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Sick Day
By Dacia

Part Two

As soon as she had hung up with Lindsey Sara hit the speed dial for Grissom's cell.


"Griss, it's Sara, I'm afraid that neither Cath nor I will be in tonight."

"Both of you why what's the matter. It isn't really possible to spare both of you."

"Well Grissom, you have to. Lindsey called me frantic you know that Catherine has been sick? Well she claimed to be fine and told Lindsey to get ready while she cooked dinner. When she walked into the kitchen Lindsey found Catherine unconscious on the floor. She asked me to come over and I told her that I would, and that we would take Catherine to the hospital."

"All right but please keep us posted on how Cath is doing ok Sara?"

"Sure Griss, I have to go I just pulled into Catherine's driveway," Sara said as she hung up her phone and jumped out of her Denali, and ran towards the door.

Lindsey must have been watching from the front window because Sara had barely reached the door when Lindsey threw it open, and threw herself into Sara's arms sobbing her heart out.

"Linds, Shh it's ok sweetie. C'mon lets go inside and get your mom to the hospital ok?"

"Ok Sara," Lindsey said as she took Sara's hand and dragged her into the house, and towards the kitchen.

"Oh and Lindsey?"

"Yeah Sara?"

"You should have asked who it was before you opened the door. I know that you saw my car and me but it might not have been me ok?"

"Ok sorry Sara," Lindsey said as she hung her head.

"Hey don't worry about it lets get your mom in to my car. Can you do me a favor?" Sara asked as she knelt down beside Catherine.

"Yes what do you want me to do?"

"Here are my keys go unlock my trunk and get me a blanket for your mom then open the back door for me." Lindsey nodded as she grabbed Sara's keys and ran out to her car to do what she was told.

Sara's brother was an EMT and thanks to him and when she dated that loser Hank she knew a few things to check. She noticed that Catherine's breath was very labored and that her skin was burning up even though she was shivering. "Oh Cath, poor baby. We have to get you to the hospital. You should be proud of your daughter she is being such a trooper," Sara said as she gathered Catherine into her arms, surprised to feel how light she was. She carried her out to the car where Lindsey was waiting with a blanket, and a pillow Sara had forgotten was in her car in case she needed to sleep at the lab.

"I did what you asked. I thought Mommy would like a pillow too. I called Aunt Nancy and she's gonna meet us at the hospital." Sara gave Lindsey a small smile as she carefully placed Catherine on the back seat of her car and managed to strap her in. Sara wasn't sure what made her do what she did next but she leaned down and kissed Catherine's cheek. Sara let out a gasp of surprise as a bolt of electricity shot through her. She looked over to Lindsey to see if she noticed but Lindsey was just standing there uncertainly, waiting for Sara to tell her what to do.

"Lindsey, go and get your stuff that way you have it for when your Aunt Nancy gets there so you can go home with her."

"Ok I will but I want to stay with Mommy. Why can't I stay with Mommy?" Lindsey asked, as her eyes filled up with tears. Sara scolded herself for saying what she had said without thinking. Sara knelt down to the little girl's level before speaking.

"I don't know if they will want to keep your mom and if they do the hospital isn't a place for a little girl to sleep ok?"

"Ok I'll get my stuff, be right back," Lindsey said as she ran for the house. She came back a few minutes later with her things, as well as Catherine's purse.

"Good thinking I forgot about her purse go lock the door, and then we will head to the hospital," Sara said as she closed the back door and walked down to the other side of her Denali.

Lindsey was back in a matter of seconds and climbed in behind Sara. After she was settled she placed her hand on her mother's arm and whispered soothing words to her all the way to the hospital.

Part 3

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