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SEQUEL: To Rules are Made....

...To Be Broken
By zennie


"Chilly around here, isn't it?" Wendy remarked as Catherine stalked by the DNA lab, casting a glare at the back of one oblivious Sara Sidle.

"Huh?" The tall brunette CSI looked up at the lab tech from her papers, puzzled. "It's been in the 100s all week."

"I meant," Wendy nodded her head in the direction of Catherine's rapidly-departing back.

"Oh." Sara sighed. "Yeah, she's still not speaking to me."

"Can I ask… what happened?"

Sara frowned and rubbed a hand over her face. "You know, I've been trying to figure that out all week."

Wendy glanced at the clock and then back to the perplexed woman in front of her. "Wanna go grab a beer and talk about it?"

An hour and several beers later, Wendy was trying to summarize: "So you walk in on your girlfriend, getting it on, at work, with one of your coworkers, and you're the bad guy?" Sara shrugged. "And what was that about hair color rules again?"

"Supposedly there's some rule about women with the same hair color not having sex. Catherine was rationalizing the whole thing as an experiment to test that rule." Sara gave a rueful half-smile, "I simply pointed out that her sample was off."

When Wendy quirked an eyebrow, Sara explained. "Sofia isn't a natural blonde."

Wendy's grin turned speculative, then predatory as Sara jumped, startled by the stocking-clad foot making its way up her calf. "You know, I'm naturally a brunette."

That evening, at work, Catherine was shocked out of her icy silence by Sara's disheveled appearance as she sat at the break room table, nursing a cup of coffee. Her eyes were bloodshot, her shirt, the same from the night before, was missing a button, and a red, circular mark just below her collarbone was partially visible whenever she yawned.

"Sara? What happened to you?"

"Oh, hey, Catherine. I, uh, well, if you ever complete your experiment with Sofia, well, I have independent verification that the hair color of femslash characters has absolutely no affect on sexual performance, satisfaction, or stamina." Sara winked at someone standing behind Catherine, and she whirled to face a smirking Wendy standing in the doorway. "You know, if you want to write it up for The Femslash Enquirer or something."

Catherine's outraged roar as she stormed out of the break room kept her from hearing Wendy ask about other dimensions that needed to be tested or Sara's assurances that they needed to be thorough 'in the interests of science.'

The End

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