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Sugar Rush
By Debbie


Long legs swung lazily over the back of a chair, wavy blonde hair splayed artistically across lace pillows, bright blue eyes gazing seductively over reading glasses, and last, but certainly not least, a close up of perfectly rounded buttocks.

Catherine sighed. A perfect young woman in every way shot to smithereens in full view of hundreds of people, and yet, nobody saw a thing, literally. How anyone could want to remove this beautiful face and body from the world was beyond the seasoned CSI.

The young woman in the pictures barely resembled the young woman she'd seen torn apart on Doc Robbins autopsy slab. The young woman in the pictures, however, reminded Catherine of her younger self; she laughed, her much younger self.

Year upon year of solving similar crimes had slowly taken its toll on Catherine. She readily admitted she wasn't as young as she had once been; no longer was she the beautiful, streetwise, new investigator on the block, she'd passed that mantle to young Greg Sanders. No, now she was the seasoned, hard-nosed, distinguished beauty of CSI land. She laughed at her own description, wondering if that was how the others saw her.

However they saw her, it didn't alter the fact that cases like this one still got to Catherine Willows, it didn't alter the fact that she'd found her love twice over, it didn't alter the fact that she'd lost loved ones in similar circumstances, and it didn't alter the fact that she had a daughter to bring up as safely as she could.

Another thoughtful smile lit up her face as she appreciated the fact that, at least now, she no longer had to do it all alone.

Leaning over the evidence table and raising her reading glasses slightly to get a different aspect, she softly caressed the edges of the photographic evidence of the young singer's demise.

Suddenly, her senses were on alert, and she stood quickly to hone in on which direction the approaching footsteps were coming from. She sniffed the air and smiled, someone was going to get lucky. Taking five minutes, she leaned back against the table.


"Yeah, be quiet, hun, or we'll have the whole of CSI wanting to share."

Sofia smiled at Catherine's words, playfully hiding a stash of doughnuts behind the nearby microscope.

"Nuh-huh, mine and yours only."

She reached over and pulled Catherine towards her so that she ended up sitting on Sofia's lap. Without any further words, the two women shared a long, unhurried kiss, Catherine's lips licking a soft circle around Sofia's sugar coated mouth.

"Hmm, I think you started without me, CSI Curtis. That's not nice; you're going to have pay." Catherine pulled Sofia's head down forcibly and plundered her mouth aggressively, dredging every last drop of sweetness she possibly could.

"Damn, Cat, if that's my payment, I'll eat the entire bag next time."

"No you won't." Catherine reached for the bag of doughnuts and held it tight to her heart. "They're mine."

Slowly, she stood and walked to the door, pretending to steal the stash. She locked the door and walked back towards the other woman, keeping her eyes locked with the flashing blue of Sofia's. The look of pure desire they shared brought a blush to each face. Catherine's gaze raked over Sofia from head to toe and she smiled evilly. Leaning over to nip at her earlobe, she whispered, "You're mine."

Sofia let out a joyful laugh as she grabbed the bag back. "No, they're mine," came out in a much stronger voice than her hesitant, "You're mine."

Laughing together, Catherine pulled a doughnut from the bag and proceeded to break the pastry into small pieces. Putting a piece of the sweet dough between her teeth, she leaned over to share with Sofia, giving a gentle kiss as final reward.

The remaining doughnuts were polished off in a similar fashion as the two women forgot the death and mayhem littering the table behind them with their shared expression of loving.


Sofia Curtis stood in the doorway with a shit-eating grin on her face and a questioning look in her sparkling eyes.

"Are you okay? You seemed pretty deep in thought. Is this case getting to you?"

Catherine smiled at Sofia's concern, answering truthfully.

"Ah no, not too much, I was just miles away." She gazed at the bag in Sofia's hands and then allowed her eyes to drift slowly upwards to concentrate on sticky full lips, her message clear.

Sofia laughed out loud as Catherine licked her own lips hungrily, and then the detective swaggered jauntily across the room to rest back against the evidence table, impossibly close to her CSI colleague. Nudging Catherine's shoulder, she held out the bag of doughnuts.

"You want one?"

Catherine turned to face Sofia, raising her hand slowly; she slowly traced the outline of her lips with a steady finger. Carefully, she brought the finger back to her own mouth, locking eyes with Sofia as she savoured the sweet taste she'd known would be there. She started to lean forward, the desire to taste sugar first-hand strong, but…

… That was then, and this was now; they'd both moved on to other lips, to other tastes.

She pulled away, surprised to see a disappointed look in Sofia's eyes, knowing the moment it changed to a memory of something good. They shared a quiet moment of remembrance and then, with a wry grin, Sofia once more held out the bag, shrugging her shoulders.

Catherine chuckled in acknowledgement and nodded her head towards the still open door.

"I think Sara's more in need right now, don't you?"

Sofia gave an evil grin and strutted away; turning as she reached the doorway, she called back over her shoulder, "Thanks for remembering."

The End

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