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As Always
By Debbie


A blonde rolled over and smiled as her cheek hit the indentation left by her lover's head. She always laughed when other women claimed to hate waking up to an empty pillow. For her, ten years older than her lover, it meant she had a few more minutes of rest before her day began; a few more minutes to recharge her batteries.

She sniffed the unmistakable scent of the woman who had stolen her heart 25 years before; the woman who had finally succumbed to the antagonistic passion that had rumbled between them from day one.

It had been a passion that had carried them forward through all the good times and the bad times together. Like any long-standing relationship it had been hard, but damn it had been, and would always be good.

Like every other morning they'd shared, a sound made the woman look up from her resting place. Her lover climbed out of the shower, singing quietly to some melody buried in deep inside. Beautiful brown hair tumbled haphazardly over her shoulders and her small breasts still hung just perfectly; she had always been the perfect shape for the woman watching her now.

The brunette strolled across the room, allowing an exaggerated swing to her hips. She smiled lazily and dropped onto the edge of the bed, lifting her hand to caress short blonde hair, flecked now with more silver than red. She leaned over and kissed the waiting lips, drinking deep of their love, offering herself.

The blonde grinned and pulled her lover down; she knew this game so well. Their bodies melded together; a perfect fit. As always, their rhythm played out in time to a song sung so many times before it should be boring, with these two ladies, it was anything but …

The End

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