… kinda messes with your prior views on them, huh."

Chuckling lightly Grissom answers. "Not really, no. I've seen enough of them – in a good way – to dispel any lasting trauma going forward."

"Hmm, I think I might need a new visual though."

"Ah, well I can always give Lady Heather a call…"

"What! Oh… no that's not… won't be necessary."

Holding up his hands to forestall further repudiation he completes his previous offer. "I was going to suggest you borrow a few of her corsets. She has a vast collection, and I think you'd be able to find something perfect for yourself or… Sofia."

"Sofia? Why would I…" Staring deeply into Grissom's eyes Sara looks for the truth – is he joking? Not likely. How could he know? "I don't… why would you say that?"

"I saw the way she looked at you when you were dusting the corset. I've seen you look at her that way when you thought she wouldn't notice."

Sara tries to think of what to say. "Gil…"

"No, Sara. I've been thinking about this, us. We've been drawn to each other through a favorable meeting of the minds – we understand each other. Our relationship is more of a bond that will never become intimate in more than a platonic fashion. I couldn't be happier for you." Smiling widely now he gestures toward the other room. "and Sofia. I think you two are perfect for each other."


"So, shall I call a Lady about a corset?"

One week later – Sara's apartment…

As the sound of the shower ends Sara's voice can be heard yelling out from the bathroom. "Have you ever thought about how you want to die?"

"I don't know. Most people want to die in their sleep I suppose. Never know that it's happening – like a crime scene. Surprise, you're dead! I prefer to know in advance that I was gonna die. I'd like to be diagnosed with cancer actually, have some time to prepare. Go back to the rain forest one more time – reread Moby Dick" A pair of pale legs appear in the doorway moving toward Grissom as he continues. "Possibly enter an International chess tournament. At least have some time to say goodbye to the people I love."

The pale legs resolve themselves into a silk robe clad Sara. "I'm not ready to say goodbye." Sara kneels in front of Grissom and smiles. "At least not until you've finished lacing up that corset you brought over. Then I will bid you a fond farewell… Sofia will be here in less than half an hour."

The End

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