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Stinking Surprises
By Debbie

Wallpaper one: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v123/deb123em/sarafic.jpg

"You want me to do what?"


Sara groaned as she remembered the exchange of words, for it certainly couldn't have been called a conversation. Just how did she get herself into such God-awful predicaments? Catherine Willows had a lot to answer for.

Arm deep in what could only be described as a cess pool searching for a fraternity ring, rain pouring down on her back, Sara Sidle, ace CSI at Las Vegas Criminalistics lab could only smile at her own question. She did these things for Catherine because Catherine had the most amazing smile and every once in a while Sara liked it to be directed at her instead of the male members of their team.

Catherine Willows was the epitome of everything Sara loved in a woman. She was strong, intelligent, caring, and absolutely gorgeous to boot. A brilliant CSI and a wonderful colleague. An amazing adversary as well as a loving friend to Sara and all the guys of CSI. A clever teacher and mentor that Sara had learned much from over the years. In short, the perfect woman. So when Catherine said jump, Sara usually jumped, eventually.

All of a sudden, losing concentration and balance, Sara Sidle fell head first into the depths of the slime. Gasping for air her hand seemed to center on a small ring-like shape. Grasping it tightly she surfaced to grab the air that her system so desperately needed. Spluttering, she looked down at a sludge covered ring in her hand. Carefully cleaning the ring she saw it consisted of two hands holding a heart with a crown above. Sara recognized the design, this wasn't a fraternity ring, this was a traditional Irish ring: a Claddagh love and friendship ring.

Not sure if this was the ring Catherine wanted her to find she headed back to headquarters, hoping to catch one of Catherine's smiles.

The first thing Sara saw as she entered the evidence lab was Catherine's blonde head leaning over the evidence table. Deep in thought she didn't hear Sara enter.

Smiling, Sara said, "Hey Cath! Couldn't find a fraternity ring, so sorry..."

Before she could finish her sentence a startled Catherine spun around and interrupted, "Never mind, Babe, I've got the girl to draw a sketch of the design we're looking for."

"Cath! If you'd let me finish I was going to say, but I did find this." Sara handed the Claddagh ring to Catherine.

"Hmm, don't think this matches but it is nice, isn't it?" she smiled.

Basking in the smile and somewhat surprised, at work Catherine never used her soft voice for Sara's ears, the younger woman could only murmur, "Yeah, I guess it is." Looking up she saw that Catherine was standing close and was about to whisper something in her ear.

Involuntarily Sara shivered; at the same time, Catherine scrunched up her nose and pulled back, "Jeez Sara, you need a shower."

Laughing, Sara turned to leave the room, throwing back over her shoulder, "Yeah, you have a lot to answer for. See you in a few."

As she left the room, Sara missed the look of satisfaction that crossed Catherine's face; her plan was coming nicely to fruition.

As Sara gathered her toiletries together she was stunned to hear the locker room door open, and the soft clunk as the lock was engaged. Spinning around she saw Catherine with a devious smile on her face. She approached Sara slowly and passed a small box to her; she then turned around to sit on the central bench.

Sara stared into the blue eyes watching her expectantly and heard the quiet whisper, "Aren't you going to look inside the box?"

The brunette opened the box to see the Claddagh ring she had just returned. It was now clean and sparkling and nestled on a bed of purple satin. Stunned she looked into Catherine's eyes once again, silently asking the question.

Reaching forward Catherine took the ring out of the box and placed it on Sara's right ring finger with the heart facing inwards. "It's for you, from me, so that you know, and I know, you're mine," she said quietly and earnestly.

Immediate tears sprung to Sara's eyes but she refused to let them fall. Catherine had said 'you're mine'. And, although the strong determined Sara would never admit to being anybody's, the Sara that loved Catherine Willows with all her heart had only ever wanted to hear those words; so she smiled. A quiet chuckle bubbling to the surface, she leaned over and whispered gently across the older woman's lips, "Love you." It was all she could say.

Catherine grinned and her eyes shone in devilment. "In that case, don't mind me, carry on."

Stealing a deeper kiss, Sara withdrew and began to remover her clothes in the way she knew Catherine appreciated. Sure enough she saw Catherine's eyes glaze over with a lust she never wanted to stop seeing. At Catherine's next words, Sara knew her eyes now matched the pair watching her intently.

"God I love watching you undress."

Wallpaper Two: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v123/deb123em/cathfic.jpg

The End

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