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Uncommon Love
By Debbie


I'm standing here, watching in wonder. Hidden behind the kitchen door, I watch as Sofia dances with true abandon; oblivious to the fact her company's arrived.

I can't help the chuckle at her choice of music. How she can seriously think she's not pretty is beyond me; she's absolutely gorgeous.

Everyone knows I'm a dancer, but tonight, I'm not watching as a dancer. I'm watching as a lover, and Sofia is glorious. All angles and lines, elbows and knees, jerky and uncoordinated; raw, raw and untamed, just like our relationship. Sofia, the woman I claimed as mine for all the wrong reasons but keep as mine for all the right ones.

The music changes and I can't help but smile at her choice of song. Since our relationship changed to one of sharing; since my ownership became less of an issue, she's listened to a couple of my old CD's and found these songs that remind her of another.

A smile crosses my face again as her hips sway to the music in a much more flowing carefree movement. That's what Sara does for Sofia; she calms the rough edges that I bring out in her. Sara's her calm to my storm.

Again the music changes and still memories of Sara drive our thoughts. I can see the gleam in Sofia's eyes as she remembers, as I remember. Some would say I should be jealous, but how can I be? They're meant to be together; we're meant to be together. I can't stop it. I don't want to stop it.

As if drawn by the song, the door opens, and I feel her walk towards me. Strong arms wrap around my body, and I'm drawn backwards into warmth and safety. She begins to sway our two bodies in time with the music, and we just drift.

Quietly, she asks, "What are we doing, huh?"

"We're watching a maestro at work, my dear. What are you doing?"

"I'm hoping my women are waiting for me."

"Oh yeah, hopeful much," I tease.

She doesn't answer, just turns me around and kisses me like only she can, and then grasps my hand, traces my lips with a gentle finger, and whispers, "Come on, they're playing our song."

I grin and allow myself to be lead towards Sofia. As we reach her, she glances up in surprise and beams her delight.

Sara slips behind our girl, as I tuck my head under her chin and snuggle in. Sofia's arms slip around my waist as she leans back to welcome Sara with a kiss, and then I feel Sara's arms on top of Sofia's and that's the beauty of this; all of us turned into, onto, in each other. We can do it; we will.

The End

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