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Un Cercle Autour du Soleil
By Debbie


What the hell am I doing here?

"You want to get a beer?" Catherine said and then looked at me with a funny smile. Couldn't decide if it was a smirk or a sympathetic gesture, so I told her, "Drive."

And she did, right into the desert, to this godforsaken place. Some sort of Irish bar, where they serve ice-cold Guinness and play Celtic roots music from an old-fashioned music box. It seems Catherine is of Irish descent. When troubled she comes here to hide.

Catherine's in her element, chatting and laughing with the regular bar goers. Me? I'm sat here not knowing what to say. Don't get me wrong, Catherine's been fantastic. Not once has she said what a fool I've been. Not once has she said that she knew all along that Hank was a bad one.

No! She's been more than supportive. Which I guess surprises me, seeing as how we are not the best of buddies, especially after my failure with Eddie's case. Maybe, she's saying sorry in the only way she knows.

She's watching me from the corner of her eye, looking worried. She reaches out with her hand to grasp mine, smiling gently and raising her eyebrow in a silent question. I smile back shrugging my shoulders. She turns back to the bartender and whispers something in his ear.

Suddenly, the room is filled with stirring music as some men play instruments with gay abandon. Catherine whispers something in my ear, something that sounds very much like, "This is the craic, Sara. Come on, let's dance." With that she is out of her chair and center-stage.

I watch her dance; so graceful, so beautiful and so carefree. I look at the folks around me and this beautiful woman entrances them too. She moves with the grace of a flying bird, so high and so free. I wonder if I'll ever feel as Catherine so obviously does. Wonder if I'll ever feel confident enough to just be.

On her next circuit, Catherine pulls me with her. In the center of the room, she takes both my hands, leans backwards and spins us both around and around and around. Intoxicated with her beauty and her enthusiasm, I stare into her eyes and feel myself orbit around her, basking in the light of her love I soar. For once I believe that I, Sara Sidle, can fly.

The End

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