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Femslash Advocacy Group


Detectives prefer blondes (A Femslash Advocacy Group Power Meeting) PG Multi-fandom crossover - Two blonde lawyers meet to discuss femslash strategy. This follows on from Jill's introduction to the F.A.G.. Complete


Anticipation PG Multi-fandom crossover - The members have gathered in preparation for International Day of Femslash. Complete

Celebrate Good Times PG Multi-fandom crossover - The much anticipated day has finally arrived. Complete

Turning Over a New Leaf PG Multi-fandom crossover - During a glorious - and drunken - celebration on New Year's Eve, various pairings from a multitude of fandoms made a pact to cast aside their jealousies and competitiveness and unanimously agreed just get along. But that was before one member of the pairings spotted the femslash Queen's Epic Proportions post. Complete


Femslash Advocacy Group - Winter C.O.U.G.A.R. Mixer PG Multi-fandom crossover - An informal meeting for certain members of the F.A.G. Complete

F. A. G. - Super Elite Femslash Crack Force PG Multi-fandom crossover - An elite team is formed to fight anti-femslash shenanigans. Complete


The Little Problem PG Multi-fandom crossover - The Femslash Advocacy Group has a little problem. Complete


TV Butches Anonymous PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover - Something has to be done about Valentine's Day. Complete

TV Femmes Anonymous PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover - Something has to be done about Valentine's Day. Complete

The OTP Vote PG Multi-fandom crossover - It's time to put the pairing question to the vote. Complete

B.F.A.G. PG Multi-fandom crossover - a meeting of the 'Blonde Femslash Advocacy Group'. Complete

Welcoming the New Recruits PG Multi-fandom crossover - two new characters are welcomed into the wonderful world of femslash. Complete

I'd like to thank... PG Multi-fandom crossover - the femslash characters react to the news that X:WP has been given a second month as 'Fandom of the Month'. Complete

I Hereby Call this Meeting to Order PG Multi-fandom crossover - the femslash characters are at it again. Complete

A Friendly Little Warning PG Multi-fandom crossover - it's only fair to warn them what they're getting into. Complete

Counting the Clichés PG-13 Ash/Scribbs The ladies of suburbia recieve a scroll from the 'Femslash Advocacy Group'. Complete

If Reva Shayne shows up... PG Olivia/Natalia   Blake/Doris Olivia isn't overjoyed at the newest additions to the Femslash Advocacy Group. Complete

D.F.A.G. PG Multi-fandom crossover - The Disenfranchised Femslash Advocacy Group spies a possible new member. Complete

F.L.F.F.G. PG Multi-fandom crossover - The first meeting of the Formerly Living Femslash Females Group is in session. Complete

The F.A.G. Vs The Music-Man PG Multi-fandom crossover - Alex Cabot and Gabrielle finally have something in common; their hatred of all things Will Schuster. Complete

The Name Question PG Multi-fandom crossover - Dead or Murdered? Complete

An F.A.G. Member's Cry for Help PG Multi-fandom crossover - One side of a very surprising conversation... Complete

The Butch-Femme Ridicule PG Multi-fandom crossover - Olivia Benson calls a meeting of her own. Complete

F.A.G. Writer Down! PG Multi-fandom crossover - One of the group's favourite femslash writers is down. Complete

Sex Sucking Harpies Not Invited PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover - A certain brunette succubus is causing havoc in the world of femslash. Complete

F.A.G. Search for Femslash PG Multi-fandom crossover - Gabrielle's decision to employ magic and computer science to track down the missing femslash might have been a mistake. Complete

From the Jolly Roger to the F.A.G. PG Multi-fandom crossover - Emma Swan and Regina Mills discuss the eternal question: does a ship make them a canon 'ship? Complete


The First (and Last) Meeting of the FCwPP PG Multi-fandom crossover - The First (and Last) Meeting of the FCwPP (Femslash Characters with Perceived Problems) Complete

Rules are Made... PG-13 Catherine/Sofia   Sara/Sofia   Sara/Catherine CSI spoof - where were Catherine and Sofia during the B.F.A.G. meeting? Complete

...To Be Broken PG-13 Sara/Wendy   Sara/Catherine   Catherine/Sofia   Sara/Sofia CSI spoof - Sequel to Rules are Made... Complete


Femslash Island 15 Multi-fandom crossover - A peek into a modern day femslash soap opera, featuring various pairings from carefully chosen fandoms – most of them placed in a different line of work – set on a remote island, far, far away from life as we know it and centered on a very important event that will take place at the island's premiere location… Hotel Calidornia. Complete

Monkey Business PG Olivia/Natalia Natalia needs help dealing with Olivia's somewhat unusual obsession. Complete

Cirroco DeSade

Beware the VJB (Voyager/VJB) The VJB decide to take matters into their own hands in order to get our girls together. Complete


What About Me? (Women's Murder Club) G Lindsay/Cindy/Jill   Claire/F Claire has been reading fan fiction and she isn't happy. Complete

k alexander

Super Duper Uber Wunderbar PG-13 In the world of Ubers there are stories that make you smile, that make you think, that make you smile and cry, that are just so good that your heart aches. This isn't one of those. Uber, meet clich?. Complete


Captain Odon and his Merry Men (VJB) The writers of VJB are given the Captain Beaky treatment. So lubricate those singing voices and sing along with me. Complete

The Starship VJB III (VJB) A fic off between the omnipotent Michael and erm me, RalSt, apparently - madness VJB style. Complete

Turbo lift Stories: An Outsiders view! (VJB) Lt Michael explains what exactly a turbo-lift is for - Humour Complete


It Was Your Blood - part spoof (Voyager/It Was Your Blood) When Seven of Nine becomes the victim of a mysterious assailant, the Doctor seeks the help of Starfleet's greatest detective to solve the crime. Complete

The Alternative Factor (Voyager) As Voyager draws to the end of its seventh year in the Delta Quadrant, strange things begin to happen. Parody. Complete

Next Week on Enterprise... (Star Trek: Enterprise) What exciting episodes await us in this latest incarnation of the Star Trek franchise? And why does everything look more advanced than in The Original Series? Complete

Unimatrix Odon (Trek/Reservoir Dogs/Prisoner) Find out the truth behind Klingon forehead ridges, ex-Borg in skin-tight biosuits and much, much more. Complete


The Helping Hand of VJB (Voyager/VJB) Members of VJB descend on Voyager to save the crew from the horrors of TPTB. Complete


Slacker Central (VJB) The VJB writers don't take too kindly to being called slackers, or at least they wouldn't if they weren't quite so drunk. Complete

OMG! Awards (Voyager/VJB) News has reached Voyager of the Perfect Misfits fanfic awards and panic ensues. Complete

Welcome to the FLPD New 1 15 Multi-fandom crossover - two new deputies join the Femslash-Land Police Department and find that nothing is quite what it seems. On-Going