(NOTES) I could not find a E-handle that rhymed with Toad. So I could leave it with Toad, or use someone else's handle, but not let it scan properly. At the end I came to a compromise. For this fic I am using 'Ode as an alias.' I know it's cheating, but it was the only way I could get the bloody thing to work, and it took me a long time to properly change it around. Oh well! Enjoy

Ode (aka Michael, the Trans Euro Ficer!!)

Captain Odon and his Merry Men
By Michael

The bravest ficers in the land
are Captain Odon, and his band.
That's artful Blue, BT (bat), timid Ode and reckless RalSt.
They march through cyberspace singsongs, to tell how they
righted wrongs.

Once Brannon Braga, an evil snake, tried to keep the cyber folk away,
by fear and trembling in the night, incase he gave someone a

Said artful Blue, "will lie in wait in wait, and one of us will
be the bait."
Said Captain Odon "Have no fear for I alone shall volunteer."
"NO make it me!" said RalSt, I'll stand there in my reckless
hat, and when Brannon Braga picks up my trail, I'L just lasso
him with my tail!"

"Good idea," "said timid Ode, will hide along way down the
road, and when you over come resistance, will come along to your

Said BT (bat) "I've got a wheeze, I'll fly up into the trees,
and if Brannon Braga should slither by,
I'll drop a boulder from the sky!"
Said artful Blue "The ideas sound, but how are you going to lift off
the ground?"
Poor BT (bat) just scratched his head, "I hadn't thought of
that!" He said.
Said Blue," The rest of us hold back, there is only one that
he'll attack."
Said "Ode I like the plan,"
"Good luck," said Blue, for you're the man!"

So timid Ode, his eyes a popping
into the cyber night went hopping.
Captain Odon waved his hand,
Followed by his trusty band,
That's artful Blue, Reckless RalSt, and above the trees flew BT

"Stop!" said Odon I hear squeaking.
"It's BT (bat)," Said Blue, "he's ficing"
"It's all in code," said RalSt.
"Said Blue, I'll just Beta that!"

"A dash a dot, two short two long...
I think we've got it wrong
It reads can clearly see the road
Brannon Braga has captured Ode!"

"Quick men," said Odon "No delay!"
"We mustn't let him get away!"
And leaping off said, "follow me!!"
And ran head first into a tree!!

"Dot Dot Dot," squeaked BT (bat).
Said Odon "Quick! Decipher that!"
Said RalSt, "Perhaps we are gaining."
"No," said, "he said it's raining!"

Oh how they ran to save poor Ode.
For they must find that writer's abode.
Guide by old BT (bat),
Dot, Dot go this way. Dash go that!

Then Braga's lair they spied.
Were they too late? Was he inside?
Said RalSt, "I'll get a pole,
and stop him going down his hole."

Then into sight the writer came hopping.
Right past his hole, no sign of stopping.
Said RalSt, "that's rather funny,
there's something jumping in his tummy!"

Said Captain Odon, "Well I'm blowed,
Brannon Braga has swallowed Ode!"
And as the writer hopped out of sight,
off they chased into the night.

At last they found him tired and dizzy,
and pulled out Ode, who said,  "Where is he?
For left alone I felt quite sick,
And jumped into a hollow stick."

Said Blue "A clever step to take,
you jumped into that slippery fake!"
"That was brave of Ode," said RlaSt.
"That was my sort of plan!" Said bat.

Said Odon to his men,
"Well will not see Brannon Braga again!"
And as they marched off down the road,
they sung in praise of Timid Ode.

Above them flew old BT (bat),
with his wings out quite flat.
Blue's idea, the clever fellow,
to have a flying umbrella!

The bravest ficers in the land
are Captain Odon, and his band.
That's artful, Blue, BT (bat), Timid Ode and Reckless RalSt.
They march through cyberspace singsongs, to tell how they
righted wrongs.


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