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Rules are Made...
By zennie


Sara walked into her lover's office without knocking. "Catherine, do you have those results…?" She began before coming up short to stare at the scene on the desk.




Catherine was quickly trying to do up her unbuttoned shirt while Sofia smoothed her clothes and ran a hand through her mussed hair. "Sara, I can explain, it was an experiment…"

"An experiment?"

"Yes, an experiment. You see, there are these rules…"


"Yes, about fanfiction pairings and, uh, hair color, you see, where women with the same hair color aren't supposed to get together, you know, like blondes on blondes, and this group is trying to advocate for…"

Sara held up a hand, bringing her lover's disjointed ramblings to a stop. "So you" she indicated both of the women before her with her hand, "are testing to see what exactly? if these rules apply to you?"

Catherine shot a glance at Sofia, looking for help, but the blonde detective was leaned up against the desk and seemed content to watch the fireworks, her smirk not hidden by the toothpick in her mouth. "Well, actually, we were trying to see if there was some physical reason that a same color pairing doesn't work."

"Physical reason?" Sara appeared to mull that over for a moment, and Catherine saw a ray of hope. "Like the sex wouldn't be good or wouldn't work or something?" Catherine gave a half-nod, half-shrug.

"I still don't buy it," the brunette told her lover firmly.

"What, what's wrong?"

"The test is invalid. First, you," she indicated Catherine with a sweep of her hand and an ironic twist to her voice, "are sometimes a redhead and sometimes a blonde…"

"The term is, I believe, strawberry blonde," Sofia volunteered from around her toothpick, but Sara ignored her.

"And she" the brunette swept her hand toward the detective, "isn't a blonde at all." Catherine looked confused. "At least not naturally." Sara's hand gestured toward a certain part of the detective's anatomy as if to clarify. "What, you didn't notice…?"

Realization dawned on Catherine at what Sara was getting at. "We didn't get that far," she mumbled.

Then her head snapped up and she regarded her lover with cold, angry eyes. "How exactly did you know about Sofia's hair color?" Her voice managed to rise several octaves during the course of the sentence.

Sofia's grin over the infuriated blonde's shoulder, the ubiquitous tooth pick pushed to the corner of her mouth, did nothing to help the tall investigator as she tried to stutter out an explanation. But her lover wasn't sticking around to hear it as she pushed past the brunette and ran down the hall.

The brunette ran after her, still trying to explain, "But, Catherine, it was an experiment…"

The End

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